Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is the best starting point for anyone new to lucid dreams or out of body experiences.

The reason for this is it’s absolutely an unmistakable feeling when you enter it, unlike most other things in lucid dreams which are fleeting and ephemeral.

So what is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a protection mechanism your body uses when you fall asleep. It allows you to dream that you’re doing what ever you want, no matter how chaotic or active, and you won’t accidentally move your arms and legs and awake yourself up.

The way it works is it temporarily disconnects your voluntary muscle system from your mind. When this happens it feels like a heavy lead blanket is being laid on your chest and limbs.

This heavy lead blanket feeling in sleep paralysis is because you have to send a much stronger nerve signal than normal in order to get the same muscle movement. When you reach 100% sleep paralysis you can’t move anything at all, with a few small exceptions, which we’ll go over in the next post on how to break sleep paralysis.

After we cover how to break sleep paralysis, I’ll show you why sleep paralysis is the best way to have OBEs without using visualizations.

Then we’ll go over ways to convert sleep paralysis into an OBE or lucid dream

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24 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis”

  1. Julia Åhlander says:

    I’ve tried going into sleep paralysis state from awake but even though I enter a state that can FEEL like sleep paralysis, I can still move even though I have to put in an extra effort. I have woken up in S.P. in the middle of the night and panicked because I couldn’t move no matter how much extra effort I put in so the previous can’t r3eally be S.P.
    When I try to OBE I either don’t fall asleep at all or I don’t get any further than that previous “pseudo”-S.P. or IF I fall asleep I wake up moving either by scratching, twitching or something else that ruins the whole thing. How do I get on from here?

  2. Nick Newport says:

    Hi Julia,
    Use the methods for turning partial paralysis into full paralysis in the video at:

    Partial paralysis is paralysis, you just need to deepen it.

    Good luck!

  3. When I was a teenager I was able to learn to use sleep paralysis as a gateway to lucid dreams and out of body experiences. When I was a kid sleep paralysis was absolutely terrifying because I didn’t understand what it was. I thought I was some sort of freak and was afraid to approach adults about my experiences. But as I grew older I started going to the library to research the topic and realized that it was related to other strange, spontaneous phenomena, namely out of body experience and lucid dreaming, that I was experiencing. I soon learned to embrace these skills as gifts rather than abnormalities and have even learned to have OBEs and lucid dreams at will. As I grew into an adult, other concerns took over and I’d experienced fewer and fewer episodes of SP, OBE, and LD. Now I kinda miss them since I spend a third of my life sleeping, and I feel that a lot of that is going to waste if I cannot harness these abilities.

  4. Paul Young says:

    Hy my name is paul, im 18, i try to get sleep paralysis but it just doesnt happen. I Stay Still And Keep My eyes still but it doesnt come on. i find that if i am awake then my body will be to.
    Please Help Me I Try So Hard.

  5. Thomas says:

    Helo. I also stay in bed and trying to put my body asleep befor my mind but it fails I can only paralyze my legs. From head to the legs i can’t. I tried twitch breath pause, nothing happens, and then i give up and go to sleep. What am i doing wrong?

  6. Pat Libertino says:

    Hi you guys…I’m pat and I’m 14,
    Yea I know I’m young but I think I’ve found another solution…
    I’ve tried using the don’t move but it does get really frustrating…
    hat I’ve found that works best for me and people like this is by MESSING UP YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE….
    When I get home I never take naps and then go right to bed later…what I do is I’d get home and take a nap…This sets my scheduale off because I’d sleep at 3 and wake around 7 or 8…By this time it’s already you’re actually time to sleep/schedule…
    So basically my mind is done resting but my body isn’t here are your steps,,,,

    1) Figure out your sleep schedule
    2)Take a Nap for about 5 hours…
    3) Go back to sleep at your regular time
    4) Position your sleep where you’ll fall asleep faster…
    5) Try to fall asleep concisely if it doesn’t work GO TO BED REGULARLY
    6)You’ll probably wake up with SP…
    7) If you don’t want to see scary Images keep your Eyes SHUT
    8)Don’t struggle just imagine yourself roll over while you actually roll over?
    9)YOU most like won’t be able to walk through walls or fly yet but if you want to try don’t think of the wall…Think what’s on the other side and EXPECT YOURSELF TO GO THROUGH AND SEE IT…




  7. Pat Libertino says:

    OHHH A

  8. erin says:

    I have been having what I guess is sleep paralysis for about 4 months. I “wake up” and realize I’m asleep because I can’t move. Sometimes I try to relax until it passes but I hear creaks, knocks, and screaming. When I do try moving I always panic and fling my head till I wake up with my heart pounding. Sometimes people come in my room, sometimes i can move a little but some evil-feeling invisible thing always pulls me back. Its pretty scary. Any suggestions?

  9. John says:

    I’ve been trying all sleep paralysis methods for several nights now, and I just can’t seem to achieve it.
    With the timer method when the timer goes off for the first time I feel my whole body asleep, but even though I don’t move it quickly awakens, and with the wake induced S.P., as soon as I feel my body starts falling asleep my breathing automatically changes and when I become aware of that my body wakes up again, what can I do?

  10. John says:

    (with the timer method I only feel my body asleep on the first time it goes off, for the others I don’t feel anything)

  11. Kidd says:

    I see a lot of people asking “how”. I’m not sure everyone can. I’ve had sleep paralysis for years. It used to scare the hell out of me. The loud noises, screaming, feeling of falling, feeling that some”thing” was in the room. I can get out of it easily now. I just keep trying to shake back and forth, trying to yell and eventually I finally do. Also, people say that you can see everything in the room but have your eyes closed. This is not true. If you pay attention you will notice the room is not EXACTLY the same…it’s what you can remember about it.

    I’ve learned now to just accept the falling aspect. If I don’t panic, relax and just let myself “fall” I go “lucid”. It’s a sleep disorder. Your body wants to sleep and your mind doesn’t. I know exactly when it happens for me. If I’m over-tired but I have a lot of crap going through my mind (bills, school, relationships, etc) I WILL get sleep paralysis. If I wake from it and don’t sit up in bed, I’ll fall right back into it. I have been able to do it on-demand on occasion by just constantly thinking about stuff. I don’t get it too often anymore because I go to sleep at a decent time and have learned to shut my brain off. Try having an active day but make yourself stay awake longer than usual. When you go to bed keep your mind active. Think about the “state” in between awake and asleep. Relax your body and keep your mind active.

    Think what you want. Some think it’s spiritual, demonic, etc. Your mind is powerful and dreams are just that…dreams. You are not out of body or visiting another “plane”. YOU are the one making those dreams so when you get to that level go for a fly around town and enjoy! Maybe you will figure out the meaning to life, or visit past relatives…it’s whatever you want to do.

  12. eric says:

    I used to get Awareness during sleep paralysis- Dark entities would come. I learned over years of experiences that this state is not body asleep/ brain awake. It is in reality body asleep / spirit awake. In recent years I found I was able to move during this state and wondered how that is. It is not partial paralysis, rather, if you can move your arm and you know for a fact that you are in the SP state then it is your spirit representation of your arm. I can roll right out of my body but sometimes find it difficult to stay out. A number of my experiences led me know what I am saying is the truth and likely not something that science will ever accept. One time I was concerned for my daughter and that night found myself Aware. I could not see but i felt my movement and began calling my daughters name as I could feel her presence. I heard her voice clearly but her distressful words were not clear. I called her mother the next day and she stated that our daughter sat up in her bed in the middle of the night and yelled at someone to get out of her room and that she thought that someone was me or her step dad. I have had many many confirmations and what I call visions that have come true or have tied to the physical realm. Believe what you want but with 30 years of Sleep Paralysis experience and OBEs I know what I am talking about. If you have a notion to pursue such things and think you are playing some kind of game be warned. It is no game and consequences can follow.

  13. eric says:

    I will also add to a comment I read above and I quote
    “Also, people say that you can see everything in the room but have your eyes closed. This is not true. If you pay attention you will notice the room is not EXACTLY the same…it’s what you can remember about it.”
    This is not the case. You aren’t remembering your room. You are consciously seeing the energy representation of your room as all things are made of energy at the smallest scale. You have shifted to the spirit realm that is entangled with the physical world.

  14. iamronel says:

    I’ve been so anxious this recently that can make me wide awake each night. But sleep paralysis is like a charm for me becuase it can brings me into a lucid dreaming. Just try not to move the whole night and you’ll definitely experience the wonder of lucid dreaming.

  15. GQ says:

    I’ve been trying to get a SP for months, without much success. I sure do lay without moving for up to an hour, deeply relaxed (waxy feeling), trying to keep my mind empty, but no paralysis or noise ever happen. Playing with the time of night, breaking the respiraton, moving the eyes, resisting the urge to roll (tough cookie, this one), binaural tones, or adding a timer doesn’t change much the issue.

    Sure the meditation is great, but how to get to the next step? OBE or LD have been a dream since childhood for me!

    Many thanks in advance for the advice/tip/suggestion.

  16. Justin says:

    When I tried this it almost worked forr me I just couldn’t get to the dreaming part of it all. Do you recamend anything to help me?

  17. Alex says:

    You don’t go into SP consciously, it kind of happends to you. And really guys, if you would know what it felt like, I’m SURE most of you would try getting anything BUT SP. It’s fucking disturbing. Only now I’ve been trying not to be AFRAID of SP and it’s a pretty big step for me.

    For those who want to go there anyway; try sleeping too much(stay in bed in the morning even though you’re not sleepy, eventually you’ll fall back asleep; mostly SP). Make sure you lie on your back when you feel you’re falling asleep. I found out that by lying on my belly I would never get SP.I dread falling asleep on my back, I avoid it. Once or twice though, it was a pleasant experience. All the other times, they were just full-blown nightmares.

    I find it weird and disturbing that some people actually TRY getting SP.

  18. max says:

    before i even start, sleep paralysis shouldnt be scared of, im 16 and at first few months back i was trying to get into it and was so scared due to all these stories i heard of seeing shadows and that, yes i admit it has happened bbut stay calm and it goes, the best thing is it may last a few seconds or a minute but think about yourself leaving your body and you induce OBE’s these experiences are life changing and it is all worth the stress of sleep paralysis, okay so i can enter sleep paralysis almost whenever i want now although i havnt mastered obe’s and wont for years but sleep paralysis i can do pretty well!;
    1) id atempt this when your really tired, or set an alarm few hours before you normally wake up, and dont move stay there and youl fall into it quick
    2) stay still do not move, people say visualise do not do this yet, stare into the blackness of your eyes, any thoughts that come into your head just accnolage them and let them go, do not stop them at all this wont work just let them be
    3) your body will start feeling heavy, for me when im in sleep paralysis i feel my feet muscles contract then my legs going up to my chest and so on, this is terryffying at first il be honest but, honestly dont be afraid its harmless and natural we automaticly go into this as we sleep.
    4) you WILL know when you are in sp trust me you will know, you might feel as if there is a metal blanket on top of you dont try to move just let it be otherwise you may snap out of it, try to ignore any thoughts and avoid bad thoughts remember nothing can hurt you, any hallutionations are in your mind
    5) from here if your trying to induce and obe or lucid dream visualize yourself either dreaming(lucid) or leaving your body for obe.
    6) a few good obe techniques;
    the rope technique, imagine a rope above of you and imagine lifting yourself out of your body using the rope, your body is light and easy to pull up
    lighter and lighter, this techniqe is visualizing yourself becoming lighter and lighter and leaving your body!
    trust me sleep paralysis is nothing to fear at all, dont listen to what others say its not scary as people say, if you induce itm or get it automatily your lucky, use it to your advantage:)
    good luck guys

  19. Anonymous says:

    it happens in my work we have a break for 15 mins. and i slept above my table then i have this paralysis i try to move but i can’t. suddenly my feet was try to float and i get scared cause i think im dying. so i try to look in my surroundings, to find someone who can wake me up, but no one”s out there then i look in the groud i saw someone sleeping under my table, woman with a black gown.

  20. Heather says:

    Chronic sleep paralysis is a neurological disorder. It is the exact opposite of sleep walking. It is also a living HELL. Lucid dreaming is different and something you can teach yourself to do with the right pointers. As a person who suffers from sleep paralysis and is on medication for it but still living through the hell of it (luckily with meds its not as bad), I can tell you sleep paralysis isn’t what your aiming for to lucid dream.

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