Lucid Dream Masks – Are They Still Needed?

The idea behind a lucid dream mask is the flashing lights will act as lucidity triggers. You set it up to blink a couple times at the end of each hour to sync with your REM cycle and sleep with the mask on. Here’s a video on how to make a cheap lucid dream mask:

The question is, are they needed? I have never used a blinking mask because I’ve found that using the timer method to have lucid dreams gives me OBEs and lucid dreams every time.

The idea behind the timer method is that instead of sleeping the whole night with the timer beeping, you only use the timer in early morning around 4:30 or so. You use the “ramp” timer setup which causes you to have OBEs at a very specific point in the OBE session, usually during the two 20 minute intervals and tail end 6 minute intervals.

The advantage is that you get 5 or more lucidity triggers in an hour rather than once an hour the whole night. Timers are a lot easier to come by as well, for instance you can use the free flash lucid dream timer or a simple digital cooking timer.

I’ve never used a lucid dream mask so I really can’t say which works better. If you’ve used a mask, leave a comment below on your experience with them and if you think they’re worth the expense to buy or time to build.

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9 Responses to “Lucid Dream Masks – Are They Still Needed?”

  1. Tom Murrell says:

    I used to use a NovaDreamer mask made by the Lucidity Institute. I used it quite often for several years and it was extremely effective. But it did not work on a timer.

    It actually read my eye movements as I slept and could identify when I was in REM sleep. I was able to set the lights to come on at a particular point in the REM cycle and I could vary the type of flashing pattern that I wanted to receive.

    At the preset time into each dream, it would flash and I would have to recognize this, as the flashing lights would manifest themselves in some form in my dream.

    When I would recognize that the lights were actually my Nova Dreamer, and I had done a reality check (usually by lifting off the ground), then I would purposefully shift my eyes back and forth from left to right several times in my dream. This would cause a corresponding movement in my real eyes, and the Nova Dreamer would read this and stop blinking.

    It could also emit sound (some electronic beeps)if I wanted, and I had a complementary device that plugged into it, on which I could record a message to myself or anything else I wanted to play at that time.

    This type of dream mask works like a charm. You just have to train yourself to recognize the flashing lights, which could take a wide variety of forms within your dreams. The mask was very comfortable and it was battery powered with no wires unless the voice recorder was hooked up as well.

    I have no idea if these masks are still available. I think I paid around $250 for mine and it was totally worth it. If you can find one, I highly recommend it!

  2. Nick Newport says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. mostafa says:

    where i can buy lucid dream mask

  4. Chad says:

    Where can a battery operated timer like the one in this video be found?

  5. [...] it's like it didn't happen at all! What is a waste of our awareness. The choice is clear. GET LUCID!There is a major difference between normal dreams and lucid ones. Normal dreams are usually somethin…ng other plans'? Or are you choosing to be aware of the choices you're making to create that life [...]

  6. massil says:

    jai cherché ce masque en france mais je n’ai pas trouvé

  7. Forrest O. says: makes similar masks now. I have not tried them.

  8. Dreaman says:

    Hi there,

    i’ve been lucid dreaming a little from time to time using wbtb method mostly. It work but in the morning one might be tired for the rest of the day.
    My point is I wanna lucid dream more often cause it’s so fun and potentialy enlighting for every human been.
    I’ve been trying the remdreamer which is obviously a good idea, but it’s pretty unconfortable due to the rectangular computing chip in front of the mask.
    It disturbes my hability to fall asleep and therefore to have a good night sleep and consequently potential lucid dreams…
    Dream herbs tests awfull but i’ll keep on trying some supplements…
    Without any added chemicals there might be a solution in the Remee mask recently sorted from the Bitbanger lab :

    Cheaper than remdreamer and seems to be much more confortable. I’m thinking of buying one and maybe and the timer method to it? Did any one tried it out?

    have nice lucid dreams

    Huge Thanks to N Newport to share his passion for dreams/OBE



  9. David Proulx says:

    Hi Nick,

    My name is David and my email address is

    I just read your message and if you still have your mask and are no longer using it, please consider selling it to me.

    Thanks for your time.

    All the best,


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