Stuart Wilde Says Most People Do Not Have A Soul

I tend to agree with most of what Stuart Wilde has written. However I’ve got to disagree with him on a recent video he posted. People have wondered how a soul comes into existance has for a very long time and so have I. I’ve had a new OBEs where I saw what appeared to be where souls are birthed...

Fractionation Hypnosis

Fractionation hypnosis allows you to enter a very deep subconscious focus even you’re usually only able to daydream a tiny bit into a very light level of trance. The trick works like this: 1.) Relax into a light level of trance, for instance by daydreaming for a minute or two 2.) Come out of your...

Lucid Dream Masks – Are They Still Needed?

The idea behind a lucid dream mask is the flashing lights will act as lucidity triggers. You set it up to blink a couple times at the end of each hour to sync with your REM cycle and sleep with the mask on. Here’s a video on how to make a cheap lucid dream mask: The question is, are they needed?...

Stuart Wilde On Your Inner Ghouls

In this video Stuart Wilde mentions it’s much better to process your “inner shadow”, or psychological ghouls now rather than later. And, there are probably some pretty big global problems on the way which will make it even more difficult to work out your shadow self. Here’s where...

WordPress Lockdown Plugin: Allows You To Hide Content In WordPress Based On Clickbank Products Your Users Have Bought, Also Works With Amember And WordPress User Level

What WordPress Lockdown Does Let’s say you want to show the full content of certain posts to customers who have bought certain products from you. However, if they haven’t yet bought the product then you want to show a teaser in the wordpress post that gives them a preview of the post and...

Free iPhone Lucid Dream Timer For Out Of Body Experiences And Astral Projection

Here’s a free timer you can load on your iphone to have lucid dreams and OBEs. Click this link to go to the timer page and download the free iphone lucid dream timer After you log in, scroll down to the item labeled “Flash Timer For iPhone”

10 Steps To Fix The World’s Money Problems

New post at explains in detail how to correct the world’s money problems with a few simple tweaks.

How To Feel What OBE Dissociation Is Like While You’re Still Awake

Visit to find out how to activate your nonphysical sight to have your 1st OBE tonight with Lucidology 103. In this video we cover a very useful trick for feeling what it’s like to have awareness of two bodies at once even while you’re awake. This dissociation feeling...
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