Lucid Dream Vibrations

Lucid dream vibrations are useful for telling how close you are to success. As you relax closer and closer to a nonphysical focus and away from a physical focus it’s very likely you’ll encounter what are called “lucid dream vibrations” and lucid dream rushing noises.

What Do Lucid Dream Vibrations Feel Like?

The vibrations literally feel like a buzzing sensation, similar to a vibrating cell phone or the feeling of buzzing in your lips when you make a “Vvvvvvvvvv” sound. The usually appear in your head and chest area but can occur throughout your body.

What Do Lucid Dream Rushing Noises Sound Like?

The rushing noises that often come with vibrations sound like a train in the room or a tornado.

Most books on OBEs say that you should induce vibrations to have OBEs. This is anything but true and one of the main reasons people fail with lucid dreams.

Vibrations are simply a side effect of nonphysical friction. The more you practice OBEs the easier you’ll be able to shift into a nonphysical focus without running into nonphysical friction. Your OBE exits will become smoother and smoother until eventually you’ll pass directly from a conscious focus to a waking subconscious focus without any vibrations or rushing noises at all.

This has two effects:

1.) Good: You won’t waste any energy to friction in the vibration stage

2.) Bad: You’ll have fewer “road signs” to tell how close you are to an OBE.

The good part is lucid dream exits that are nice and smooth are also nice and bright and clear because you spend all your nonphysical energy on powering your projection rather than powering wasteful vibrations.

The bad part is that you may actually shift into an OBE and not know it because you didn’t have any obvious cluses about what was going on. To fix that problem, see the Lucidology 101 video on reality checks so you don’t overshoot your target.

How To Use Lucid Dream Vibrations To Have OBEs

The trick to using lucid dream vibrations to have OBEs is to wait for the “Quiet Zone” after vibrations have passed. That is the signal to watch for to know you’re in an OBE. Once you’ve relaxed past them and things calm down and become eerily still, you can use a exit method to turn your deep state of relaxation or even sleep paralysis into an OBE.

Check out the video on Lucidology 101 part 12 on how to turn sleep paralysis into lucid dream

The Next Step

For a much more detailed description of how to lucid dream vibrations to have OBEs and lucid dreams, check out the Lucidology 101 Part 10 video, podcast and illustrated PDF transcript on lucid dream vibrations.

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56 Responses to “Lucid Dream Vibrations”

  1. Jashondra says:

    I get a painful vibration in my neck in my dreams, it only happens when something is attacking me. I’m completely still and cannot move I just have to feel the pain in that one spot. I still haven’t found what exactly this is but, it doesn’t happen often. It happens for a few seconds then I’ll wake up.

  2. Kathleen Rose Medrano Benitez says:

    I also had that painful vibration but it is in my head while I was dreaming. Happened twice and I thought that I woke up having that pain in my head and my sight was all blurred then all of the sudden i was having seizure in that dream, after that I miraculously woke up and praise the Lord for that. I dont know why Im having that kind of dream, Im thinking of possible reasons but there’s no connection. Please help me

  3. 5iLenT says:

    I don’t know why but i have a scary dream my Teacher became an alien and hes mouth is like a black hole and it was making an earth quake in class and my head is vibrating in the dream then after i wake up my head is still vibrating and i also learned how to vibrate my head hahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have a very nice and satisfying dream .. i think it came out of my imagination. that i m cuddling with my crush… everything was so good in that experience then he touches my neck. and my real body vibrates for a couple of seconds and i wake up.

    what the hell was this can anyone explain?

  5. Kbel says:

    My vibrations are pleasant like a good sneeze. I realize in my sleep that I’m relaxed enough and then visualize a fuzzy gray “tunnel” and as my mind goes through this tunnel is when I encounter the vibration-when I’m on the other side, I’m usually being dragged slowly out of my bed and experience a slightly orgasmic feeling (sometimes totally orgasmy) and then I’m out of the bed and can, if I can keep myself asleep, am able to wander around and check shit out—-I love when I’m able to have these dreams, but rarely do I make it past the weird orgasam part bc it wakes me up-BUT sometimes I can start again—-???

  6. anthony says:

    in the 39 years i have always considered myself a dreamer! this was different and put me in a state of wanting to be back ! at times quite uncertain and obscure activity i woke up awake and happy it happened ! i seemed to have a great positive day with losing the last few hours sleep! i had buzzing vibration symptons ! there was a end dark point at which i could end it when i could!

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