Wake Induced Lucid Dreams

Wake induced lucid dreams or WILDs are where you go directly from being in your usual waking awareness, directly into a subconscious lucid dream focus without ever losing consciousness to sleep.

The main advantage of a wake induced lucid dream over a lucid dream in which you first fall asleep is that you have no problems with dream memory loss.

For example if you get up in the morning and think back to the dreams you had you may find that some of them were actually lucid dreams because you had full awareness of your normal waking personality and you knew you were dreaming.

However, by the time you woke up again you’d lost a lot of the memories of what you did.

With a wake induced lucid dream it’s as easy to remember what you did as it is to remember the last 15 minutes or so of waking awareness. This is because you slip in out out of the WILD with no unconscious phase.

So how do you have waking induced lucid dreams?

The simplest way is the lucid dream timer method. The basic idea is you fall totally asleep and let the timer beep to wake you up.

This brings you back to waking awareness which prevents memory loss. You then relax without moving at all in any way back into waking sleep paralysis and then you use an OBE exit method to turn sleep paralysis into an OBE.

So by using the timer to create a focus in waking awareness before slipping into waking sleep paralysis you can have a wake induced lucid dream without any memory loss. When you combine this with the specialized lucid dream visualizations in Lucidology 102 you can have boat loads of OBEs one right after another! In fact I’ve literally had sessions in which I did about 20 OBEs back to back using the Lucidology 102 tricks.

So even though wake induced lucid dreams may sound advanced, they’re actually a very attainable goal when you know the right tricks. Check out the Lucidology 101 video on the timer method for the specific timer setup to use to have lots and lots of WILDs.

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7 Responses to “Wake Induced Lucid Dreams”

  1. Anonymous says:

    may I ask a question?

  2. Anonymous says:

    May I ask a question?

    I should need to know about the difference regarding the Lucid Dream scene (theatre) which consist as follow:
    - on one hand the dreamer is one among the actors in the dream scene. This is the most common case.
    - on other hand, sometimes, the dreamer is only the spectator of the scene in his Lucid Dream. This case is not so common.
    Isn’t it?

    The question is: how may we induce the last one?
    Thanks in advace for understanding…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I should ask for permission to forward a question about:
    - how to induce a lucid dream in which the dreamer is not an actor in his/her dream, but is only a spectator.

    I do not find in all the FAQ something to link to an answer.

  4. Tyler says:

    I have a problem when I try a wake induced lucid dream. I can get into full paralysis, but between that stage and the exit body stage, when i start to vibrate and see spiraling images in my head, my heart rate increases so much that it pulls me from the process. I guess I have too much anxiety? Suggestions?

  5. Rafael Ikenaga says:

    Tyler I have the same problem I think, althou I’m not sure if i even get to full paralysis, maybe just partial, but my anxiety goes so high that I can’t keet with the slow paused breathing and then preventing me to move deeper. Would you let me know if you find your way out of this issue?

  6. Toss-turner says:

    Second day ive tried it,

    i seem to be having trouble with getting into sleep paralysis.
    When im getting there my nose starts to itch really bad and thats only when the paralysis starts.

    Cant wait to experience 100% paralysis im sure if i keep practicing then soon it will sucseed.

    I must say its really frightening to feel the paralysis even tough its natural :P

    Cant wait to get my first lucid dream or OBE I just cant wait i want 1 now :P nothing has worked so far to get me this far .

    And i finnaly found something that sound logical and actually works the way hes telling.

    Robert has opend my eyes to the blindness of our bodies i hope that my skills with this will gradually accelerate and when i have my first OBE then im buying everything from this guy XD.

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