8 Steps To First-Hand Proof Of Nonphysicality In Lucid Dreams & Out Of Body Experiences

The simplest and most reliable way to have lucid dreams and OBEs is to use something called ‘hypnotic fractionation’ to put your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake.

Hypnotic Fractionation

Hypnotic fractionation means that when you enter trance, leave trance and the enter into it again, then the second time you enter trance you enter it more deeply than before.

That means that if you can enter even the slightest trance then you can enter a very deep trance just by going in and out of that trance over and over.

To do this, use a timer that beeps every few minutes. You simply fall asleep for a few minutes, let the timer beep to wake you up and then you fall asleep again. This works best when you don’t try to stay aware for the OBE. Just fall asleep and let the timer do all the work to make you become aware.

The Awake/Asleep Threshold

When you do that 4 or 5 times in an hour without moving your body in any way or opening your eyes or even moving your eyes, two things happen:

1.) Your body becomes confused about what’s going on and decides to put itself to sleep even though your mind is still awake

2.) Your mind enters a theta brain wave which puts you in a subconscious focus. A theta brain wave is just a slower version around 3-7 hz of your usual waking brain wave which is around 10-14 hz.

Waking Sleep Paralysis

These two effects together give you ‘waking sleep paralysis’. Sleep paralysis is a protection mechanism your body uses when your fall asleep. If you were to dream you were doing something very active such as running and you weren’t in sleep paralysis you would make the motion of running and wake yourself up.

To avoid that your body disconnects your voluntary muscle system from your mind and this creates sleep paralysis. Usually you’re not aware of that because your mind is asleep. But when you keep your mind awake during this process you get “waking sleep paralysis.”

In light paralysis it feels like you have a heavy lead blanket laid on you. In full paralysis you simply can’t move at all. It feels like it’s harder to breathe in sleep paralysis because you have to send a stronger nerve signal to your muscles to get the same movement. However it’s very safe since it’s something the body does every night.

How To Break Sleep Paralysis Every Time

You can easily break sleep paralysis using deep breathing. When you deep breathe for about 10 or 15 seconds your body notices the change from your usual sleep breathing and brings you out of sleep paralysis. This is a much more reliable method of breaking paralysis than trying to move your arms because your breathing is only semi-involuntary so it isn’t fully paralyzed.

Waking sleep paralysis is a fantastic jumping point to have OBEs and lucid dreams because it’s so stable. OBEs can be hard because everything is so subtle and fleeting. However once you’re in sleep paralysis you can just hang out there and feel what it’s like. In almost all of my OBEs I enter waking sleep paralysis. (Although it’s also possible to do OBEs when the body is fully awake which is something we cover in Lucidology 102)

Exit Methods

There are many ways to convert sleep paralysis into an OBE. These are called ‘exit methods’. In Lucidology 101 we’ll cover visualization-free exit techniques which are simple to learn but require very deep sleep paralysis to work.

In Lucidology 102 we’ll cover visualization-powered exit techniques which require little to no sleep paralysis and really shave off a lot of time from your inductions. If you’re serious about OBEs, check out Lucidology 102

Here is very simple exit method by a forum poster named tsunaH which works surprisingly well. Once you’re in 100% stone cold sleep paralysis you’ll find that you can control:
1.) Your breathing
2.) Your eyes
3.) Your face

When you reach 100% sleep paralysis your breathing is physical but your eyes and face have shifted into nonphysical focus.

What you do is shift your focus in to your face which draws you in to nonphysical focus completely. To do that, simply open your mouth and continue breathing in the slow sleep-breathing rhythm your body will already be in.

This will initiate the separation process and you’ll probably begin to hear rushing noises and vibrations which are both effects we’ll talk about more in Lucidology 101. Once things have quieted down again you’ll be in an OBE and can just get up out of your body in the nonphysical version of your bedroom.

Movement-Free Reality Checks

How will you know you’re nonphysical rather than physical? You’ll use “reality checks” to tell what’s going on. In particular we’ll cover movement-free reality checks so that you can tell if you’re nonphysical without having to move and wreck your trance.

Most reality checks you find in books require you to get up and move around. If you’re just laying there and you’re not sure what’s going on and you move to do your check and it fails… then you just ruined your trance and have to start all over. So in Lucidology 101 I’ll show you how to do reality checks without that risk.


For timers to use, check out www.lucidology.com/timer where you can get:
1. The free customizable Lucidology Flash Timer
2. Links to digital cooking timers
3. Free MP3 downloads of timer setups you can use in an iPod or CD player

Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep Using Sleep Commands

To do this method you need to be able to fall asleep quickly. In Lucidology 101 we’ll cover sleep commands that you can use to make your body ask for permission to fall asleep. You then use a sleep trigger to tell it “yes” it’s time to fall asleep. This is how you trick your body into falling asleep while keeping your mind awake

When you combine the timer method with sleep commands you’ll be able to trick your body info falling asleep while you keep your mind awake. The way it works is you wake up and fall asleep a couple times. Then on one of the beeps your mind and body wake up. Your body waits to see if your mind tells it to move.

If you don’t tell your body to move then after about 10 seconds the body assumes the mind really is asleep and shuts itself down. You feel a wave of sleep paralysis come over you that feels like a heavy lead blanket. You’ve just tricked your body into falling asleep while keeping your mind awake.

The 8 Steps

1.) Awake
2.) Sleep Commands
3.) Asleep
4.) Beep

Steps 1-4 loop until you’re hovering on the awake/asleep threshold

5.) Waking Sleep Paralysis
6.) Movement-Free Reality Check
7.) Exit Method
8.) OBE/Lucid Dream

Now You’re Dangerous

With the information we’ve covered so far, you know more about OBE induction than 99% of the rest of the planet. However doing a complete OBE separation does come down to getting the details right. For the details on how to do this, download the OBE Quickstart to get all the free tools you need to have your first OBE tonight!

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  1. Levi Page says:

    So when the videos say to stay perfectly still after awakening from each beep, that is only if you know your on the awake/asleep threshold? How would you know that? Would you be in sleep paralysis? I’ve tried this timer so many times and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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