The Timer Method: The Complete Method For Having Lots Of O.B.E.s & Lucid Dreams By Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep – Lucidology 101 Part 7

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If you’ve ever tried to do O.B.E.s or lucid dreams in the past but weren’t able to pull it off and you were left wondering if there was something you were missing, maybe there was some secret missing piece and if you only had that missing piece that things would be a lot easier, well here it is. In this article I’m going to show you the missing piece that I wish I’d known about when I first started.

Congratulations! You’ve Found The Missing Piece!

Here in Lucidology 101 Part 7 we’ll cover the “timer method”. This is a very powerful trick that allows you to cheat and easily trigger as many O.B.E.s as you want. I’ve read pretty much every book on O.B.E.s and I’ve tested every single method I could find. There really is no other method that gives faster results than this. In fact, it’s possible you’ll have your very first O.B.E the very first time you use this. That doesn’t always happen, but quite a few people have written in to tell me that this was the secret that got them over the edge to start having frequent O.B.E.s in just one night.

At the end of this article I’ll show you how you can get a free copy of the Lucidology 101 O.B.E Explorer’s kit so be sure to read to the end for the URL.

The Story So Far: Sleep Triggers To Fall Asleep Fast

So far we’ve learned to put the body to sleep as fast as you can and enter a subconscious focus. You start out awake and alert, on the upper right and end asleep and in a subconscious trance on the lower left. But what we really want looks more like this…

What You Want: Hover On The Awake/asleep Threshold

What you want is to “hover on the awake/asleep threshold” so that you slip into a subconscious focus without losing too much awareness by slipping into deep sleep. This way your retain full awareness in your subconscious.

The Main Problem With Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep

You may be thinking, “easier said than done!” because what usually happens when people try to have an O.B.E is they just fall asleep and that’s the end of it.

Spontaneous Lucidity While Asleep

The solution most books give is to hope that you somehow magically become aware within the dream spontaneously. The idea is that by telling yourself over and over while you’re awake to become lucid you’ll eventually have lucid dreams just from force of habit alone. This is possible but it’s very unreliable. It takes months of practice to get this to work and even when you can do it, it’s always a matter of luck. You never know for sure if you’re going to have an O.B.E on any given night.

What Can You Do That’s Reliable?

Here’s the secret: what if you could cheat and manufacture your own lucidity trigger so that even if you fell completely asleep you’d still end up having an O.B.E?

Our Secret Weapon Cheat: The Digital Cooking Timer

It turns out such a secret weapon does exist. It’s called a digital cooking timer.

The idea is to fall asleep like normal and don’t even try to stay aware. You set the timer to beep so it wakes you up a few minutes later. By waking up and falling asleep every few minutes without moving you’ve formed a safety net so that you don’t fall too deeply asleep but enter a subconscious focus.

How To Use Hypnotic Fractionation To Have O.B.E.s Easily

This uses a principle from hypnosis called ‘fractionation’. Hypnotic fractionation means that when you are put into trance and then are taken from that trance, the next time you enter trance you’ll enter it more deeply than before. That means that if you can enter even the slightest trance then you can enter a very deep trance just by going in and out of that trance over and over. This is how you can hover on the awake asleep threshold and ease your way into an O.B.E without really having to use a lot of practice or skill.

Remember The “Roll Over Word” Sleep Command” Equation:

Remember that everything we covered earlier about the roll signal still applies. This only works when you use the timer and do not move ever at any point.

Simple, Proven Success Formula

If you wake up and fall asleep 4 or 5 times in an hour without moving you’ll start to have spontaneous paralysis, O.B.E vibrations and O.B.E.s. However if you wake up and fall asleep twice, shift position, and then wake up and fall asleep 3 more times then it won’t work nearly as well.

8 Steps To An O.B.E Using Hypnotic Fractionation

So here’s the big picture in a nutshell. First you wake up and fall asleep 4 or 5 times without moving using a timer and the sleep commands from Lucidology 101 parts 3 and 4. This will put you in sleep paralysis. You then use movement-free reality checks which we’ll cover in part 8 to check that you’ve shifted into a nonphysical focus. Then you use an exit method to convert paralysis into an O.B.E or lucid dream. We’ll cover basic exit methods in Lucidology 101 part 12 and advanced exit methods in Lucidology 102.

Timer Options

To do this you have a couple options for timers including cooking timers, timer mp3s and the Lucidology Flash timer.

Using A Digital Cooking Timer

I started out using a $10 cooking timer and it works just fine. To use one of these, memorize the buttons so you can reset it using your thumb without looking at it. Sleep with it in one hand, move ONLY your thumb when resetting it and the rest of your body will stay in paralysis.

Timer Mp3s

Alternately, in your Lucidology explorer’s kit you get timer mp3s that contain the predefined timer setups. To get these, visit

A More Powerful Flash Timer

Finally, you can use the Lucidology Flash timer which also comes in your free Lucidology lucid dream kit. The flash timer allows you to customize your timer setup and change the intervals between the beeps however you want.

Ramp Timer Setup: The Reliable Workhorse

Your timer setup has a giant impact on how many O.B.E.s you have. I’ve spent countless hours testing various timer setups and here is the most reliable workhorse setup. It’s called “ramp” and the intervals are 8 minutes, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 20, and then 6 minutes repeating.

Ramp Timer Setup: What To Expect

Here’s what you can expect when you use the ramp setup. During the middle of the 20 minute intervals you’re likely to have lucid dreams and possibly spontaneous O.B.E.s. During the tail end 6 minute intervals you’re likely to have O.B.E.s. Here’s why…

Waking Up The Same Time Every Day Using A Timer

If you’ve ever used an alarm clock to wake up at the same time each morning you may have found that you started waking up 5 minutes before the alarm actually started beeping. You had conditioned the subconscious to expect the beep, but it does not like to be shocked awake. So its response is to wake you up before the beep.

Ramp Works By Faking The Subconscious Out

You can use this effect to your advantage by faking the subconscious out. The initial 8 minute interval is used for relaxation. After that the intervals start out short and increase in length, going from 4 up to 20 minutes. By the time you get to the 20 minute interval your subconscious is starting to expect another beep in the next 4 to 16 minutes.

To avoid the shock the subconscious goes on alert at around 4, 8 or 12 minutes. However, during the 20 minute intervals those beeps never come. This is enough to make you become spontaneously lucid in the middle of a dream in expectation of the ‘phantom’ timer beep that never happens.

The Phantom Beep Only Affects The Mind, Not The Body

The phantom beep can also give you waking sleep paralysis because body continues to sleep and doesn’t care about the phantom beep.

Are You Focused In The Dream Or In Your Body?

Whether you get a lucid dream or O.B.E from this depends on where you’re focusing at the moment of the phantom beep: either in a dream or on your physical body.

If you get a lucid dream your clarity level will likely be less than most O.B.E.s. However lucid dreams are often a lot more fun because they often start out in some kind of strange otherworldly area which is usually more fun to explore than the nonphysical version of your physical surroundings.

However, O.B.E.s often have much higher clarity than lucid dreams. When you use the timer method you’ll end up with plenty of each so you can decide which you prefer.

Tail-end O.B.E.s: The Other Half Of The Ramp

The shorter tail end intervals usually result in O.B.E.s rather than lucid dreams. This is because of the hypnotic fractionation effect we mentioned earlier.

O.B.E.s In Short Intervals: Why?

During the short intervals you don’t have time to slip very deeply into sleep like you do with the long intervals. This causes you to hover much more closely on the awake asleep threshold so that when a beep comes you’re more likely to have a physical focus you can use for an O.B.E.

How To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep

This is the simplest way to trick your body into falling asleep and feel the paralysis wave. When the timer beeps, your body may wake up for a moment but as long as you stay perfectly still your body will create the paralysis wave and put itself to sleep after 5 or 10 seconds. This is also an excellent time to use the sleep triggers from Lucidology 101 part 4 to command the body into paralysis.

Trick You Can Use Tonight To Have Your 1st Obe

So here’s the actual method to use to have conscious sleep paralysis for the first time or even an O.B.E.

1.) Go to bed at 9 PM

2.) Get up at 4:30 AM

3.) Stay up for 45 minutes until 5:15 AM and avoid lights

4.) Go back to bed and do “Stop Drop And Roll” to start to fall asleep

5.) At the end of S.D.R set your timer to use a ramp timer session. Fall asleep and let the timer wake you up and put you in an O.B.E.

Timer Method Disadvantages

As good as this method is it does have two drawbacks. First is your sleep cycle. The second is false awakenings.

The Timer Method & Your Sleep Cycle

Getting up early in the morning to do O.B.E.s is effective but it can leave you tired the rest of the day. The solution is called “Inductionless O.B.E.s”. Inductionless O.B.E.s are my favorite style of accessing the subconscious because they allow you to have O.B.E.s without messing up your sleep cycle. This is an advanced method that we cover in Lucidology 102 Part 8.

False Awakening Loops

The second disadvantage the timer method has is actually because it’s so powerful. This side effect is called a false awakening loop in which you think you wake up physically but actually wake up into another O.B.E. You may have to wake up several times before you really do wake up in your physical bedroom again.

How To Deal With The False-awakening Loop?

To solve this you basically need a way to take the red pill and figure out where you are and what’s going on. This is called a reality check. And not just any reality check will do, you need a movement-free reality check so that you can do it without disturbing your trance.

Lucidology 101 – Part 8: “The 4 Easiest Ways To Take The Red Pill”

I’ve tested dozens of types of movement free reality checks and boiled them down to the 4 most reliable ones. Be sure to read part 8 next to find out what they are.

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22 Responses to “The Timer Method: The Complete Method For Having Lots Of O.B.E.s & Lucid Dreams By Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep – Lucidology 101 Part 7”

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  4. Towner says:

    How do I fall asleep within the 8 minute interval? I am usually still awake when the beep goes off, even after I already used SDR.

  5. Karol says:

    Hi i just dont get one thing after 45 mins when i do stop drop and roll technique and i set the timer everytime the timer beeps i should do “stop drop and roll” or other sleep commands? because You said i need to be asleep and not to wait for the next beep, but on the slide i can see it’s awake -> sleep command -> asleep -> beep and again and again, so basically what should i do straight after beep during the ramp scheme?

  6. phillip says:

    hi, i did ramp method with timer , the 2nd time or 3rd time the timer beeps i cannot get asleep any more.

    if i wake up at 4:30 and get up i cannot sleep fast in 8 minutes once back in bed. 8 minutes is the first ramp interval in the default timer setting.

    any clue? I’m stuck and this is not working for me.



    hi, i did ramp method with timer , the 2nd time or 3rd time the timer beeps i cannot get asleep any more.


    i mean, i can but one hour later and can’t use the timer because the timer beeps but i keep awake hearing the beeps. once i’m asleep the timer intervals has ended

    cannot sleep cos i feel no weariness

    i fell really Rested.

    i can’t use the “Stop, Drop & Roll” method because i don’t feel tired any more, i feel full of energy even if i have not rested a bunch of hours and even if does a little time that I have remained slept full tired


  7. phillip says:

    Trick You Can Use Tonight To Have Your 1st Obe

    So here’s the actual method to use to have conscious sleep paralysis for the first time or even an O.B.E.

    1.) Go to bed at 9 PM

    2.) Get up at 4:30 AM

    3.) Stay up for 45 minutes until 5:15 AM and avoid lights

    4.) Go back to bed and do “Stop Drop And Roll” to start to fall asleep

    5.) At the end of S.D.R set your timer to use a ramp timer session. Fall asleep and let the timer wake you up and put you in an O.B.E.

    that’s the trick!!! yeah!!


  8. phillip says:

    i did it, have heard the beep a couple of times, not moved at all, NO PARALYSIS, 2nd or 3rd time i heard the beep… I JUST HAVE FELL ASLEEP TO THE ANOTHER DAY, COULD NOT HEARD THE REST OF BEEPING

  9. Ryan says:

    How exactly are you going to set a timer at the end of the SDR method when you are not supposed to move. Won’t you be sending signals to your body that you are not ready to go to sleep? And if you have to start over again is 8 minutes enough time?

    I am a little confused on how exactly you start your timer after the SDR method. Can you please explain to me how you do it? Do you have your timer in your hand as you are doing the SDR method.. so you can start it without moving??

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  11. phillip says:


    I HAVE A WIRELESS KEYBOARD in bed, king-size bed and i’m alone when trying to do this, unfortunately nothing of this works for me, i’m asking for directions but nobody seems to read my comments.


  12. Anonymous says:

    This is going to sound weird, but I usually cannot get to sleep with the 8 minute first interval. What if during the 45 min awake period I masturbated. I’ll be able to go back to sleep, but will this somehow disrupt something for the process? P.S. i told you it was going to be weird.

  13. Jamie says:

    I’m having problems with the timer method. If i try to get up, stay up then go back to bed I cant fall asleep before the beeping starts, even with SDR (which works well for me when I’m falling asleep at night).

    On the other hand if I try to set the timer the night before, to begin the ramp session without having to get up, my body wakes itself up 10 minutes before the first beep. By the time I realise I should stay completely still, I’ve already opened my eyes and started moving, so I cant sleep again before the beeping starts

    Any tips as to how I can fix this?

  14. Justin says:

    So is this something to be used instead of binaural beats? Or can I use the two in conjuction?

  15. Rover says:

    You know what? I cant take it! None of these methods are working and everything else posted here is telling on controlling your OBE. Its 3:30 in the morning and I’ve been trying to go to sleep since 1! I havnt gotten close to getting a “good nights sleep” because I’ve only gotten more stressed and tense since I started doing these methods. And another thing, are you saying I need to buy a whole CD and watch the whole thing just to enter a dream?

    I just want to go to sleep… :(

  16. Rover says:

    Ok, I (dont) mean to be rude or offencive but… YOU ***HOLES!! If you had to go through all that trouble getting into an OBE, why didnt you TELL THEM to read 103 to see ANYTHING!? Ok. I’m giving up on all of this. All of your methods are just pure bullcrap: “ok 101 tells you about lucid dreaming!” ok you master that only to find you wasted your time sleeping because 102 is almost REQUIRED for it. So you finally get all down and have an orga- i mean OBE when you see something amazing you described in 101 and 102! You have superhuman abilities! You can fly! Teleport anywhere you want! But heres the catch. YOU CANT SEE ANYTHING. 103 was made 2 YEARS after 102. Imagine the sadness people went through for 2 YEARS looking for the answer to their blindness. I think your all just trolling us. In the “holy grail of OBEs” video you described everything that happens in a lucid dream and tells you how in the very end. I felt absolutely trolled to know you have to sleep, wake up, and fall back asleep. Because my first reaction waking up is obviously opening my eyes. And even if I didnt, how was I supposed to REMEMBER through the whole time your asleep to not move AT ALL when you wake. By the time I do wake its already time to do stuff, like go to work, go the dishes, laundry, eat breakfast… or lunch! Because the time you get all this freakin down right you already wasted too much time!

    Ok. I am getting out of hand. Let me just sum thus up:
    How selfish and mean is that?
    I’ve had enough of this. I will never get this all correct in time. Only 2 hours left till sunrise, I will get a good30 minute sleep, if I’m freakin lucky to get any sleep at all.

    Alright. Thats it. Thats my word on all this. Good luck to anyone else trying this out, I’m never going to again.

  17. Rover says:

    They said the info here is unique, not in ANY other o.b.e books. So now I think, none of this does work at all! If Nick had insomnia, how would he get into a lucid dream if you have to sleep in order to do it!?

    Ahead of myself again. Nick, your charging 20 DOLLARS TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO SLEEP! Well, enjoy your money gained from other peoples confusion, anger, depression, and inability to sleep.

    Goodbye Lucidoligy, or whatever in heck your name is, I bid you farewell.

  18. Rover says:

    Oh yes, ONE MORE THING THAT PROVES ALL THIS INFO IS TROLLING. If the info on this site isnt in any other obe book or lucid dream books, how in the name of HYDLIDE did you find ALL THIS OUT? There are over 50 paragraphs of tedious and precise info, it makes me wonder how they found this out so EXACTLY. (hey look i repeated myself due to lack of hapiness and SLEEP! WHAT IVE BEEN TRYING TO DO THIS WHOLE NIGHT.

    Ok. This is that last you’ll hear of me. At least I will still be able to know an “out of body” expirience… Goodbye world. It wasnt nice knowing you…

  19. Sephirot says:

    The timer method works great. I use a different set up for it though. What works best for me is to sleep for 4 hours, then wake up with the first alarm, and then try to fall asleep with a series alarms set up with the interval of 4 minutes between them. Most often, it results in a sleep paralysis.

  20. Anatole says:

    OK People!
    Spirituality isnot a matter of Joke!
    This subjet is touching verry far beyond our common beeing sens!!!
    Lot will still giveoff. Just to mean NO SHOP whereever on that planet will sell you spiritual skills or hability. Try ALWAYS your OWN with some variety of what others tell you! It’s all about beeing clever, wise and smart to comeout. DON’T SPOIL YOUR HUMAIN GERMS PLEASE you lose something you don’t know by “mastubating yourself”.

  21. Good write-up, I am regular visitor of one¦s web site, maintain up the nice operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

  22. Tom Chavez says:

    It looks great. Thanks for your article and keep publishing more informative content!!

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