Waking Sleep Paralysis: The “Holy Grail” For New OBEers And Lucid Dreamers Because It Puts You In A Subconscious Focus Without Using Visualizations – Lucidology 101 Part 2

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If you’re new to out of body experiences and lucid dreams and you’re wondering where to get started, here it is. In this article you’re about to find out why sleep paralysis is the holy grail for new OBEers because it’s how you can access your subconscious without having to practice using any visualizations at all.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and found that you couldn’t move or make a sound for a few minutes, you’ve had sleep paralysis. This used to happen to me and I had no idea why or what it was. But as it turns out, this was the trick that opened the door to frequent O.B.E.s for me after having insomnia for years.

Sleep Paralysis Is A Protection Mechanism

The question is “what is sleep paralysis and how can you use it?” Sleep paralysis is a protection mechanism your body uses when you fall asleep. If you were to dream you’re doing something very active, such as running, and you weren’t in sleep paralysis then you would move your limbs when you’re asleep and you’d wake yourself up. To prevent that from happening, your body disconnects your voluntary muscle system from your mind so that you can dream all you like without waking yourself up.

Usually Your Mind Falls Asleep, Then Your Body

Normally you’re not aware that of this happening because by the time your body shuts itself down in sleep paralysis, your mind is already asleep and unaware of what’s happening. In other words you enter a state of ‘body awake/mind asleep’ before entering ‘body asleep, mind asleep’.

Sleep Paralysis Is Actually A Lucky Break

The whole trick to lucid dreaming is to enter a subconscious focus without losing awareness. Here’s how sleep paralysis does this for you.

Sleep Paralysis Automatically Puts You In A Subconscious Focus

When you’re awake your brain is in what’s called a ‘beta’ state. Beta means your dominant electrical brain waves are oscillating at around 14 to 30 cycles per second.

When you enter sleep paralysis, your brain automatically puts itself in “dream mode” which is called a ‘theta’ state. Theta is slower than beta and is around 4 to 7 cycles per second.

Knowing this secret allows you to avoid one of the major mistakes most people make when first starting out in O.B.E.s.

Major Mistake! Most Books Say To Do O.B.E.s In One Step

Most books on O.B.E.s say to simply induce an O.B.E in what is basically a one step process. Going directly from a waking state to an O.B.E is possible but it’s difficult so this is not what I recommend you start out with.

Two Transitions To Success, Not Just One!

Instead, you’ll progress much faster by making it a two step process. You first use the sleep commands we’ll cover later to trick your body into falling asleep and enter sleep paralysis.

You then use exit techniques we’ll cover later to convert sleep paralysis into an O.B.E and separate from your physical body.

How Most People Discover Sleep Paralysis: By Waking Up In It!

Now, how do you do that? The way you’ll usually become aware of sleep paralysis is that you wake up in it and find you can’t move or make a sound.

Sleep paralysis often feels like there’s a heavy lead blanket on you. It’s not that there is really anything on you or that your muscles have become weaker. The feeling is because your brain has to send a stronger nerve signal than normal to get the same muscle movement. That makes it feel like you’re having to overcome some kind of resistance when you try to move.

This feeling also usually makes it feel like it’s harder to breathe but it’s actually a natural sleep process. Sleep paralysis happens every single time you fall asleep.

But… Isn’t That Dangerous?

You may be wondering if sleep paralysis is dangerous and if there’s a way to break free. Sleep paralysis is not dangerous because it’s something your body does every night. Plus, here is a secret “safety release” trick you can use to free yourself from paralysis so you always have a backup plan.

How To Break Sleep Paralysis 100% Of The Time: Use Deep Breathing To Contrast Sleep Breathing

The only way your body knows for sure if your mind is awake is if you move. This is a problem when you’re in 100% sleep paralysis which is preventing you from moving. Luckily paralysis is limited to your voluntary muscle system like your arms and legs. Your breathing is semi-involuntary so you still have control over it even in deep paralysis.

If you enter sleep paralysis and decide you want break free and wake up, simply change your breathing pattern to something other than the sleep breathing pattern your body is in. The most effective way I have found to do this is to begin breathing deeply and slowly.

After 10 or 15 seconds your body will notice the change and bring you out of paralysis. Not many things are 100% reliable in lucid dreaming but this has worked for me every single time.

Sleep Apnea

A very few people have reported that they woke up in sleep paralysis and noticed that they weren’t breathing at all. The problem is not the paralysis itself, but that they had an existing health condition called ‘sleep apnea’.


Sleep apnea basically means that you stop breathing when you’re asleep. So this is one of the side benefits of using sleep paralysis to have OBEs: you’ll find out whether or not you have sleep apnea.


Keep in mind there’s a big difference between the normal “heavy lead blanket” feeling that comes with sleep paralysis versus not breathing at all. If you find you stop breathing entirely then you may have sleep apnea and should see a doctor about it. If you only feel the heaviness sensation then everything is normal.

“Accidental” Versus “Deliberate” Sleep Paralysis

So far we’ve talked about the case where you somehow manage to wake up in sleep paralysis. However that’s basically an uncontrolled and accidental process. The question is what can you do to make it happen more consistently?

Toward Consistency: What If The Body Falls Asleep First?

The idea is to flip the sleep order around so that instead of entering “body awake, mind asleep”, you enter of “mind awake, body asleep”.

When this happens you’re actually aware of the process your body goes through when it falls asleep. This is our main secret trick for doing visualization-free lucid dreams and O.B.E.s. This transition is the most important skill to learn in this part of the course.

Why? Because when you can put your body to sleep without losing consciousness at any point, you have 100% perfectly clear dream recall. This is called a “wake induced lucid dream” or WILD. It’s as easy to remember what you did in a WILD as it is to remember the last 15 minutes or so of normal waking awareness. With this method, you don’t have to think back through and hazy dream phase like you normally do with most dreams.

If You Actually Succeed… What Does It Feel Like?

So what does it feel like to actually watch your body falling asleep?

Instead of waking up in sleep paralysis and with the heavy lead blanket feeling, when you induce paralysis consciously you actually have the sensation of the heavy lead blanket being laid on your chest. It often feels like it begins at your feet, comes up over your chest and ends at your head. When that process is complete you’re in sleep paralysis.

So how to get this process to happen consistently? Here is the key. And this one fact is so important and so critical that I’m giving it a big fancy name. It’s called the “Fundamental Theorem of Sleep Paralysis”.

The Fundamental Theorem Of Sleep Paralysis

The Fundamental Theorem of Sleep Paralysis is that if you wake up and fall asleep without moving at all, sleep paralysis becomes extremely likely.

Sleep Paralysis Is Most Likely When The Body Was Recently Asleep

And when I say, without moving I mean you wake up and don’t move your eyes, don’t open your eyes, don’t scratch any itches, you don’t move at all in any way. The idea is that your body doesn’t really know for sure if your mind is actually awake or not. If you don’t give it any signals otherwise, it will assume that the mind really is still asleep and re-paralyze itself.

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44 Responses to “Waking Sleep Paralysis: The “Holy Grail” For New OBEers And Lucid Dreamers Because It Puts You In A Subconscious Focus Without Using Visualizations – Lucidology 101 Part 2”

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  6. When I was a teenager I was able to learn to use sleep paralysis as a gateway to lucid dreams and out of body experiences. When I was a kid sleep paralysis was absolutely terrifying because I didn’t understand what it was. I thought I was some sort of freak and was afraid to approach adults about my experiences. But as I grew older I started going to the library to research the topic and realized that it was related to other strange, spontaneous phenomena, namely out of body experience and lucid dreaming, that I was experiencing. I soon learned to embrace these skills as gifts rather than disorders and have even learned to have OBEs and lucid dreams at will. As I grew into an adult, other concerns took over and I’d experienced fewer and fewer episodes of SP, OBE, and LD. Now I kinda miss them since I spend a third of my life sleeping, and I feel that a lot of that is going to waste if I cannot harness these abilities.

  7. Waleed says:

    I am having a problem sleeping because i become very anxious to have an OBE i cant sleep what should i do?

  8. deoraj says:

    Dear Nick,

    I wold like to know how your goodself will manage to upload such big size files over internet.

    Pls explain with full details


  9. Ryan says:

    this is a truly useful guide to SP and OBE. I have got to try deep breathing as a wake u method — I usually teach controlled breathing as way to relax into SP, not to wake up. very cool.

    My personal fool-proof method of waking up from SP is to scrunch up my face a couple times. it’s wakened me instantly every time, and is much more reliable than the “move your pinky” method.

  10. [...] continue at Lucidology. And if you want more on the subject, there’s alwaysWikipedia, Lucidpedia, and Dream Views [...]

  11. James says:

    Thanks for the help Nick I had my first 3rd attemp to have lucid dream and last night I ended up having a O.B.E

  12. James says:

    Oops that didn’t make sence I ment I had my 3rd attempt at a lucid dream and ended up having my first O.B.E

  13. Suzy says:

    Does swallowing break the “spell” of staying stll until the body can fall asleep whike you are still awake? The body is quiet, the eyelids are still…
    I think…but there is an urge to swallow. Is that considered movement?

    If so, how do you control it?

  14. caine says:

    1) as i was trying the “stop drop and roll” my arms went not heavy but rather numb, is that the paralasis starting.

    2) when he says bottletop exit method does he mean actually push against your bed with your non physical arms in order to list up your non physical body or do you visualise it

    3) when you say “wake up and fall asleep 4 or 5 times without moving at all” do you mean on the 5th you wake up, open your eyes but dont move in order to trigger sleep paralasis or do you mean go back to sleep.

    4) in a lucid dream what can you actually do that is fun, by that i mean can you fly or throw cars about or create any structures with your mind

    5)i cant get back to sleep using wake back to bed what should i do?

  15. Seeker of Beauty, Seeker of Truth says:

    I think I’ve gone out of my body this morning without even knowing it. I was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep and I ended up almost off of my bed. Only when I got up did I realise that I hadn’t move at all in my sleep. Plus my physical eyes were closed, but when I was in that akward position I could see. So I think it was an OBE, I just was unaware of it.

  16. menging says:

    When you are known to occasionally sleep walk, and talk lots in sleep, will inducing sleep paralysis work?

    I have tried inducing it, but all I get is partial paralysis in legs(ican still move them with effort)

    Thanks in advance!

  17. rahul says:

    i read some of your techniques but it seems too complicated for me…i am very new to all these things but i really want to have a lucid dream..i dont know where to start…

  18. robvann says:

    It looks like some parts of the 101 course are missing?
    It seems to START with
    Lucidology 101 – Part 2
    (Where is Part 1?)
    Then everything is in sequence upto part 10.
    (Where is Part 11?)
    The end seems to be part 12.

  19. matthew says:

    i’ve heard that during sleep paralysis, you start seeing terrifying creatures and demons and the like “walk up the stairs” and then do things like try and kill you, is this true?

  20. Brian says:

    It’s still missing part 1 (pretty crucial) and part 11, are those errors or are they just missing..

  21. John says:

    I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks to have a lucid dream or an OBE, but I haven’t been successful, I’ve tried every but I just can’t seem to have a lucid dream/OBE.
    Trying to induce waking sleep paralysis, I feel my hands and my calves not quite asleep more like tingling, at which point I try using the deep breath, move eyes up and down, and twitching a little bit my forearms and claves, but without success, after a while stuck in that stage, either I feel the need to swallow as saliva accumulates in the back of my mouth, or my body begins to move on itself (involuntarily) either small twitches or my hands move to my stomach in a kind of a jump (really weird) and I loose the tingling on my calves and hands and I have to start over, eventually after like two hours I give up and go to sleep. Also before trying I’ve used the stretching preparation (massaging cheek muscles, stretching my body, etc.), but no success. I’ve tried the timer method exactly how you said (wake up at 4:30, asleep at 5:15, stop drop & roll with the indicated Ramp), but for the first beeps I’m not asleep yet, but suddenly I wake up the next morning (the other beeps don’t wake me up). It’s really frustrating trying so hard and not being able to do it, what am I doing wrong? Help please?

  22. I think what to not have sleep problems need to properly comply with sleep Shedule. It is my opinion.
    matthew, Sleep Paralysis can not kill!

  23. lauren says:

    trying to “induce” sleep paralysis is an odd concept to me. It is NOT pleasant. It is not a meditative state. maybe it is good for OBE, but honestly, SP are some of the most frightening moments of my life. I have always dreamt deeply, and sometime lucidly (lucky) but this is another ball park, and i don’t know how to play the game.

  24. Christina says:

    Where is part 1 and part 11? I see some others have posted this question but no answers. Is this just an error in naming or are there really parts missing?

  25. Drew says:

    I have sleep paralysis and I don’t even want it, let alone try to induce it. That dark figure scares the crap out of me.

  26. Toss-turner says:

    Ive tried it again this morning

    it works it really works i wonder how it feels to be 100% paralysed.

    my experiment with it is.

    Its really like a dance with your body just dont give in and dont focus to hard on it too.
    Think of something you like to think of and let the timer keep you awake while doing the exercises keep them in the back of your mind and focus on the more happy toughts.

    Like flowers or a sunny beach in and when it gets to much to handle then move a bit (stop drop and roll) at drop youll really begin to feel the urge like jolts trough your body. (just dont give in until you can actually not ignore it anymore youre actually very close) then roll over and continue sleep breathing.(watch the eyes!!)this is my fail point.

    It should go very fast after that

    Ive already started feeling a bit of jolts in my body up to my chest but i got to agitated from it witch in turn broke my paralysis.

    It takes pratice practice practice even for a noob like me :) i know this when you have all the info needed to do an OBE its still hard to do it but once youve done it for the first time youll know the feeling i think.

    P.s. of all the Lucid and oobe blogs and movies ive read and watch this guy shows the most promising that and saltcube vid witch copies most from this but is a tiny bit diffrent. XD

  27. Toss-turner says:

    100% Sleep Paralysis

    I think ive done it today!! it happend very fast and also broke very fast.


    I practiced sleep breathing yesterday night again for falling fast asleep.
    And for this morning i dont know if im getting the hang of it.

    Ive recorded it and my breathing in my sleep is kinda deep and also a bit fast hard to keep up if not focusing on it.

    Anyways this morning after the excercises laying on the ground and then to bed i felt the urge to roll over within 15 min.

    I tried to completely ignored it and rolled my eyes then tried to keep them still+ sleepbreathing.

    This is where it started.

    I felt a very subtile tingeling&low-pressure at my toes and it went up to my torso very fast it was actually a very nice expierence though i could move and the tingeling&pressure dissapated.

    I diddnt want that so i tried pause breaths

    Whats Creepy is that i felt the tingeling&pressure get over my face (my eyelids&forhead. i could twitch them but then it would dissapate.

    During that state i heard indeed very very soft rushing noises indeed like static interference.

    I also remember when that rusing sensation came i saw some figures very blurry&black but it looked like my head figure overlay or something like that but ill never forget that.

    thats where i flunked up because i was to enthousiastic about it.

    my qeustions

    Is this the actual sensation that an OBE or LD is nearing?

    Have i already expierenced 100% paralasys or was it just imagination? i could move if i wanted to?

    Timer that is to keep me awake right? sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt maybe for 3 times it keeps me awake anything to do about that?

    I would really like to know how far im coming the vids are a great help really this is the 3rd day trying and im pretty serious about it.

    I wont stop till i know how to do it consistent my abillity my body my sleep cycle my brain my life oh yeah!!!! XD you rock Nicholas!!!!

  28. Dan says:

    This sucks, when I attempting to do OBE, i ended up having sleep paralysis leading to panicking.

  29. Toss-turner says:

    Dont give up Dan,

    Im having the same problems
    This morning i totally screwed up. XD

    i forgot to not to move when i woke up and i got to sleep only at the 3rd beep witch in turn doesnt make my trance deep enough.

    i wonder if i have to do the excercises also in the morning? well there is always tomorrow.

    It takes practice practice and serious practice youll get the hang of it after some time

    try to practice sleep paralysis at night and day like i do youll get the hang of it im sure and when you can fall fast asleep it should do it on its own (timer method)if im correct by that XD

    If the beep is not strong enough. use portable speakers lay 1 next to your pillow XD that actually works for me.

    oh and lay next to your bed that is also a very usefull tip he has XD

    I still dont actually have expierenced an OBE or LD but im getting close to it during every morning i really hope/think that i will have one within 2 months if i keep this up.

  30. Toss-turner says:

    What im just wondering?

    Isnt it more easy to go to from an alpha state like chemical induction because its more easy to relax in them, and then to the theta state(sleepparalysis)with the beep you should stay awake right?.

    Its just an idea have someone ever tried it?
    its like a 3 step instead of a 2 step but i dont know if it works maybe try when i actually have OBE,s :P

  31. Toss-turner says:

    After a week of trying,

    Almost had one 2 mornings ago i think
    This guy has actually cured my insomnia i sleep much better now and im falling asleep much faster everyday.

    as for the OBE part.

    I think i broke my trance again during the exit seperation after a blackout! new i had those vibes again and this time a very heavy sensation over my head and body this one was not hard to notice actually overwhelming!!.

    when the vibes went from loud to soft and completly dissapeard i started to saw imagery again the same image head overlay or something like that im still unsure about that.

    And i felt unsure like someone was in the room next to me (this was new).

    i felt ready so i openend my mouth and continue sleep breathing what i felt is hard to say in words but i kinda felt everything rushing out and getting light and going down.
    (imagery got brighter i was beggining to see something but still most part was black and blurry.

    thats where i flunked up

    instead of reality check with spoon or other i relied on my blindfold and i was still to focused on my body.

    i tried eyeprye and actually woke up it startled me that i first lifted my arms then opened my eyes and my arms were laying down next to me.

    thats whats really freaked me out i tried again but i was to aggitated from it that i couldnt fall asleep

    it feels im getting closer by the day i still have no control over it but it was an experience to never forget

  32. Samkelo says:

    This thing terrifies me. I miss my happy night’s. I don’t see a fun here i just feel like i’m going to die.

  33. sgroclkc says:

    Physiological symptoms of sleep paralysis are the same with those of syncope. Thus, sleep paralysis is caused by syncope. For experts in cardiovascular diseases, sleep paralysis or syncope is a common symptoms of cardiovascular disease【1】. For a long time, due to the ignorance of physiological knowledge of syncope , ischemie cerebrale , slow beat, fast beat and so on, psychological illusion in people’s sleep generated by such physical symptoms i.e. the nightmare really has puzzled the psychologists, therefore they put forward a wide range of wrong even absurd views on the nightmares, which both have no scientific basis, and could not be confirmed, even more were not self-consistent. For example, a medical expert Debacke drew the correct conclusion that the anxiety-dream resulted from ischemie cerebrale according to the physiological symptoms of the anxiety-dream of a boy of thirteen. Freud called such view was a ” medical mythology” in the book of Dream Psychology. Most important,the experiment confirmed the idea. For example, a place in country , there is a ”haunted” bed which makes people have sleep paralysis or syncope every night, and it is this fact that the pillow in the bed is too high will reduce cerebral blood flow.                                         【1】

  34. quentin says:

    i dont want to have and OBE only a LD

  35. Warda says:

    I have sleep paralysis and also OBE at the same time. I have them from 4 to 5 times per night. I don’t know if its normal. But I am actually trying to train my energy body to go around and have some adventure. I want to explore it more. How can I do that? Plus despite knowing what this all really is what I can’t get rid of is inner fear. Nor I have just experience sleep paralysis and OBEs but also I have felt my energy body leaving my physical body which does freak me out sometimes cuz nobody would be delighted when they realise they are floating. Also tell me if I can do something useful and positive from it. Btw I have always tried moving my head to wake up, it takes a lot of effort and u feel the vibrations too but it will definately wake you up in few seconds which feel like an hour at that time…

  36. steve says:

    First proper attempt, I noticed I was forgetting to breathe sometimes but instead of gasping for breath I was just inhaling slowly and this was making the feeling of heavyness more, after another 5 mins or so I started getting some wierd shapes inside my eyes even tho they were closed, I got to a point where my body was tingling a lot, and then it was almost like a climax where my body tingles all over very vigerously, in my stomach, and I even felt my penis start to tingle, I tried to go with it but it was so wierd I had to stop and take deep breaths and even after everything felt different, I felt really weak for about a minute , my whole bedroom where I feel safe didn’t feel safe anymore till a few mins later when I was writing this. It is so hard to explain how I felt, what happened?

  37. Polina says:

    My dad picked me up at 1am and brought me home on a 3 hour drive 3 nights ago. And when I got home around 4am, I lied down like usual. But I felt a huge blanket being laid over me and I found that I couldn’t move. Then I started feeling vibes in my body; like when u say v for 5 seconds u feel the vibe. Like that. And I heard the sound of a train passing by but minus the train, so it was like hurricane wind. It was really scary so I forced myself out of it but it kept happening
    ongoing all night. So in the morning I
    found out that I was trying to astral project. I hated it! But whatever.

  38. D V says:

    I am so convinced of your sleep paralysis explanation. A while ago I could not fall asleep and just randomly thought that if I lay really still I would calm myself and perhaps fall asleep. That caused me to have sleeping paralysis. after listening to your clips it all made sense. Great clips.

  39. Rob says:

    I can do this right away most nights. It happens very easily for me and I have been going further every time it happens. I lay down and just think about it happening and 9/10 it happens almost right away. It helps if I am very tired.

  40. Jonathan says:

    I experience sleep paralysis frequently and all the time I have dreams while in paralysis mode. What foes that mean? And is it possible while in sleep paralysis to go into someone else’s dreams?

  41. DEEPAK JARYAL says:

    I am used to this now an guess what i have hot an exeptional position to put my self into sleeping paralysis and this works for me every time it is like i put my self into sleeping paralysis state an suddenly tries to overcome that state i take it as a play but you know some times it reault in havoec when it takes much longer to over come this state. Nevertheless its a state and not a problem so i should thank you for this post which helped me to recognise that i am not suffering with an neurological drawback

    Thanks a lot

  42. Jueno says:

    Hi all,

    I have been practicing AT for just over three weeks now. I have not yet obtained a conscious exit. I can reach a level of profound relaxation and hold it for hours with complete awareness, but in each session I either cannot reach the total sleep paralysis stage or I simply just fall in and out of sleep. Of course this issue is a source of great frustration especially since I have had at least two spontaneous conscious OBE’s in the past, so I know it is possible for me to do so.

    This venture has great significance to my spiritual needs (its all about love on a legendary scale) and therefor it is very important that I reach a level of mastery for obtaining successful exits. It is my understanding that an individual who is in an active Astral Travel session can help another person leave there body if that person wants to do so.

    From my understanding, there are essentially two ways, beyond teaching AT techniques, to assist someone in obtaining a successful exit.

    The first method, which does not require AT, is to meditate with your attention focused on helping the other person raise there vibrational level high enough to obtain a successful exit (a.k.a… prayer) and/or sending spiritual energy and strength (a.k.a… love) to energize them for the same purpose.

    The second method is to travel to the person, while in an AT session, and help them exit by literally pulling them out of there body while the person is trying to exit. (Its akin to lending a hand to help someone up and out of a hole in the ground.)

    Because the Astral Plane does not adhere to the laws of time or causality it doesn’t matter when you try to help, even many years after this post is made. You only need to desire that your efforts to help the other person reach them at a time in there life when they expressed the need for your help. The energy from everyone who is trying to assist that person will travel (either forward or back) to the right point in time.

    To that end,

    I am respectfully requesting that anyone who reads this post lend me a (proverbial) hand in obtaining a successful exit by using one of the above methods or some combination of the two.

    Its all for the sake of a profound love…

    So, please focus on my efforts to obtain a level of mastery for obtaining successful OBE’s.

    My name is Jueno, and I thank you in advance for your sincere efforts and the strength you send my way…

  43. jbddkdsjl says:

    why dont you try the FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream) method ? It is very easy for beginners.

  44. jbddkdsjl says:

    you dont need sleep paralysis for FILD
    check the tutorials on youtube and dreamview

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