The Story Behind How This Course Came To Be And How It Can Benefit You

Hi there, this is Nicholas Newport, the author of this course.

I remember growing up I could never quite accept the idea that there isn't anything else in the universe except the physical parts that you see in every day life.

You may have had this feeling as well, like there's a giant part of the universe that seems to be "missing" and that if you had a way to find it then life, the universe and everything would start to make a lot more sense.

I spent a lot of time reading many, MANY books (a stack quite a bit taller than I am) on religion, atheism, spirit, physics and so forth but never really felt like I was making much progress because it was all "second hand" accounts.

It all seemed to be people reporting about what other people had reported that other people had heard or seen about spirit and the nonphysical parts of the universe.

I suppose that would have been fine if the books had also included methods on HOW you can go out and double check and see if what they were saying was actually true or not!

But I never really found anything like that, they all wanted you to take it at face value. I've never been one to just blindly accept things without questioning them and since you've been drawn to this page I would say you are also a highly skeptical explorer as well and you want to see and experience the truth FIRST HAND!

That's why I made this site and in particular it's why I made this course.

It wasn't until I happened upon lucid dreams and out of body experiences that I found you really can test and see what is "out there" for yourself.

More importantly, I found that you can even use regular dreams to test what the nonphysical universe is like. The trick is getting spirit to send you the information you want and then knowing how to interpret your dreams once spirit has sent it to you.

You Don't Need To Be Lucid To Explore Spirit First Hand And Answer Questions You Have About Your Soul And Soul Records, Using These Techniques You Can Do It All Using Normal Dreams As Well!

Figuring out how to have lots and lots of OBEs and lucid dreams was really quite a lot of fun, and I made sure to systemize those tricks in the 100 OBE System so that anyone else can benefit from having OBEs all the time as well.

However I found that just knowing how to induce the OBE didn't necessarily answer the questions I had about the soul, the afterlife and so forth.

It was one thing to induce the OBE and shift my focus into the nonphysical version of my bedroom, but then the question was "what's next?"

The fact that I could do the OBE at all strongly suggested that the nonphysical universe really does exist, but even though it was a lot of fun to fly around in the OBE I wasn't really learning much spiritually.

I actually began to find that my lucid dreams and normal dreams were starting to become a lot more instructive than my OBEs.

I found that my dream self already knew the answers to almost all the questions I had and that I made faster progress by just remembering what it remembered in my dreams.

Lucidity was not required!

What this meant was that anyone could use their normal dreams to answer these same questions for themselves even if they couldn't induce OBEs or have lucid dreams, all that you need is to know how to open up communication with your spiritual dream self so that it can give you the information it already has.

Using this idea I came up with a technique that you can use to have a solid block of lucid dreams all night long as well as a series of guided imagery exercises that you can use to transform your dreams into tools for real spiritual exploration to contact your oversoul and soul records.

What Makes This Course Different From Anything Else You Will Find: I've Personally Tested And Done Every Single Part And Made It Repeatable So You Can Do It Too

There are of course many other books on this kind of topic, so you might wonder what's different about this course?

The critical difference is I've only included the things that I've explored first hand in OBEs.

This is not like most books where they're just repeating what they read somewhere else. When you explore these questions in OBEs you quickly find that there is very little accurate information to be found in books and that you're pretty much on your own when it comes to finding out how things work for real.

So this course is the result of having gone through that ten foot stack of books with a fine-tooth comb, filtering out all the junk, testing to see what was for real and then distilling out the gold.

It's so easy for those authors to just start making stuff up since almost no one will ever know the difference. My PROMISE to you is that nothing went into this course unless I personally did it myself.

There is no room for speculation here, the purpose is this course is to make everything repeatable and explain it all in step-by-step detail - both with video and then with guided imagery - so that you can replicate it yourself.

That way you can KNOW what is for real and what isn't, it's not a matter of faith or trust. It's a matter of you having the actual first hand experience of how it really is.

What's Included - Video 1: "How The Universe Is Constructed, What An Oversoul Is & How To View Your Soul Records"

In this one hour video we cover:

  • How To See How The Universe Is Actually Constructed and how to use this information to vastly increase your lucid dream frequency and potentially have lucid dreams all night long.

  • What The Oversoul Is, Looks Like, And Does. Your oversoul contains all the information and experiences from all your lives and incarnations: past, present and future. You are always connected to your oversoul, it's just a matter of knowing how to become aware of it.

  • How To Contact Your Oversoul And View Your Soul Records which are the records in your oversoul's library of personal information of experiences you've collected from your current life as well as all your other incarnations.

  • How To Fly To High Energy Heaven Areas In OBEs, lucid dreams and even normal non-lucid dreams.

  • How To See Your Other Past, Present And Future Incarnations to get a clearer picture of your larger multi-incarnational self and see yourself from the view point of how your oversoul sees you.

Video 2: "Density Manipulation, Learning to Fly, Entering A Higher Plane, How To Navigate Nonphysical Planes, Detecting Your Energy Centers"

In this one hour video we cover:

  • How To Detect Your Nonphysical Body's Energy Centers and see first hand what these energy centers feel like

  • How To Purge Negativity in order to easily access higher planes and slough off dead weight in your psyche.

  • How To Use Density To Overcome Blocks In OBEs. This is a very important fundamental skill needed for navigating the nonphysical planes.

  • How To Navigate The Nonphysical Planes Using Buffer Zones The nonphysical world has a very specific structure and you can use this knowledge to get around and explore much more easily.

Part 3: Guided Imagery Audio

In this one hour audio session we cover:
  • How To Use Guided Imagery to prepare your subconscious so you'll be able to successfully do what you want to do once you get into a dream or OBE. A lot of time even when you become lucid you may still have some brain fog so knowing how to make the best use of the guided imagery will give you the best rate of success.

  • How To Get "Sticky Memory Impressions". In this guided imagery session I take you to the point of having "sticky memory impressions" which is a state where you're closing in on a nonphysical signal but still have complete awareness of your physical surroundings.

    With sticky memory impressions you're in a state similar to photographic memory, except you aren't using your physical memory, nor are you necessarily getting actual photographic visuals in your mind's eye.

    Instead you've acquired a stable focus on a bit of nonphysical space which you can sense and interact with. This enables you to use that nonphysical space as if it were part of your physical memory.

    For instance, you can imagine placing random chess pieces in the nonphysical space you've become aware of, and then physically forget about where you placed them. Then you can go back a bit later and sense where you put the pieces and effectively "remember" where you put them.

    This is a light level of trance which comes before an actual OBE but is very useful for guided imagery because your intentions can "stick" into that nonphysical memory space.

  • Lucid Dream All Night Long. In this session I show you how to use the knowledge about how the universe is built to vastly increase your spontaneous lucid dreaming rate.

  • View Oversoul Records. Here we'll go over the techniques you can use to make contact with your oversoul and get access to your soul records.

  • View Other Incarnations. In this session we'll cover the tricks you can use to see what your other incarnations look like.

  • Flying Preparation. Here you'll find out how to easily fly in OBEs and dreams which makes navigating nonphysical planes much easier.

  • Plane Navigation. Finally I'll show you how to traverse the nonphysical planes using all of the techniques we've covered in the course.

Part 4 - Bonus Audio: Sleep Paralysis Questions And Answers

In this 1.5 hour audio session we cover a large number of questions people sent in about how to induce OBEs and in particular how to induce waking sleep paralysis.

I go over each answer in detail to get you over any and all stumbling blocks you may encounter in achieving waking sleep paralysis in your way into an OBE.

Ready To Get Started? You Can Instantly Download The Complete Course Right Away!

You can download all complete kit right now and containing over 2 hours of video and 2 1/2 hours of audio:

Here's What You Get In "The Oversoul" Course

  • Video 1: "How The Universe Is Constructed, What An Oversoul Is & How To View Your Soul Records"
  • Video 2: "Density Manipulation, Learning to Fly, Entering A Higher Plane, How To Navigate Nonphysical Planes, Detecting Your Energy Centers"
  • One Hour Of Guided Imagery Audio
  • 1.5 Hour Bonus Audio: Sleep Paralysis Questions And Answers
  • PDF Text Worksheets For Tracking Your Progress

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