vaccine dangers

Remote Viewing Target: (Video) Why Are Vaccine Inventors Refusing To Take H1N1 Shots – And Is Vitamin D A Cure For The Flu?

Target 1: In this video journalist Wayne Madsen reports: Even scientists who helped develop the vaccine for small pox say they’re not going to take the vaccine. The Associated Press: Half of health workers reject swine flu shot By MARIA CHENG (AP) – Aug 25, 2009 LONDON — About half of Hong...

Dr. Oz Says His Wife And Kids Aren’t Getting The H1N1 Swine Flu “Vaccine”

Skip to 5:00: Embedded video from CNN Video He also states that he personally is “going to” get the vaccine. However, he supposedly already had gotten the shot in the following video. So does this mean that the shot he got was a fake? Did Dr. Oz Get A Fake Vaccine Shot? Edit/Update: In this...

German Chancellor, Ministers And Military Get “Special” Vaccine Without Dangerous Additives Not Available To General Public

Original Article: Chancellor and Ministers are to receive special vaccine German To English Translation Of Spiegel Article “Chancellor and Ministers are to be protected after Spiegel sources with special vaccine against pig flu. An official of Ministries and subordinate authorities likewise. The...

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