How To Cure Insomnia

Here’s how to cure insomnia without drugs or effort. The videos for Lucidology 101 parts 3 to 6 show you the step for curing insomnia.

This post is in answer to a question I got:

Please help me, I have had insomnia since Sept 2008. I have tried everything, it seems to work for a few days then I go back to this curse.

This is seriously affecting the lives of my children. I really liked your video, can you please suggest some tips to help me. forever grateful.

Here are the insomnia tricks:

1.) Part 3: New Lucid Dream Tricks: The “Stop, Drop & Roll” Sleep Command To Fall Asleep Fast

In part 3 you learn how to use basic mind-body communication tricks to get your body to first ask for permission to fall asleep and then give it the “yes” command to actually fall asleep. You can use these tricks to simly cure insomnia or have wake-induced lucid dreams by keeping your mind awake while your body falls asleep.

2.) Part 4: 5 New Sleep Commands To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep While You Keep Your Mind Awake

These are more advanced sleep starters and sleep triggers which you can use to time the exact moment your body enters waking sleep paralysis.

3.) Part 5: Secrets How To Relax Fast And Fall Asleep Quickly And Induce Lucid Dreams And O.B.Es

In part 5 we cover the detailed steps to quickly relax and what not to do which most relaxation programs include.

4.) Part 6: How To Use The Sun To Avoid The #1 Mistake In Lucid Dreams & How To Optimize Your Brain Chemistry

In part 6 you’ll find out how to optimize your brain chemistry for quick sleep using nothing more than the sun and free yourself from needing expensive drugs to sleep.

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