How To Feel What OBE Dissociation Is Like While You’re Still Awake
Visit to find out how to activate your nonphysical sight to have your 1st OBE tonight with Lucidology 103. In this video we cover a very useful trick for feeling what it’s like to have awareness of two bodies at once even while you’re awake. This dissociation feeling...
Lucidology 103 Launched Today! How To Activate Your Nonphysical Sight To Have Your Very First OBE
It’s finally ready! Click the link below to see the latest set of Lucidology secrets for inducing lucid dreams and out of body experiences! Lucidology 103: How To Activate Your Nonphysical Sight To Have Your Very First OBE Lucidology 103 contains the latest Lucidology tricks and tips to activate...
Free iPhone Lucid Dream Timer For Out Of Body Experiences And Astral Projection
Here’s a free timer you can load on your iphone to have lucid dreams and OBEs. Click this link to go to the timer page and download the free iphone lucid dream timer After you log in, scroll down to the item labeled “Flash Timer For iPhone”
“Astral Travel Now” Review – Using Hypnosis To Lucid Dream
You may recall that the timer method involves “hypnotic fractionation” in which you wake up and fall asleep repeatedly to enter a deeper and deeper trance. Each time you wake up and fall asleep you begin to hover close and closer to the awake/asleep threshold. The question is, what can we...
How To Avoid The “Swallow Reflex” In OBE And Lucid Dream Meditation
Here’s a question I get a lot about the swallow reflex: Hi, I have one burning question that I would appreciate an answer to. I realize that it is important to not move at all when inducing sleep paralysis. Is it ok to swallow though? I find the main problem I have is that mucus and...
How To Avoid These Two MAJOR Lucid Dreaming Mistakes!!
A question I got which touches on two common mistakes: You know when you say I am supposed to stay awake and convince my body to go to sleep. First of all once I roll the whole lead blanket feeling vanishes. And then I will try to keep my mind awake and resist the movement urges but my body just won’t...
Lucid Dream Mind Relaxation
Here’s a great question I got on how relaxed your mind needs to be to have OBEs: I’m a big fan of your methods, because I have been trying to have an OBE for about two months and in all the books, the only thing that comes up seems to be, “just relax and wait for the vibrations…”...
Lucid Dreaming RSS Feed
Get free lucid dream tricks in your RSS reader! Tired of having to click back to blogs you read to see if anything has changed? Here’s a great solution, it’s called “RSS” or “Really Simple Syndication”. The way it works is you use an RSS reader program which goes out...
Lucid Dream Vibrations
Lucid dream vibrations are useful for telling how close you are to success. As you relax closer and closer to a nonphysical focus and away from a physical focus it’s very likely you’ll encounter what are called “lucid dream vibrations” and lucid dream rushing noises. What Do Lucid...
Lucid Dream Timer
Using a lucid dream timer to wake up and fall asleep over and over in the early morning (around 4:30 AM) was one of the single most important secrets I found for having lots and lots of OBEs. This is a method that works based on Dr Albert Taylor’s wake back to bed method. Dr Taylor is a former...
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