“Astral Travel Now” Review – Using Hypnosis To Lucid Dream

You may recall that the timer method involves “hypnotic fractionation” in which you wake up and fall asleep repeatedly to enter a deeper and deeper trance.

Each time you wake up and fall asleep you begin to hover close and closer to the awake/asleep threshold.

The question is, what can we do to build on it?

Well, I’m not a hypnotist. However Steve G Jones, M.Ed., *is* a trained professional hypnotist.

He recently sent me a copy of his astral projection course “Astral Travel Now”.


I went through the whole thing and the audio OBE induction he gives you in it is perfectly suited for the OBE induction I show you in Lucidology 101 part 7 on the timer method.

Recall that during the timer OBE induction, you get up at around 4:30 and then go back to bed about 45 minutes later to use the timer routine and have lucid dreams.

A lot of people ask “What should I do during that 45 minutes?”

Well, now I finally have an answer for you! Listen to Jones’ OBE induction in “Astral Travel Now”.

He gives you an incredibly powerful hypnotic induction that will send you into the exact mindset to have a series of OBEs when the 45 minutes are up and you lay down to sleep.

He takes you step by step through a series of visualizations to guide you into a waking subconscious focus. This is just what you need to do what is called “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams” or “MILDs”

Check out his course at:


p.s. You may wonder if there are any caveats about “Astral Travel Now”?

The course is actually made up to two parts:

1.) First is an audio introduction in which he explains what OBEs are and what you can do in them.

2.) The second part is the actually hypnotic OBE induction I mentioned.

In the intro there were a few small things I disagree with. First he says that in an OBE you can do anything. We’ll, it’s definitely true that you can generally do a lot more than when you’re physically focused. But it’s not quite true that you can do *anything*.

It actually depends a lot on the rules of the nonphysical plane you’re in. In some areas it’s a lot easier to fly than others. Sometimes it’s flat out impossible to walk through walls.

There are a lot of factors going on, so many that I’m going to do an entire series of videos on nonphysical geography in Lucidology 103.

The other thing I didn’t quite agree with was that he sort gives the impression that visualizing white light is a cure-all type of protection against negative nonphysical beings.

Negs do exist and white light can help, but it’s also definitely not something that I would actually count on quite so heavily. There really isn’t any single defense you can use in all cases in OBEs, so that’s another big topic for Lucidology 103.

But other than that, his hypnotic induction in “Astral Travel Now” is extremely soothing and matches perfectly with the induction system I’ve already shown you how to do in Lucidology 101.

Here’s the link to his course, check it out today!


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2 Responses to ““Astral Travel Now” Review – Using Hypnosis To Lucid Dream”

  1. Natascha says:

    I consider downloading this program. Did anyone here try it yet and can leave a feedback? That would be of great help. Thank you.

  2. Khatami says:

    where are you nick?

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