Free Spreadsheet Download To Track Your Remote Viewing Accuracy

Here’s a question I got on whether O.B.E.s are proof that the spirit state exists:

For a few year’s now I’ve had sleep paralysis, and just recently realized I can move during these episodes. Little did I know after doing some research on the topic, I was in fact having an out of body experience. I was able to move about my apartment… but I noticed something odd this time around after close examination.

I was actually able to physically feel the environment around me [hard would floor, and a bottle cap that I mounted on my wall]. I was also able to see my mother getting ready for work, and the sounds of her movements matched with the image of my mum [in other words I concluded it was a dream nor hallucination... because in both of them I can't do the thing's that I mentioned before].

Now my question to you is, is this proof of a real “Spirit state”? I’m a paranormal investigator myself and I was just wondering if this could be our way of communicating with the other side, while still being capable of reentering your body afterward.

Short answer: sort of.

Long answer: Here’s what I would do to increase your level of certainty that you really are remote viewing the physical plane from the nonphysical plane. Ask someone to put an object with a simple shape in an opaque lidded jar.

For instance, a golf ball, or a cup or maybe a pen. Induce an OBE and open the jar and see what you find. Write down the what you see when you wake up. Do a couple more OBEs like that an build up a body of data about what you’re seeing in the jar, it will probably shift a bit each time.

Pick out what are the common attributes and come up with a guess on what you think the object is then open the jar physically and see how close you were. If you repeat this experiment several times you’ll probably find that sometimes you’re really close and other times way off base.

Here’s an Excel spreadsheet you can use to track about how accurate your data is:

Remote Viewing Template

So the short answer is that what you see in OBEs is a mix of physical information and nonphysical information. Sorting one from the other is possible not necessarily easy.

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