The 5 Most Powerful Lucid Dreaming Movement-Free Exit Techniques – Lucidology 101 Part 12

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Here in Lucidology 101 part 12 you’re about to find out the 5 most powerful movement-free exit techniques. These techniques are how you convert sleep paralysis into an O.B.E. and separate from your physical body to enter your nonphysical environment.

Two Transitions To Success, Not Just One!

Recall our two-step strategy for visualization-free O.B.E.s. The first step was to use sleep commands to trick your body into falling asleep. That stage put you in waking sleep paralysis so that your brain enters a theta brain wave and automatically sends you into a subconscious focus without you needing to use visualizations.

The second step is to convert sleep paralysis into an O.B.E using an exit technique.

Exit Techniques: We’re Up To Step 4 – “Separation”

In this section we’ll cover this final stage of an O.B.E induction which is the exit stage where you separate your nonphysical body from your physical body.

The 3 Basic Problems In Completing The Exit

In completing the exit there are 3 basic problems we need to solve:

1. First, that you can’t tell physical body from nonphysical body because they’re overlaid
2. Second, that you can’t separate them because they’re stuck together
3. Third, if you move and you’re not ready to exit, you’ll tense up and ruin your trance

That last problem is a major obstacle. There’s nothing worse than getting into a decent trance then ruining it because you moved physically instead of separating from your body.

So we need “movement free” exit techniques so you can make a bid for an exit and if you’re wrong and you’re not quite deep enough, it’s no big deal.

5 Solutions To The 3 Problems: Movement-free Exit Techniques

So here are the 5 most powerful movement-free exit methods that I’ve tested many times and have found to be highly effective. These are:

1. Open Mouth Exit
2. Gravity Press Exit
3. Safety Cap Exit
4. Focused Awareness With Magnetic Spheres
5. Salvaging Partial Exits Using Limb Creation

Cracking The Safe: The “Open Mouth” Exit Initiator

The first method is the ‘open mouth exit’ and it was discovered by a forum poster named tsunaH. In sleep paralysis 99% of the time even if everything below your neck is paralyzed you can still move your eyes and mouth.

To do this method simply open your mouth and take a few slow deep breaths. Be sure not to breathe too hard or you’ll break the paralysis. By doing this you’ll feel yourself start to separate starting at your head.

This method is a very reliable way to get the exit process kick started. It’s actually more of an ‘exit initiator’ than a full exit method because a lot of times it will get you half way out and then you need to switch to another exit method to complete the separation. However a lot of times once you start the separation using open mouth breathing, you’ll be able to separate completely and get up into your nonphysical bedroom without using any other tricks!

The reason this method works is you’ve split your focus between physical awareness and nonphysical awareness. In sleep paralysis your body below the neck is still physically focused but your eyes and face have entered nonphysical focus. By creating movement in your eyes and face you draw the rest of your focus in to nonphysical awareness.

The “Gravity Press” Exit

The second movement free exit method is the “gravity press” exit. To do this, focus on the feeling of gravity pulling on your body.

In an O.B.E. this will actually cause you to sink through solid objects and you can use this fact to test if you’re nonphysical without moving.

Gravity Press Tips

Make sure not to pull yourself down too far because creating too much of a feeling of heaviness can make the resulting O.B.E more dark and lower energy.

If you lay on your back while looking at the ceiling, you can do a ‘transparent bed’ reality check:

To do that look at the ceiling and gravity press yourself to the floor.
As long as you keep your sight focused on the ceiling you’ll see through your bed
This can help you be more sure that you really did a gravity press and you really are nonphysical

The “Safety Cap” Exit: Gravity-press With A Twist

You can build on the gravity press exit to make it more powerful. This brings us to the third movement-free exit method called ‘safety-cap’. With a safety cap bottle, to open the lid you have to press down and then twist.

What Does That Have To Do With O.B.E. Exits?

The problem with the gravity press method is even if you sink into the bed a few inches you may not be completely sure that you’ve really separated. What you need is a better “selector” to be sure there’s absolutely no question in your mind that you’re nonphysical. To fix this, create the feeling of a force that rotates you around on your belly button so that your head swings around 180 degrees and ends up where your feet are.

Gravity Press + Twist = Safety Cap O.B.E

At that point there is no doubt you’re in an O.B.E and you can get up without fear of accidentally moving your physical muscles and botching the trance. In other words, you just press down and twist and you have an O.B.E.

Major Mistake: The Roll Over Exit

Most books on O.B.E.s tell you to roll over on your side to complete the exit. This is a really bad idea because it’s an all or nothing gamble. Either you succeed and you roll over in to an O.B.E or you move physically and have to start all over again.

On the other hand, because the safety cap exit is also a type of reality check you can first test to see if you’re actually nonphysical. If either the press or the twist stages don’t work, then you know to relax a little deeper and your trance is still in tact.

Your success rate will be many times higher when you use safety cap than if you simply try rolling over.

Magnetic Spheres

Our forth movement free exit method is called “Magnetic Spheres”

I know this is supposed to be ‘visualization-free’ O.B.E. methods… but this one is really easy and it will really help with your exits. So I’m going to sneak it in.

By practicing to focus your awareness while awake, you can better direct your nonphysical body when in an O.B.E.

Imagine a magnetic sphere hovering above your hands. Move the sphere around and feel it pull on your nonphysical body in different directions

You’ll start to get a feeling of a fuzzy ball of awareness around your hands

Magnetic Spheres Multiplication

Double the strength of the sphere to get a stronger feeling. After a few moments double it again. Then double it once more after a bit. Keep doubling it every minute or so until you have a very strong feeling of attraction around your hands.

Remember this is the feeling for when you use gravity press and safety cap. When you want to press out or rotate around, create the feeling of the force you want and complete the exit.

Using Focused Awareness To Pull Yourself Up

Remember with gravity press, one of the disadvantages was that if you press down too far it can make the resulting O.B.E darker and lower energy. One way around that is to use focused awareness to imagine gravity is pulling you up. This is slightly more difficult to do but it actually helps make the O.B.E brighter.

To do this, first put your awareness on the feeling of gravity like normal. Then rotate that feeling around so it’s pulling you up and you’ve created inverse gravity.

Magnetic Sphere Pulls You Up

Another variation is to simply use an imaginary magnetic sphere to overpower gravity and pull you up. Both of these methods work well. I actually am lazy and usually just do gravity press and twist, but you should definitely experiment with creating strange forces and odd angles because they’re very useful for manipulating the world once you’ve transitioned to an O.B.E.

Focused Awareness Resources

Focused awareness is used in many disciplines including qi-gong, tai chi, reiki, and others. It’s also the basis for Robert Bruce’s system called N.E.W. (or New Energy Ways) which is used in O.B.E.s. Check out his book “Astral Dynamics” for more on NEW.

How To Salvage Partial Exits: Limb Creation

A lot of times you’ll make it half-way out of your body but parts will still be stuck. For instance, you might find that you can free your arms but your legs are still glued in place and that even if you use your nonphysical hands to pull your legs out they just won’t budge. This brings us to the fifth movement-free exit technique called “Limb Creation”.

Once you have about half of your body out, instead of trying to get the rest of your limbs out, just imagine a completely new set of legs or arms or whatever is stuck. This is actually much easier than it sounds. You just imagine what it would feel like if your legs were already beneath you and you were already standing on them. Imagine the feeling of pressure on your feet, how your socks feel, and what your toes feel like when you wiggle them against each other.

You’ll quickly lose awareness of the limbs in your physical body and refocus into the copies of your legs that you’ve created. This process actually only takes a couple seconds and is a billion times easier than trying to yank your limbs out of your physical body.

The exit is the last stage of an O.B.E induction, but you probably still have some questions. In the next section we’ll go over the troubleshooting guide. This is the 3 Step System How To You Can Quickly Blow Up Your O.B.E Roadblocks.

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  3. Jacob says:

    Ok let me see if i got this right…
    i go to sleep
    i wake up at 4:30
    i dont move to activate sleep paralysis

    Then what do i go to sleep, do i sit there until one of the reality checks work… WHAT COMES NEXT IM CONFUSED!!!
    Please answer fast and correct me if i have something wrong

  4. admin says:

    Please watch these videos in order:

  5. avalinah says:

    i’m a bit puzzled. first in SDR you say we need to roll over to sleep in a better position. but now you say we shouldn’t roll over cause it might mess everything up. so i’m lost here :(

  6. Robby says:

    Hi,i have a question.
    What do i suppose to do on the gravity exit method?Do i have to imagine myself being pulled from below ? please answer, i’m really confused

  7. Cody says:

    Parts 1 and 11 are missing in the Lucidology 101 collection. It leaves gaps in the instruction, so I was wondering…

    A. Why the random blanks in consistancy?
    B. When the 101 collection will be fully complete?

  8. Sundi says:

    I got out of my body from sleep paralysis simply by rolling over. It felt like I was trying to get my physical body to roll over, but my astral body popped out because my physical body was paralyzed. I had an incredibly clear, conscious and easily remembered experience doing this. I had only started reading about OBEs when I woke up in sleep paralysis after a nap. I hadn’t read anything about it yet, but I wanted to wake up, attempted to move my physical body to wake up and popped out of my body. That freaked me out and I went back in, but when I woke up in sleep paralysis a week or so later, I knew more about it, knew I could try to move my physical body to get out, I did, and went exploring in the astral world.

  9. Matteo says:

    I’m using “Lucidology 102″ a friend of mine. In Part 7 says to refer to Part 13 of “Lucidology 101″, but I was not able to find this part. Can anyone give me this information?

  10. dotii says:

    is this astral projection?

  11. Catherine says:

    Ok, umm… I am just a little confused. I’ve read all of the parts and I just want to make sure I haven’t jumbled up the info…
    - do the stretches
    - roll over a bit
    - put your hands above your head
    - sleep breathing
    - roll your eyes
    - count your heart beats
    - put arms down then tense your muscles
    - give in to urge to roll over
    - wake up at 4:30 and stay up for 45mins
    - use timer and don’t move
    - once in sleep paralysis do exit techniques. and reality checks.

    Is that right???

  12. Nick says:

    So, I feel like this question will be unanswered, just like Cody’s is above, but where are Parts 1 and 11? I’m guessing Part 1 tells us what OBE’s and Lucid Dreams are, and I know Part 11 is supposed to tell us signals that tell us we’re close to an OBE, both of which I’m very interested in watching.

    Also, I’m having difficulty staying awake and focused using the timer method. I think I managed to put my body to sleep once, but I fell asleep almost immediately after. Still trying, but should I open my eyes after my body is paralyzed? And how do I know if I’m paralyzed if I don’t want to move and break trance?

    I wish there were more answers than questions in these comments.

  13. Isaiah says:

    So I know how to get out of my body…but how do I get back in?

  14. zenzele says:

    Just now I had a lucid dream I remembered that I have to exit and I try to roll out of my body nd could feel strong vibration everytime I try to roll it was lyk my body ddnt want m to go out of it I end up sleeping wat did I do wrong?

  15. Dash says:

    Wow this has been THE most comprehensive GUIDE I have ever come across. Thank you. Ive already bought 102 and am looking forward to getting back into projecting.

  16. Hi and thanks for this GREAT collection of advice! It looks like Lucidology 101 parts 1, 11, and 13 are missing from the blog category “Lucidology 101″. Where can I find those?

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