Why Sleep Paralysis Is Ideal For Lucid Dreams

Sleep paralysis is great for lucid dreams because it automatically puts you in a subconscious focus.

This is because it lowers your dominant brain wave from your usual alpha range (around 12 to 30 Hz) to a theta range (around 3 to 7 Hz). This puts you in a subconscious focus which is exactly what you need to have lots and lots of lucid dreams and OBEs.

So by getting good at inducing waking sleep paralysis you can avoid having to use visualizations at all which speeds up your learning curve. However, that’s not to say that visualizations aren’t useful, they really are incredibly useful.

In fact, it’s also possible to have lucid dreams and OBEs even when your body is fully awake! This is the focus of Lucidology 102 in which I will show you the exact tricks I use to have one or more OBEs every morning and average over 100 OBEs ever 100 days. The secret is to be able to slip out of your body at very light stages of sleep paralysis and thankfully there are very specific steps that anyone can take to do just that using the tricks in Lucidology 102.

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7 Responses to “Why Sleep Paralysis Is Ideal For Lucid Dreams”

  1. B J. says:

    I find all your your programs very amazing.
    I WILL LEARN& put into practice,hoping I will
    got what I dream about.

  2. bradley says:

    Thank u very much I will be trying this out and hopefully succeed in an OBE I been trying lots and can feel I’m getting closer thank u for the help facebook me and maybe we can talk and u can help me a bit more I would love to have an OBE very badly

  3. Katie says:

    I started the stop drop & roll thing pretty good, but i kept Twitching, but not alot. And Swallowing. I got the s.p up to about under my chin i think but the bodys “roll over awake test” Sensation thing, what does it feel like??? i had lots of tingling, numbness,Not twitching as much, And sometimes Pins & Needles. is that good? and happy newyear mr.newport!!!!

  4. Ella says:

    I think I’m unintentionally experiencing sleep paralysis. Right before I wake up my regular dream will turn black and white and go into slow motion. Then at once I’m being pulled up at an alarmingly fast speed. I can physically feel it happening and seem aware enough to have rational thoughts. I tell myself to relax, it will be over in a few minutes (I know bc it’s happening more and more lately) it scares me though. My body feels “high” and I may stop breathing. Can someone please explain this and tell me what to do when I am in this state?

  5. Dominic says:


  6. Eric says:

    Lol…maybe it’s the urge surge…i also had been experiencing these things..before I watch these things..maybe it’s the partial paralysis…..to escape from this stage is to force yourself to wake up..maybe it will took a few minutes..and then taa daa!!!wake up..it’s quite scary in their…it’s like a black hole sucking you in…

  7. John says:

    I learned lucid dreaming with this!

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