Sleep Breathing

Sleep breathing is simply breathing as if you’re already asleep in order to fool you body into thinking your mind really has fallen asleep.

When you do it correctly one of two things will happen:

1.) It will seem like it’s not working and then all of a sudden you’ll black out all at once and wake up the next morning, or you’ll become aware in a lucid dream in the middle of the night.

2.) You’ll experience the sleep paralysis wave and feel your body fall asleep. That’s a great starting point for lucid dream and you can use the OBE exit methods in Lucidology 101 to convert sleep paralysis into a lucid dream.

The best way to find out what your exact sleep breathing pattern is to get a digital voice recorder and record yourself sleeping at night.

Alternately you can download an mp3 I made of my own sleep breathing pattern in the free OBE Quickstart. You can listen to that mp3 to get the rhythm correct as you fall asleep.

Sleep breathing is one of the most powerful sleep commands for tricking your body into falling asleep. A few times I’ve been able to enter waking sleep paralysis using nothing more than sleep breathing. I wasn’t especially relaxed and didn’t use any visualizations. I only sleep breathed for a few minutes and induced the sleep paralysis wave.

That is fairly rare and apparently you have to get the rhythm just exactly right in order to fool your body with it alone. However when you use it in combination with other sleep commands it’s much easier to create waking sleep paralysis and have lucid dreams all the time!

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One Response to “Sleep Breathing”

  1. eldawg says:

    This really sound too good to be true but i will try it none the least…i am an astral traveler..and i been trying many methods to AP that works only once…i’m looking for a method that will give me a mother load of APs….. and i can never get my body in SP but now with your method i’m hopping to have many thanks…as a matter of fact before i learned bout this i was thinking about doing this exact thing …but now that i know im not the only one ill give it a try.

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