Fractionation Hypnosis

Fractionation hypnosis allows you to enter a very deep subconscious focus even you’re usually only able to daydream a tiny bit into a very light level of trance.

The trick works like this:

1.) Relax into a light level of trance, for instance by daydreaming for a minute or two
2.) Come out of your daydream for a moment
3.) Relax back into your daydream

“Hypnotic fractionation” means that the second time you enter a daydream you’ll enter a slightly deeper daydream than before.

So how do you use this to lucid dream and have out of body experiences? The idea is that instead of daydreaming you fall totally asleep. You then use a timer that beeps every few minutes to wake yourself up.

It’s very important at this stage not to move. Just allow the timer beep to bring you back to a conscious waking focus for a moment. Then allow yourself to fall right back to sleep, without using any visualizations or mental trickery at all.

Once you use this cycle a couple times, when you wake up you’ll be waking up into more and more of a subconscious waking awareness rather than just a waking awareness.

By not moving, each time you wake up and fall asleep you also make sleep paralysis much more likely. You’ll eventually fool your body into falling asleep while you’re mind stays aware. This creates the perfect opportunity to then turn sleep paralysis into a lucid dream

Usually if you wake up and fall asleep 4 or 5 times in an hour you’ll reach waking sleep paralysis automatically without having to do anything else.

The timer setup you use is very critical to how well it works. See the free Lucidology lucid dream timer for the exact setup to use for best success.

You can watch the full method for using fractionation hypnosis to have lots of lucid dreams and OBEs in the Lucidology 101 video on the lucid dream timer method.

Also, even though this method is designed not to use visualizations, you can use specific visualizations to make it much more powerful and multiply your progress to have 2, 3 or even a dozen or more OBEs per session rather than just one. See Lucidology 102 for these powerful tricks.

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8 Responses to “Fractionation Hypnosis”

  1. Very interested in Lucid Dreaning….Jack

  2. Anonymous says:

    is it dangerous?

  3. Levi Page says:

    Regarding the timer… I either don’t wake up on the beeps or I wake up and can’t get back to sleep fast enough. I keep trying different number of beeps, but if I do too many it seems like its hard to get back to sleep and too few I sleep through it. Any tips or recommendations?

  4. admin says:

    In the 100 OBE system at we cover the sleep training system to fall asleep quickly and repeatedly to help with that.

  5. lemell armstrong says:

    I have tried the fractionation hypnotism and I believe I was successful at achieving have of the lucid dream part but I have yet to have an outer body experience.So far I have had an abundance of relaxation to where my body was in complete meditation to the point of where I felt a focused energy surrounding my whole body.But I have had some bad experiences like with my first experience I was attacked by humans or human like creatures and I recognized 1 of them and I think they said like do your job for God or something I won’t get into details what they did to me but it was wrong and I went outside and animals surrounded me and I felt comforted but I have seen things like this in the real world about the demon like creatures.And another experience I had it like my body was sleep but my mind was still running as if I was awoke and I was pondering something and all I could see was my body surrounded by total darkness and I knew I was really thinking because the thoughts related to my way of thinking but when I woke up I was paranoid

  6. earl says:

    i want to ask if what does it mean when i always experience that thing,

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you Newport

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