How To Cure Insomnia

Here’s how to cure insomnia without drugs or effort. The videos for Lucidology 101 parts 3 to 6 show you the step for curing insomnia. This post is in answer to a question I got: Please help me, I have had insomnia since Sept 2008. I have tried everything, it seems to work for a few days then...

What To Do When You Don’t Get The Roll Over Signal When Inducing Sleep Paralysis

Here’s a question I got: I have joined Lucidology, and I have watched most of the first videos on you tube (videos by LucidDreamTricks) I have tried the “Relaxation” technique and the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique in the videos. And I cannot seem to do them right…...

The Two Secret Keys To Commanding Your Body Into Sleep Paralysis Using Sleep Breathing

This morning I was experimenting with using sleep breathing to enter and exit sleep paralysis. I found that I could tell which breaths deepened paralysis and which one left it unchanged. It turns out you need two key things: 1.) The breathing rhythm which I spoke about much earlier in the Lucidology...

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