Lucid Dream Mind Relaxation

Here’s a great question I got on how relaxed your mind needs to be to have OBEs:

I’m a big fan of your methods, because I have been trying to have an OBE for about two months and in all the books, the only thing that comes up seems to be, “just relax and wait for the vibrations…” and if they don’t come? Nothing. However your sleep paralysis method is something new although I haven’t achieved it yet. What do you think is the best way to bring on the vibrations? Sleep paralysis? If so, out of the methods that you describe, what is the most effective in your opinion? Also, Robert Monroe states that during the first OBE’s you should keep your thoughts in order and stick to being near your body. Do you agree?
Thank you so much in advance, I really did enjoy lucidology 101 :)

First of all, vibrations are not needed at all for OBEs. The lucid dream vibrations video explains why.

Now on to relaxing the mind for lucid dreams…

The common wisdom in OBE and lucid dreaming books is that you need to discipline your mind to have OBEs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why is that?

It’s because your body actually has no idea what your mind is doing. None! If you get good at sleep commands you can put your body into waking sleep paralysis even when your mind is running full bore and not even in the slightest bit of trance or even the lightest daydream.

It comes down to mind/body communication and the language they use to talk to each other. As long as you correctly use the sleep commands at the right time the body will interpret them as a signal to fall asleep.

In particular, the sleep breathing technique I explain in Lucidology 101 is extremely effective. It’s probably the single most powerful lucid dream body trick I know of. Pause breaths are a very close second and muscle twitching is a respectable third.

When you have success with these tricks you’ll see what I mean. When you consciously and DELIBERATELY put your body into sleep paralysis you’ll see that your mind can be totally awake and not even a little bit asleep. It all comes down to giving your body the right sequence of events.

Moving Beyond Mind-Body Communication

Having said that, even though you don’t need to relax your mind to enter waking sleep paralysis and you don’t need to use visualizations, they are incredibly powerful… but if you do the right kind of mental relaxation and visualizations.

This is where Lucidology 102 picks up where Lucidology 101 leaves off. In Lucidology 102 you’ll find out how to magnify your OBE skills 100 fold and literally have 100 OBEs in 100 days using a very specific set of visualizations I developed over the last 3 years.

Supercharging Your OBEs With The Right Visualizations

To find out how to amplify your OBE skills far beyond what you may have thought possible and start having 2, 3 or even a dozen OBEs per OBE session check out Lucidology 102: The 100 OBE System

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