How To Feel What OBE Dissociation Is Like While You’re Still Awake

Visit to find out how to activate your nonphysical sight to have your 1st OBE tonight with Lucidology 103.

In this video we cover a very useful trick for feeling what it’s like to have awareness of two bodies at once even while you’re awake.

This dissociation feeling is something you’ll often encounter in Lucidology 102 and Lucidology 103-style OBE inductions.

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29 Responses to “How To Feel What OBE Dissociation Is Like While You’re Still Awake”

  1. abi says:

    You are great nick!
    Will you reply emails and commenets after this?

  2. Abz says:

    As I watch the video, each time you move your hand I get a dissociation feeling already. Or energy moves abruptly in me as if something is separating from me for a moment. Woah!

  3. Heather says:

    I don’t have a credit card and I don’t have a paypal account, so can I send a cheque from Australia?

  4. Clyde says:

    I have bought your course, the problem with your course is, you talk to much, just find tune it. You have to much crap. The first time I had and OBE, I just used affirmations, just repeated them over and over.

  5. Jennie says:

    What’s to say but ‘WOW’ :)

  6. Gwen says:

    I don’t understand the set-up. A mirror between two boxes?

  7. marius says:

    its just 1 mirror,you can put it in your right side as shown in video,you see 2 boxes because of the refelection.

  8. Bruno says:

    I’ve bought 101 and 102 with NO success, why should I be fooled again and buy 103?
    It’s just a bunch of daydreaming bullshit!

  9. karlos says:

    i don’t speack english very well but i want to relate you my tria. i was sleeping and later, paralysis. i wake up and near i saw myself on the bet. wonderfull! that’s the first time i succed a OBE. ich bedanke mich bei Ihnen ganz herlig für ihre tolle Arbeit!!!

  10. David Roark says:

    This course really works.
    Those people that say it does not work are
    just not doing it correctly.
    I know that this OBE course & dream course works
    because I have 15 years of experience.
    The extra information is to help the novice “noobs”
    that do not understand what they are doing: the people
    that leave bad comments are obviously “noobs.”

  11. Chase says:

    You can believe in existence after death without be believing in god… i only say this because, well take it from a wise young individual don’t believe or disbelieve anything, simply have your own experience :)

  12. Chase says:

    You can believe in existence after death without believing in god… i only say this because, well take it from a wise young individual don’t believe or disbelieve anything, simply have your own experience :)

  13. Chase says:



  14. Billy says:

    I have not purchased the course yet but I have experienced an OBE. I use the consciousness swinging technique as I fall asleep. I am always open to trying newer techniques to increase the success rate of my OBEs.

  15. Stuart says:

    I have wanted my first OOBE for over fifty years. This 103 course has an ongoing set of strategies that feel very good. Now to find a mirror.

  16. Lucidology says:

    IGNORE THE Uneducated and foolish users like: “CHASE” WITH SPELLING ERROR POSTS :

    “September 5, 2012 at 1:38 am



  17. Albert says:

    Have you heard of Rudolf Steiner and his famous book “How to know higher worlds”?
    Do you see any incompatibility between Steiner and you?

  18. Hermine says:

    The video will not play…could you please tell me which player to use/get? Thank you very much.

  19. Ian says:

    I want to lucid dream very badly, but I absolutely do not want to have an OBE. The very idea of being on the astral plain with other possibly non-human entities is terrifying to me. It makes no sense to me to put yourself at the mercy of an environment you do not understand. That being said, is it possible to accidentally have an OBE whilst attempting lucidity.

  20. Darryl Forests Arouet says:

    I LUV this stuff it’s so on demand and all.

    Darryl Forests Arouet

  21. Jon Donnis says:

    The OBE has a psychological explanation. It reminds me of those mediums who used to use cheesecloth as their ectoplasms. They self-deceived themselves. I believe there is dissociation in both mediumship and the OBE experience. The subject can easily fool themself into believing things that are not really there. I love the art of deception. I have studied magic for many years.

  22. Anurag says:


    I speak french I dont can learn the video.

    Please send in french.

    thank you

  23. donald cook says:

    I had heard of obes the first time when I was about 23,it excited me then to think anything like that was even possible.I’m 58 now ready everything that I’d gotten from u so far that last night as I layed asleep ,I woke up with the heaviness of the lead blanket over my body I was not able to move and I could actually feel myself lifting up from my body and floating even so it was only a couple of inches I have felt so excited that all I wanted to do and enjoy the most wonderful experience that I’d ever enjoyed .where do you think I need to go next more reading of coarse but,,,.thank you so much

  24. Jon Donnis says:

    Being a gay psychic medium, lucid dreaming is a kewl thing.


    You are talking to apparitions not dead people.


    Because they are DEAD.

    Jon Donnis

  25. They are not the real Jon Donnis or Forests says:

    The above post/s are not the real Jon Donnis or the real Forests. Please get a life MU. The admin has been informed and your abuse/impersonations and they will be deleted.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Jon Donnis says:

    I tried this and nothing happened which is strange since I am the best in my class medium.

    I’ll keep trying until I do it for I never give up unless I am swathed in ectoplasm.

    Jon Donnis

  28. Jon Donnis

    Try using your consciousness to absolve yourself, bury your immense ego and be still with the breeze.

    Or drop dead for all I care.

    Eveshi Forests Fodor3

  29. Jim says:

    I have had random OBEs my whole life. I have become interested in being able to control and explore the phenomenon more and this material was suggested. Using your timer method, I was able to have my first intetional OBE. It was short, and a little low energy but it happened.

    In the last couple of weeks, I have been working/struggling to get to sleep paralysis. I am not interested in accidental OBEs. To properly study it, there must be some repeatable controls.

    I will probably focus on fractional hypnosis, I think you called it, next. I have also adopted a daily mediation routine. I have gone through the material in 102 and 103 and will suspend comment until I can get to SP with some level of control.

    At the very least, your timer method in 101 did work. First time. I’m interested to see where this takes me. I enjoy any correspondence with people who have genuinely succeded to compare notes.

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