Why It’s A Good Thing If You Can’t Get Vibrations When Inducing O.B.E.s

Here’s a question I got on vibrations:

I have been having trouble getting to the vibrational stage. I dont know if you have seen my journal entries, but if you have, then you will be able to see that I have been able to get to the vibrational state almost every time I try to project. But, whenever I try to do it these days, I can no longer get to the same stage as before.

I just dont understand it… I am able to relax no problem, but I never get to the same level as I used to. The only thing I can feel is a SLIGHT vibration which goes away again. I remember I stopped trying to project for a little while. Is this the reason why Im finding it hard to get to the same state?

If I have to start over again, then I dont mind, because it’s my own doing. But, if it’s not that, then I have no idea what the problem could be. I have read that camomile tea is supposed to be good for astral projection. Do you know of any other things that can help you? Like, crystals or anything else? I need all the help I can get right now, man…

Vibrations are a form of nonphysical friction. Once you’ve had a lot of OBEs you clear out nonphysical blocks that caused vibrations and don’t really get vibes any more. You’ll enter a subconscious state and need to rely on other phenomena to tell how close to an OBE you are. Here’s a chart with hints to use to tell about how close you are so you don’t have to rely only on vibrations:

Chart To Tell How Close You Are To An O.B.E

Sleep paralysis is the most useful method of knowing if you’re ready to project or not. If you wake up and fall asleep several times in a row without moving (using a timer) you’ll enter sleep paralysis and be able to use any of the methods on the video to turn it into an OBE.

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7 Responses to “Why It’s A Good Thing If You Can’t Get Vibrations When Inducing O.B.E.s”

  1. sully_2u says:

    ok well i have obe but i cant see move, i feel stuck, i hear hard popping in my head because im that aware enough to be aware of it, but i cant control it…it scares me becamuse sometimes i dont induce it….i cant explain it…help?

  2. Marcela says:

    Try to rebalance your chakras, when we carry old negative energy this often holds our esthetic body down.

  3. sara says:

    Every time i try to have an OBE i always fall asleep as soon as my body starts to feel very heavy. I try as hard as possible to stay aware but i always just fall asleep.

    I have tried it while taking naps during the day as well as waking up in the middle of the night and in the morning. I just cant get past it for some reason. Can anyone help?

  4. Andy b says:

    So here’s the scenario. I have attempted inducing obe’s several times and have gotten close a couple times. This time I was laying on my couch no one was home, didn’t have to work so there was no time restraint, and had isochronic tones. As I was doing my relaxation technique (deep inhale hold for 4 seconds an exhale for 4 seconds and count very slow and repeat) and then the countdown method from 100 to 0 and then 30 to 0. Usually you’ll cout down from 100 to 0 so by doing 30 to 0 it should start to go by slower and slower. At 19 on the 30 to 0 I lost count and thought about being in a really quiet forest (note: I had the isochronic tones in so when the though came by everything was silent including the tones) everything was muted and I was trying to look at myself from different perspectives in the forest. And then I come back from the thought and I’m passively watching this thought super highway where thoughts were rushin past what I believe is my unconscious or astral self and I’d stop a thought and put myself into this thought and I’d go back into my conscious body and woke up. Deff an intense experience but I still haven’t gotten out of body.

  5. Bbrree1 says:

    @Sully_2u , I believe you have experience , Sleep Paralis , based on what you’ve said in your comment. No need to be afraid , you body is just sleeping while you are fairly aware. That’s one of the steps to Lucid Dreaming if someone was trying to LD.

  6. Seth says:

    I can’t get to the vibrational state either. But I never have been. Think less?

  7. tom says:

    no matter what i try to do i cant get past the vibrations ! most times i can get vibrations almost immediately,but thats it. do i try to exit during or after vibes.

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