OBE Vibrations

OBE vibrations are probably the most famous of all OBE phenomena. They are also the least understood.

OBE vibrations literally feel like a buzzing sensation, a lot like the feeling of buzzing in your lips when you make a ‘Vvvvvvvvvvv’ sound.

OBE vibrations also usually come with rushing sounds that sound like a train or tornado. You can download an MP3 of what OBE rushing noises sound like in the free Lucidology OBE Quickstart.


Most books will tell you that you need to induce vibrations in order to have an OBE. This is quite incorrect and is a major reason why many people never have OBEs no matter how hard they work at it.

The fact is that you’ll actually find that if you do start having OBEs a lot, that vibrations become less and less frequent until your OBEs are completely smooth and vibrationless.

This is what you want because OBE vibrations are nothing more than nonphysical friction and a waste of energy. When you have an OBE without any vibrations the resulting OBE will be much brighter and clearer than an OBE where you have to fight through a lot of vibrations.

How OBE Vibrations Are Useful

On the other hand, OBE vibrations are useful in that they are a great signpost to tell you how close you are to an OBE. A lot of times you’ll be relaxing your way into a lucid dream and there’s really not a lot (if anything) that tells you what’s going on or if you’re making any progress.

This is where OBE vibrations are useful, but they’re NOT useful in the way that the OBE books tell you. The books will say to do your OBE exit when you’re right in the middle of OBE vibrations.

This is a HUGE mistake and is almost guaranteed to fail. Sometimes you can blast your way through vibrations and complete an exit then, but it’s pretty rare to get it to work.

In the next post on the OBE Quiet Zone I’ll show you the secret of what you should do and know exactly when is the optimal time to do your OBE exit.

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6 Responses to “OBE Vibrations”

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  2. lucas campbell says:

    I have triedvery hard, but inever get anything but sleep paralized. How can i start improving this, i have never had an OBE. I realy want to explore the astral world but i can never get there. tonight i almost did, but there was no rushing noise, just a ringing noise louder than usual(only a bit thought)and it last for 10-20 min and i could last anymore. Help me please.

  3. John says:

    Hey, Lucas. I got the same thing. A ringing noise that just keeps going (it seems to pulse in and out a bit). I got it right after doing the up and down eye movement. I still haven’t heard the rushing noise or gotten an OBE.

  4. Thomas says:

    This is going to sound stupid but i get all the way past the vibrations after ive relaxed but them im stuck i don’t no what to do its just dark and after a little while i just go to bed what do i have to do!?! please help.

  5. Cody says:

    Hi Thomas, describe your vibrations

  6. Ray says:

    I’ve only done an OBE once. The other time I failed. I only went in to the kitchen then fell asleep. The vision was n

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