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2 Responses to “Looking For Free Lucid Dreaming Adsense Content To Post On Your Blog?”

  1. Chad says:

    Thanks, this stuff looks great!

  2. Nadia Ijaz says:

    Live In A Dream
    Want to live in your own little paradise every night? Lucid dreaming is an exciting concept that has allowed people throughout history to take control of their dreams, providing extraordinary entertainment and incredible benefits.

    Remember that frustrated feeling you get when your alarm wakes you up from a good dream? How does having a great dream you are in control of each night sound?

    A lot of people ask me how they will know that they are lucid dreaming. This is easy to answer. The realization that you are awake and still within a dream is such an overwhelmingly exciting feeling; you will know exactly what is going on.

    The first thing that you will notice is your dreamscape – your environment. On realizing that you are lucid, you surroundings will become really vivid and colourful and you will be able to look around you. It really is an awe inspiring experience.

    Things will have much more detail. You may sense things such as sound, smell, warmth, cold. It never fails to impress me the amount of detail and realism the human mind can generate within a lucid dream. Sometimes this can cause such excitement that you wake up.

    I will never forget when I first picked a handful of snow in a lucid dream. I could see every single tiny snowflake and as I moved the handful of snow, I could see the light bouncing off each snow flake as it separate into all its different colors. The power of the human mind is truly awesome.

    One of the many things that I hear from people when they talk about their first lucid dream is that the experience is always a short lived one. The main reason for this is that they didn’t know what to expect and the surprise/shock of the whole experience caused them to wake up. This is a very common problem.

    This is the most common problem for beginners. You become lucid; get really excited at the prospect and then wake up from being too excited. You can overcome this problem but it takes a bit of practice.

    By preparing yourself for your first lucid dream, you will be able to control how long you stay in the dream and have a much more fruitful experience.

    The obvious but most effective answer is to stay relaxed. This is easier said than done. As soon as you realize that you are lucid, you need to say to yourself “Stay Calm”.

    Also when you become lucid look around you, take in the experience but try and keep a calm rational frame of mind. Think to yourself “Hey, this is amazing. But I must stay calm and relaxed.” Take a deep (dream) breath and relax. Once you relax you will be able to stabilize the dream and have a more fruitful experience.


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