How To Avoid The “Swallow Reflex” In OBE And Lucid Dream Meditation

Here’s a question I get a lot about the swallow reflex:

Hi, I have one burning question that I would appreciate an answer to.

I realize that it is important to not move at all when inducing sleep paralysis.

Is it ok to swallow though?

I find the main problem I have is that mucus and saliva builds up at the back of my throat, and I have to swallow it.

Is this ok, or is this preventing me from inducing SP?”

My reply:

It depends on how deep in sleep paralysis you are:

1.) If you’re right on the edge and you’re trying to complete paralysis then swallowing will mess it up.

2.) If you’re already deep in paralysis it won’t make much difference.

3.) If you’re several minutes away from paralysis then it won’t make a giant difference but it will make some.


The solution is your body position. Sleeping flat on your back makes the swallow reflex happen. This is one of the reasons why stop drop and roll ends with you sleeping on your side.

I actually sleep with the head of my bed propped up on cinder blocks so that my head is a bit above my feet. I do that because it helps with acid reflux at night but it also probably helps with the swallow reflex.

If you were to sleep sitting upright in a sofa then you would have almost no swallow reflex.

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6 Responses to “How To Avoid The “Swallow Reflex” In OBE And Lucid Dream Meditation”

  1. Hurybin says:

    What I do is I put a hardcover book under my pillow and that stopped the swallowing reflex for me

  2. ajz says:

    nop, swallowing reflex is one of the strongest signals your body will do to test you if you are asleep.

    your body will make you think you have saliva build up, but its just a test to see if you are asleep, if you do swallow, then it will realize you are not asleep therefore, you must start all over again.

  3. Viktorija says:

    Unfortunately this is a big problem for me too. I will try to change the position, hope it will work :)

  4. Nae says:

    Ah, thank you very much. The swallow reflex really bugged the crap outta me XD

  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought im the only one that is having trouble with my saliva buildup, it’s my major problem when trying to perform WILD, thanks btw, will try to change my head position tonight

  6. sussyballs27 says:

    sleep with your head up

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