Presenting: Lucidology 103 - How To Activate And Clarify Your Nonphysical Sight To Have Your Very 1st OBEs

What They Don't Tell You In Books On OBEs

Hi there, this is Nicholas Newport.

The biggest problem with OBEs that you never hear about in books is that at the start, your OBEs are going to be the pits!

In your first several OBES, there's a good chance you're going to be totally blind in them with your eyes glued shut with nonphysical gunk that's accumulated there over the course of your life.

You'll probably end up staggering around, barely able to stand up. And if you do manage to get your sight working, the OBE area you're in will probably be dark and dreary unless you do something to change things.

This nonphysical gunk in your eyes is something we covered briefly in Lucidology 101, but really it deserves a lot more attention to it since it's the main reason visualization in OBEs is hard.

The books on OBEs will tell you the main reason people don't do OBEs is because of fear. That's completely untrue. The real main reason they don't have OBEs most people don't even know that OBEs exist.

Ever Wonder Why Visualization Is Hard? It's Because Your Nonphysical Eyelids Are Glued Shut With Nonphysical Gunk!

The second reason people don't do OBEs more often is the few who look into it and try it remain stuck in their body by nonphysical gunk and are blind because they can't get their nonphysical eyelids open.

That's what we're attacking in Lucidology 103: We're clearing out the gunk so that you can easily catch you're first glimpse of your nonphysical surroundings and then use that 1st glimmer of nonphysical light to turn it into your first full blown OBE.

This gunk can be pretty nasty stuff, not only does it hold your eyelids shut, but even after you tear your eyelids open it has a kind of magnetic effect that pulls your eyelids back together.

It also keeps coming back. If you don't keep it cleaned out, returns after a few days or weeks and makes OBE inductions difficult again.

Lucidology 103 Cuts Through The Crap, I've Only Included What Works The Best For Clearing Out The Nonphysical Gunk In Your Nonphysical Eyes So You Can Visualize Easily And Clearly

It doesn't have to be like this! In Lucidology 103, I'll take you through step-by-step exactly how to get to where you can open up your nonphysical eyelids and see nonphysically for the first time.

Then, I'll show you 4 brand new OBE inductions that are specifically tailored around the fact that you'll finally have a working set of nonphysical eyeballs.

We'll also cover 16 practice exercises designed to clean out your nonphysical eyes and keep them cleared by having frequent success with your OBE inductions.

These are by far my most powerful OBE tricks ever. I've spent the last two years since Lucidology 102 came out developing them. These are not techniques you can find anywhere else because the only place I've described them is in Lucidology 103.

There were a great number of techniques I tested and tried in developing these. What you have in Lucidology 103 is only the best, most reliable and favorite methods I've found. I have opted for quality of techniques over quantity.

This means you have the greatest possibility of success by only focusing on the most proven and reliable OBE induction secrets.

Clearing out your nonphysical sight will enable you to break free from the dark, dreary areas that a lot of new OBEers end up in. By cleaning out your nonphysical body you'll be able to start doing superhuman feats in your OBEs like flying, walking through walls and using x-ray vision.

Physicality Is Small And Stunted Compared To The Hyper-Realism Vision And Superhuman Abilities You Can Have In OBEs - If You Use The Right Tricks

The nonphysical universe is absolutely amazing. There really is a lot more to things than just this tiny fraction of reality we call physicality.

So if you're going to make it your business to see what the nonphysical world is all about, then you better see it CLEARLY.

That's what Lucidology 103 is about, making your first OBE both simple and mind-blowingly fun when you do it, so you'll want to do it again and again!

In fact, physical sight is actually not all that good, at least not compared to the hyper-detail, hyper-realism you can get in OBEs once you finally have clean nonphysical eyes.

It's a lot like an old fuzzy TV screen from a 1950's TV versus a 60" high-definition monitor.

Clean nonphysical sight just has a greater volume of information streaming into your eyes than what is possible with your clunky old physical eyes with their physical rods and cones.

There are limits to physical eyes. I don't think nonphysical eyes really do have limits. The more I use these techniques, the better and more incredibly detailed my vision gets.

It's like having elf-eyes from the Lord Of The Rings in which you can see a gnat on an orc's nose on the other side of the horizon.

Once you've done a couple, or even one, Lucidology 103-style OBEs and have seen what is really possible with your nonphysical sight, it will be quite disappointing to return to physicality where you've got to view the world through eyes that make things seem like you're looking through fogged glass.

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What's Included

Lucidology 103 contains the complete course in .MOV video format which you can download instantly. MOV video files can play on any computer, whether Mac or Windows-based.

I've also converted all the full color illustrations and slides from the video into annotated PDF documents which so you have a text version of the course that you can print out and refer to at any time.

I am also going to be expanding Lucidology 103 based on the feedback and questions I get. So the sooner you get your copy and send in your question, the sooner you'll get your personal questions answered.

Just use the contact form to send me your questions and I'll include it in the upcoming Lucidology 103 update.

103 Works Without Needing To Be Able To Do 101 Or 102 Style OBEs

One question I've received was, "So far I still working on my first OBE inductions. So can I just do Lucidology 103 without 101 & 102?"

Yes, Lucidology 103 is designed so you can use it by itself without needing 102. 103 builds on 101 and shows the new improvements I've found that you can make to 101-style inductions which make things simpler.

In particular, with 101 you need to enter waking sleep paralysis. With 103 that requirement is removed so if you've never had an OBE before you'll have better success if you see 103.

How To Get Started

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