How To Use “Pause Looking” To Convert Nonphysical Sight Into An OBE

Here is a trick that occurred to me during an OBE induction this morning.

This trick depends on having at least some nonphysical sight at first, meaning you realize you’re laying in bed and can see your surroundings at least a little. If you can’t get your eyes open, use the “eye-pry” method which is on the Lucidology site.

The trick is not so much what to do next, but what not to do. What not to do is what I had been doing, which was to find something to look at and visually focus on it.

I found that it was much more effective to find something to look at, but NOT focus or concentrate on it at all but instead just allow the visual information to arrive on its own, in a sense.

An analogy of what I mean is to imagine you have a cloth sofa that’s sitting in front of a window that gets a lot of sunlight. Imagine the window has a small statue sitting in the middle, partially blocking the light.

Over the course of several years the sunlight will fade the color on the sofa, except where the statue blocks the light. The sofa is very gradually collecting the visual information from the window/statue without doing any extra work.

This is the kind of approach to take when using visual information to get yourself locked into the nonphysical version of your bedroom. Let your eyes rest on something and allow its information to sort of bake itself into your retina a bit. This should only take about 15 seconds or so. It’s fairly similar to the “pause breaths” method from Lucidology 101 in which you slip more and more deeply into sleep paralysis each time you allow for a pause in your breathing.

You’re making a pause with your visual looking. You want to both avoid focusing too hard on the object and also avoid mentally zoning out so much that you lose awareness and fall asleep again.

When you do it correctly, you will be slightly more mentally relaxed than normal. You will find that the object you’re looking at becomes more visually clear and more contrasty. At that point, your should expect to feel the “Just Get Up” signal which is more completely described in Lucidology 102. You can then slowly roll over and get up out of bed into the nonphysical version of your bedroom.

While Pause Looking this morning, I didn’t do it perfectly and nearly zoned out too much and almost fell back to sleep. However it was after zoning back in that I noticed the object I was looking at had come to its greatest degree of contrast and clarity. So it’s probably safer to err on the side of being a little more relaxed than a little more focused. Focusing with concentration on the object had the opposite effect and tended to make it end up going out of focus.

This method also goes hand in hand with reducing eye micromovements as mentioned in Lucidology 101. The basic trick is to set your eyes on something and leave them alone to collect visual information for about 15 seconds. Keep your mind out of the way and if you zone out a little bit it’s OK as long as  you can keep  your eyes still and directed at the object for the entire period.

When the object comes into a high enough level of clarity you will get the feeling that the induction is over and if you do anything else to try to induce an OBE you’ll be working against yourself. You may feel a slight shift in your hearing that feels like you’re getting nonphysical audio rather than physical audio. You then “Just Get Up” by rolling over in bed then standing up.

Good luck!

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