Lucid Dream Exit Blindness – 3 Fast Solutions When You Can’t See In An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 9

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A lot of times when you enter an O.B.E you’ll find that you can’t see. This is called exit blindness. Here in part 9 we’ll cover the 3 simplest and quickest solutions to exit blindness to recover your sight as fast as possible.

The 3 Main Exit Blindness Causes

Exit blindness is due to three main reasons:

1.) First, that your eyes have been sealed shut by some kind of nonphysical glue.

2.) Second that you don’t have enough energy to open your nonphysical eyes.

3.) Third you don’t have energy to power your nonphysical eyes.

Eye Glue Causes Exit Blindness

The first problem is that in the O.B.E your eyes sometimes start out with some kind of glue that’s holding your eyelids together. Strange as it may seem this is a recurring effect that many people have reported and that I have experienced many times.

Use ‘Eye Pry’ To Open Your Eyes

The quickest solution to glued eyelids is to use your nonphysical hands to pry your eyelids open. This is called the ‘eye pry’ method. Sometimes the glue is very strong and it can actually be painful to pull them open. The glue can also have a kind of magnetic effect so that once you have your eyes open the glue pulls them back together. You have to keep on top of things and keep pulling your eyes open in order to keep your sight turned on. You can also use eye pry in the 2nd case where you have enough energy to power your eyes but not enough to open your eyelids.

3 Solutions To Blindness From Low Energy

In the 3rd case where you don’t even have enough energy to power your eyes there are 3 main solutions. These are:

1.) Deep breathing

2.) Improving your mood

3.) mental projections.

Use Deep Breathing To Brighten The O.B.E

The first solution is to use deep breathing to power your nonphysical body. This solution is not a cure all but it can definitely improve your sight and make things brighter.

You need to be careful with this method because it can cause your physical body to wake up.

Recall that one way to break paralysis is to simply change your breathing so your body notices you’re awake. While that does break paralysis, there is also a middle ground where you can breathe deeply to power your nonphysical body but also not breathe so deeply so that your body notices the difference. The only way to know what that feels like is to practice by entering sleep paralysis and seeing how much you can deep breathe without breaking the paralysis.

Improve Your Mood To See

The second main solution is to improve your mood in the O.B.E. Your mood often determines how bright and clear your O.B.E will be. By putting yourself in a very positive frame of mind you can largely avoid dark O.B.E.s and you may never have a problem with blindness in the first place. However this solution isn’t 100% effective and isn’t very useful if you’re trying to recover sight in a lucid nightmare.

Mental Projections

The third solution is what’s called a mental projection. This is an advanced technique that relies heavily on visualizations. However it’s also extremely powerful and this is actually what I rely on most because it is 100% effective to cure exit blindness. This is because in a mental projection you’re able to see without seeing and so exit blindness is not a factor.

A lot of times when I enter an O.B.E I won’t even bother to get my eyes working and I’ll just enter a mental projection which gives you all the sensory information you need but without actually seeing anything at all. Lucidology 101 is all about visualization-free techniques. However Lucidology 102 is all about how to use visualizations to dramatically accelerate your O.B.E progress. In Lucidology 102 I’ll show you exactly how to do mental projections make exit blindness a non-issue.

Up next in part 10 you’ll find out why everything you’ve read about O.B.E vibrations in books is wrong and you’ll find out the 3 easiest ways to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

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