The Quiet Zone After OBE Vibrations

In the previous post on OBE vibrations we mentioned that a lot of books say to do your OBE exit when you’re right in the middle of OBE vibrations.

Instead, if you wait until after the vibrations have subsided then you’ve relaxed into the OBE Quiet Zone. This is the signal that you’re ready to slip out of your body smoothly without wasting a lot of energy on vibrations and rushing noises.

The reason for this is vibrations happen because you’re experiencing energy from both your physical focus and your newly acquired nonphysical focus. When you’re on the straddling point on the way into an OBE you’re running double the energy you normally run.

The newer you are to OBEs, the less likely you’ll be able to run that energy without some friction which causes vibrations and rushing noises.

When you finally shift over completely into a nonphysical focus in the OBE then you’re back to only focusing on one signals’ worth of energy. This causes the vibrations to go away and that’s the signpost you’re looking for to know you’re ready for the OBE exit

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2 Responses to “The Quiet Zone After OBE Vibrations”

  1. Richard says:

    MAN, I had this OBE Vibrations.
    But I didn’t know what it was, so it scared me and I woke up.
    I was so close to getting lucid!

  2. Shoe says:

    Several times, I’ve waited past the vibrations into the quiet zone. But the reality checks didn’t work, I just woke up. I don’t know what to do…

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