Stuart Wilde Says Most People Do Not Have A Soul

I tend to agree with most of what Stuart Wilde has written. However I’ve got to disagree with him on a recent video he posted.

People have wondered how a soul comes into existance has for a very long time and so have I.

I’ve had a new OBEs where I saw what appeared to be where souls are birthed in by the cosmic mind. It looked like a pool of water with newer smaller souls deeper in the water and older, larger souls walking up and out along the banks.

So I think it’s accurate that the cosmic mind creates a soul and then it’s more or less up to the soul to develop itself. This is the opposite of a video Stuart Wilde recently posted titled “Acquiring A Soul”:

I don’t think you need to acquire a soul, but it is important to develop the one you have.

The “Cosmic Awareness” channelings put it this way:

How Souls are Created with Pixels of Energies

This Awareness indicates that if you look at a television screen, you would see that there are many fine dots that make up the image on the screen; these are called pixels in television terminology. They are also found on your computer screen.

This Awareness indicates that in the reality of life there are currents or lines of energy that vibrate, that create frequencies, and sometimes a line of energy, electromagnetic energy, a vibrating energy, will come across another line, and where they come together, it is likened unto the pixel except it is a reality point, a juncture in the points of light or vibration.

This Awareness indicates that every one of these points has a different reality because of the juncture of the lines coming together than the lines alone. In other words, when they come together they create a new entity. This Awareness indicates that in the higher frequencies, this is where souls are created, and they come down as these frequencies junctures as entities, and they come together with other points of light or frequency and in the continued conglomeration of these, they form still greater organism or fields of energy called human souls, at a certain point, and these then may inhabit different dimensions or planes of vibration and frequency, so that each of the various dimensions may have numerous conglomerations of these particles caused by energies coming together.

This awareness indicates that it is likened unto all those pixels on a television or computer screen coming together to make up a letter or a face, or some other recognizable pattern, so that you can see this face, and you can totally forget about the pixels that make it up.

Call that face a soul, and think of those pixels as miniature souls, and you have an understanding of how the universe works in creating souls. Each dimension is different. The screen that has the face in one dimension. The pixels that are seen on the screen, if examined with a good magnifying class can be seen as individual entities, and you can forget the total face and look at the pixels as individual entities, and in examining any one of these pixels you will realize that you are in a different dimension than you were when you saw the total face on the screen.

This Awareness indicates that if you were to go further into still another dimension, you would be exploring the light particles that make up the pixel itself, and these light particles or vibrations could be equated to souls on still another dimensional level.

(Revelation of Awareness 96-14 Issue No. 474 with Paul Shockley as the Interpreter)

Souls are essentially a kind of magnetic energy of spirit

This Awareness indicates that the souls are essentially a kind of magnetic energy of spirit, wherein the spirit of a high frequency, a life form of high frequency is drawn closer together by a kind of magnetism being a consciousness, the magnetism being a consciousness that turns upon itself, works upon itself and implodes in the focussing action of a center.

This Awareness indicates that the implosion of spiritual energy creates what may be termed a magnetic center, and that magnetic center is called a soul. This Awareness indicates once it comes into being, it attains a sense of individuality, a kind of self, a feeling of separation from the rest of spirit, with of course a dual sense of unity, because the spirit and the soul are of the same energy.

This Awareness indicates once a self or individuality is established, the soul is rudimentary as an individual being, and begins to grow and grow, more and more as increasing individuality develops from its own personal experiences. Thus, there are young souls, which have a rudimentary sense of being, and the old souls, which have had enormous amounts of experience in various forms of existence.

So in order to develop your soul you would need to find individuality and free yourself from the group mind, but it’s also true that you start out with a soul long before physical birth.

This will be a big part of Lucidology 103 on mapping the nonphysical planes.

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One Response to “Stuart Wilde Says Most People Do Not Have A Soul”

  1. know more says:

    Your post is given recent video about the Stuart Wilde. The soul existences and birthed cosmic to be issued for the reader here. The pool of water sources and deeper discussion about walking up soul to be discussed here. Video is getting opposite and acquiring the develop by the accurate one. Understanding work and class way of examined sources to be issued for the visitors. Dimension to be used for screen the information about that. Magnetic energy and spiritual vibrations are show in this video

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