“Basejumping With A Wingsuit” Video Shows Exactly What Flying In Lucid Dreams & O.B.E.s Is Like
About halfway into the video I thought to myself, “Dang, that’s exactly what flying in O.B.E.s is like!” and a few seconds later the narrator says that wingsuit basejumping is like what you would imagine flying in a dream to be. He’s right, the only difference is that in lucid...
Sleep Is The Laziest Diet! Scientists Say Too Little Sleep Makes You 73% More Likely To Get Fat
From news.bbc.co.uk: Too little sleep may increase the chance of becoming obese, a study suggests. People burn fewer calories asleep, so it might seem to be counterintuitive that more sleep prevents weight gain. But it was found people who slept four hours or less per night were 73% more likely to...
Dreams ‘Could Be Shown On Computers’
From article at news.com.au A JAPANESE research team says it has created a technology that could eventually display dreams or what people have on their minds on a computer screen. Researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories succeeded in processing and displaying images directly from...
Free Spreadsheet Download To Track Your Remote Viewing Accuracy
Here’s a question I got on whether O.B.E.s are proof that the spirit state exists: For a few year’s now I’ve had sleep paralysis, and just recently realized I can move during these episodes. Little did I know after doing some research on the topic, I was in fact having an out of body...

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