O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10

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Here in part 10 you’ll find out why everything you’ve read about O.B.E vibrations in books is wrong and you’ll find out the 3 easiest ways to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

The Top 3 Signals To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE

If you’ve never done an O.B.E before, it’s extremely difficult to know if you’re making any progress until you’re actually already out of your body or in a lucid dream. What you need are easy to detect signals that you can use like road signs to tell you how close you are to succeeding. In this section we’ll cover the top 3 most common road signs. These are:

1 – The sleep paralysis wave
2 – Pre O.B.E rushing noises
3 – Vibrations

Sleep Paralysis Wave: Your Primary Signal

We already covered the sleep paralysis wave in Lucidology 101 part 2. Essentially when your body shuts itself down in sleep paralysis you’ll feel something like a heavy lead blanket feeling being laid on your body. This feeling is unmistakable and a sign that you’re very close to success and you can use the exit techniques we’ll cover in part 12 to turn the paralysis into an O.B.E.

Pre-O.B.E. Rushing Noises: The Second Most Frequent Signal

The second road sign to watch for are pre-O.B.E rushing noises. When you tune in between stations on a radio you get the sound of random static and
white noise. Once you’re back on a station again things come in clearly. It’s the same thing with O.B.E.s. You start out completely focused in your normal waking environment and as you drop into a subconscious focus you pass through a kind of no man’s land where you’re not really conscious and you’re not really subconscious.

Rushing Noises Can Sound Like A Tornado Or Freight Train

When you’re tuned to that no-man’s land frequency you hear rushing noises that sound like random static or a train rushing by.

Vibrations: The Most Famous Progress Signal

About the same time you hear rushing noises you may feel what are called O.B.E vibrations. Vibrations are probably the most famous phenomenon associated with O.B.E.s and they’re also the effect that has the most misconceptions. Almost everything to be found in books on O.B.E.s about vibrations is simply wrong and so this is a place where a lot of people get stuck. They reach the vibration stage and then get hung up because they use an ineffective method from bad advice they read in a book.

The 3 Critical Vibrations Misconceptions

The 3 misconceptions about vibrations are:

1.) What they are

2.) What they mean

3.) How to use them.

What Vibrations Are Not

Here’s what vibrations are not. Vibrations are not a subjective kind of thing where you it’s like you’re “feeling the vibes, man, far out!”. Vibrations are much more mundane than that.

What Are Vibrations Like?

If you make a VVVVV sound, the feeling of vibrations in your lips is very similar to the feeling of vibrations that often appear along with medium stages of paralysis. Sometimes the vibrations can been extremely strong and feel like electricity, other times they are entirely absent. It’s very rare for vibrations to be strong enough to be painful, usually they just feel like a harmless buzzing in your head and chest area.

Types Of O.B.E Vibrations

However sometimes they can go throughout your entire body. These can be incredibly loud and feel like you’re holding on to a chain saw. A lot of people report feeling them in the spine. In one case I woke up into an O.B.E in my bed and it sounded exactly like there was someone with a hedge trimmer outside my window. I realized it was because I had off the chart vibrations that were coming from what I later found to be the L1 lumbar vertebrae in my lower back. I used deep breathing to return myself from the O.B.E because I was running more energy than what seemed safe.

Most O.B.E Vibrations Are Harmless

That was a very unusual experience and most of the time you actually won’t have any vibrations at all and if you do it’s no more powerful than the feeling of a vibrating cell phone.

The basic thing to know is that once you’ve had vibrations, you will know it. There won’t be any question in your mind about it because it’s just a buzzing feeling and noise.

Misconception #2: What O.B.E Vibrations Mean

The second misconception is that most books will tell you that when you have vibrations you’re ready to exit into the O.B.E. This is completely the polar opposite of reality. Vibrations mean that you are NOT ready to exit and here’s why.

Double Energy From Two Signals

Physical and nonphysical awarenesses are both types of signals that you focus on. During the middle stage of an O.B.E exit you’re making the transition from one to the other and you experience both physical and nonphysical signals. These signals have energy. When you sum both of these signals together you pass through a phase where you’re running double the amount of energy you normally would.

Double Energy Can Result In Intermodulation Distortion

If this energy is more than your system can comfortably handle, you get distortion. The big fancy signal processing name for this is intermodulation distortion. The name is not so important as the fact that this energy hump does not go on forever, it comes and then goes and this is critical to understanding how to deal with vibrations.

Vibrations Mean You’re Not Ready To Exit: Wait For “The Quiet Zone”

Because the excess energy hump comes and goes, you get a ‘quiet zone’ once you’ve focused completely out of physical focus and in to nonphysical focus. So it looks like this: you start out in physical focus with no vibes. You relax into a near O.B.E and get light vibes. You relax almost to the point of separation and get majorly heavy vibes. This is where most people screw it up because of the bad advice in books. The trick is to simply continue to relax deeper and deeper past the vibrations until the vibes have smoothed out completely. Once you’re in the quiet zone after the vibes, that’s how you know you’ve completely shifted into the O.B.E.

Unbalanced Tires Analogy

The energy hump is like a truck I used to have with unbalanced tires. When it got up to 45 MPH it would start vibrating the entire truck. At 55 MPH it would smooth out again. The range of 45 to 55 MPH was a transition range that caused the tires to vibrate with each other. Pre O.B.E. rushing noises and vibrations are the same thing: you’re coming in and out of phase with two different physical and nonphysical signals.

What About Vibrationless O.B.E.s?

Keep in mind that the vibrations only happen when the total energy goes beyond what your nonphysical body is capable of conducting. The more O.B.E.s you do, the more energy you can run without problems and the less vibrations you’ll have. Eventually almost all your O.B.E.s will be vibration-free.

Vibrationless O.B.E.s

You’ll go from waking awareness, with no vibes, all the way to the O.B.E with no vibes which means you’ll have to rely on other signals that we’ll cover later to tell if you’re in the O.B.E. The up side to this is that vibrationless O.B.E.s are much brighter and clearer than O.B.E.s where you have to punch through massive vibrations.

Why Vibrationless O.B.E.s Are Brighter And Clearer

Why would that be? In a chainsaw, the noise is caused by friction. Vibrations are a form of noise, so vibrations are a form of friction. Friction is waste of energy. Chainsaw noise is a waste of physical energy and so vibrations are a waste of nonphysical energy.

When you’re in vibrations you’re wasting energy so it’s a state you want to relax through as quickly as possible.

Misconception #3: What To Do With Vibrations

The next misconception is what to do once you’re in vibrations. For instance, Robert Monroe wrote that you should try to ‘sweep’ the vibrations up and down your body before separating. Is this good advice or not?

Relaxation Is The Only Solution

The only way to reduce vibrations is to reduce the pressure that causes friction and that means relaxing.

If you reach vibrations and then try to do something, whether it’s running the vibrations up and down your body or anything else, then the one thing you’re NOT doing is relaxing. And relaxing is exactly the one thing that you need to do when you have vibrations because only way to release the friction is to relax. No other solution will work.

This is why vibrations are a major obstacle for more OBEers, because when they try to do something, anything, they are unable to simply relax into the quiet zone.

Definitely do NOT try to force your way out when you’re in the middle of vibrations. You’ll almost certainly just get pulled right back into your body since you haven’t yet matched up with a nonphysical focus.

The “How Close To An O.B.E? Meter”: Relax Through Vibrations

Even if you do manage to muscle your way out, you’ll have spent so much energy on the exit that the resulting O.B.E will probably be so dark and low energy that you’ll just stagger around and not be able to do anything fun anyway. It’s far better to relax through vibrations into the quiet zone and then slip out of body effortlessly.

The Sneaky Loop Hole: Photographic Trance

By the way, there is a sneaky loop hole that allows you to cheat so you can do O.B.E.s even when you’re in the middle of vibrations. We’ll cover this sneaky cheat in Lucidology 102 part 3. The trick is to enter something called a photographic trance which allow you to have O.B.E.s at much lighter levels of trance so you don’t have to be in full sleep paralysis to separate.

Exiting Even In The Middle Of Vibrations

This loophole also opens the door to a technique called ‘trance recycling’ . Trance recycling allows you to have a dozen or more O.B.E.s in a row and quickly rack up a massive number of O.B.E.s in a single session. To find out more about Lucidology 102, visit

Because many O.B.E.s are completely vibrationless, you need several other road signs to tell how close you are to success. In the next section we’ll cover the 5 crucial progress signals to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

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170 Responses to “O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10”

  1. [...] OBE vibrations are probably the most famous of all OBE phenomena. They are also the least understood. [...]

  2. Chriss says:

    Where is section 11: “In the next section we’ll cover the 5 crucial progress signals to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.” ?

  3. admin says:

    It’s coming

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi, i just want to ask some questions:
    I dont really know that i have on OBE because, its just like a dream, a very clear dream, I cant talk to people and they respond, its not real time, its just like im in another dimension, because i cannot see my actual room and bed, i am just like flying and exploring the places, but its not really my house or room, or its just like that my mind is projecting it to something that i expect? im really confuse..

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you were to look in a mirror in your obe would you see your reflection. Oh, and can you see things that arent really there when your in an obe

  6. Keisha says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure what I have been experiencing has been OBE’s but it occurs from time to time since i was a teenager. My last experience was a few days ago and it was my first in a few months. This experience was also a little different than my previous experiences…
    i woke up and my body felt paralyzed all over. I was hugging my husband and I remember trying to squeeze/call out to him but I knew he wasn’t feeling me squeeze him. My body started to tingle all over (almost like it’s asleep but all over) and I can feel it pulsating and the feeling kept getting stronger and louder. I also felt a rush of wind or roaring sound, like driving on the highway with the windows down. this is usually the time I snap out of it but this time, i felt like i was being sucked out of my body from my head/chest area and with this feeling of being wooshed out, I heard a sound of chimes and the sound translated into a different colors but I was seeing it and hearing it at the same time during this pulling feeling. When this happened, I started to get scared and that’s when it ended.
    I woke my husband up afterwards to tell him about it because i never had gotten that far before. I had never seen colors or heard any sound – other than the roaring sound and i wanted to know if this could be considered an OBE. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks – Keisha

  7. Dave says:

    I have a question on the Vibration stage of the Lucid Dreaming process. I believe that I was able to get this stage and I found that relaxing further would make the Vibrations more intense so I know that I was in that stage. However, it was my first time and I lost concentration. My question is that I didn’t hear anything during the sensation of vibration, so am I going wrong somewhere?

  8. caldwell37 says:

    oh my gosh i believe what you are saying it makes total sense, i have been trying to do this for a month and i have reached the strong vibe- stage where it felt like i was being electrocuted, and i fought the feeling and woke up but after that i havent had a strong one any more, and i have been doing what others in my research have said to do, and no o.b.e i even tried to force myself to sit up during the vibration stage and it was so hard i felt like i was being pulled back, just like you said. you are so right and im so mad because i didnt know, and thats what happens when u get into something u dont know about, so im going to follow your directions and see what happens and may i ask where you are getting your information from? thanks and will let you know the results.

  9. TITAN says:


  10. Karen says:

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my OBE Vibrations. It started about 12 years ago and they were very frequent. I haven’t had the OBE Vibrations in a few months. When they first started I was really scared and didn’t know what was happening. I told my mom and she told me she has the same OBE Vibrations. She told me that if I feel them coming on to try and relax and not let them scare me. So, each time I have them I feel them come on the only way I can describe it feels like my head starts vibrating and then it moves down the rest of my body..I know if I just lay there until they go away I will feel the OBE. Once the vibrations go away I can feel my body lift off the my bed and I always head straight for the bedroom window. I feel myself forcing myself through the window screen. Once I get out of the screen I instantly feel the night cool air and I start flying through town. It is so real. I can see all the stores and blinking stop lights. I fly thru trees and grab a handful of branches and tree leaves. I always hope that when I “wake up” that I will have a handful of the leaves..but I never do! :) Sometimes I will even fly around my house, I will be “hovering” over my bed watching me and my husband sleeping and sometimes I have even “hovered” over my children sleeping. Though even after all the years of OBE/Vibrations if they come on suddenly they scare me..but I just tell myself to relax so I can fly around in the cool air!

  11. Sole To says:

    Great stuff Nick! You’ve enlighten me in many aspects of lucid dreaming and body processes at all. Thank you very much!

    BTW Where are part 1 and part 11? I spent much time searching but haven’t found them.

  12. Doug says:

    This guy os right about just relaxing. Couple months back I decided, after too many failed attempts, that I would just take my time and relax until I was lucid and I ended up waking, I thought, in the place I was sleeping… It was kindof dim but I didnt pick up on that till I was outside cuz it was sunny, but still,dim. Suddenly I sprouted wings and got my way up to the roof and then my excitement woke me up. I have been in too much of a hurry lately to get that far so im going to try to keep relaxing. What works best is just feeling ur body existing and for some reason u get that lead blanket feeling within like two minutes… Try to think of it as a job and that way it doesnt make u feel like ur trying for something ur just getting the job done step by step. Much love, hope this helps

  13. John says:

    I’ve been trying to follow the Lucidology 101 instructions recently. I felt something that I thought might have been vibrations. After they passed I felt/heard a sort of ringing in my ears. It wasn’t a rushing noise like a train or tornado. It felt like it was coming from inside my head sort of. It kept pulsing louder and quieter and, despite waiting for awhile, it never stopped. And I never stopped hearing the normal, physical world around me. So I figured I’d just try the exit. None of the methods were really working, but then I tried the magnet lift method. I felt myself lifted to be sitting up. I opened my eyes and I really was sitting up. I wasn’t out of body, it was more like a waking sleepwalk. I could still sort of feel the sleep paralysis. It was weird; when I imagined being pulled in a given direction I effortlessly felt my body move, but I couldn’t float up or leave my body. I’ve actually done it twice, and I looked in the mirror the second time. I saw my normal reflection. I got back in bed to try a real OBE. It’s pretty annoying though, because I want a real one, but instead when I imagined being pulled it just made my muscles move in a sort of surreal, trance-like way. I must be trying the exit too early. I guess I just need to try some more.

    Oh, and thanks for the suggestions, Doug, I’ll try to keep those in mind. :)

  14. Tom says:

    Can Lucid dreams and OBE be very dangerous due to its drug like effect and people may wish to live there lives in this state it is very important to get on with every day life and not concentrate on lucidology all the time otherwise it is a very great experience

  15. Geno says:

    I have had OBE’s for a very long time. The very first one I had I was able to turn my head and see myself lying on the bed. These “vibrations” you mention, I do not have. When I reach the state of being able to go into and OBE it feels like I have just stuck my finger in a light socket. I get the electrocution sensation (being shocked really good), but without the pain. The second phase where you mention rushing noises, I do not get those either. I do get the sleep paralysis, which I then use to focus in on the electricity feeling I know that send me into and OBE.

    So basically I lie on my back, close my eyes, expel all of the air from my lungs, and shallow breathe. After about 10 mins or so, I get the sleep paralysis. I can hear and smell, but I cannot move my body at all. I know this is the start, and then I concentrate on the electrocution feeling. It starts as a tingle, then increase in intensity until my whole body feels like it is electrified. The the OBE happens.

    I have been able to go many miles away from my body. Each event is different. I have been able to walk through walls, glass, doors, and objects. The only problem though is that it lasts no more than 5 minutes. I have not been able to go longer than that.

    I lived in an apartment, and was able to walk through the wall into the next apartment. I ended up in my neighbors bedroom walking through my living room wall. She was in bed asleep. I then turned went through the bedroom door, and straight out through her living room window and fly up and over the freeway. Walking though objects has to be the weirdest feeling of them all.

    Anyways, that is my two cents worth.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I really want to have an obe and don’t know how to explain this.I think I had one but not sure. it was night time and I was in bed trying to go in to an obe. I was relaxed with my eyes closed and all of a sudden my hands got warm and felt tinglie. a feel seconds after that happend i felt a bop in my tummy. it didn’t hurt…i couldn’t really feel my bed any more but I didn’t feel like I was floating. I was able to stay in that state for like 10 seconds. does that mean I did have an obe?

  17. Tiffany age 15 says:

    Hi john….i herd ringing In my ears too….i also tried getting up and when I did I knew I was still in my body. all though I think I did have a small obe. my my mussels started twitching. my hands got warm and tinglie. after that I felt a bop in my tummie it felt like somthing raised up out of my body. a minute after that I couldn’t really feel my bed but it didn’t feel like I was floating Verry high like maby 5 inches. I was able to stay in that state for about 10 seconds. is that having an obe?

  18. tiffany says:

    Sombody please help me figure out if that was an obe. :) thanxs!!

  19. tiffany says:

    Lol srry this is my first time :)) last night my fingers got tinglie and warm when i was tring to obe. then i felt a bop in my tummie like somthin lifting up. then i heard ringing in my ears. i couldnt feel my bed and it didnt feel like i was floating. i was ablwe to stay in that state for 10 secnds. :)

  20. tiffany age 15 says:

    Hi every one. will you please help me find out if this was an obe. last night I was Trin to obe when my fingers got warm and tinglie. I felt a bop in my tummie like somthing rising out of me and I heard ringing. i couldn’t feel my bed but it didn’t feel like I was floating. I have never had an obe before so please help me! was that an obe?

  21. Marc says:

    it all sounds very exciting, i’ve had many obe’s and still have lucid dreams. But what you’re not being told is it is very dangerous, because you are opening doors to the spirit world and there are wicked spirits waiting. best to leave this alone.

  22. GF says:

    I only try few tips by mr.nicholas newport and i got my first vibrations

  23. louise says:

    hi i have experienced sleep paralysis for 17 years and think I may be starting to experience OBE. But im not sure if its real or Im dreaming? When im in the OBE im fully aware that Im floating near my bed, and Im trying to tell myself to touch something but obviously I cant. I had an experience only the other night where I thought I was having an OBE only i had no control over it and my “body” was floating around very fast and I couldnt control where it went? Any advice would be much appreciated.

  24. Sapphire says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I was learning the completly wrong method! I’m just glad I read this before giving up! I reached the vibration stage but never got any further becuase I never read that you need to relax even more before being able to have an O.B.E, thank you so much!

  25. phillip says:



  26. phillip says:

    hi, i did ramp method with timer , the 2nd time or 3rd time the timer beeps i cannot get asleep any more.

    if i wake up at 4:30 i cannot sleep fast in 8 minutes. 8 minutes is the first ramp interval in the default timer setting.

    any clue? I’m stuck and this is not working for me.


  27. phillip says:


    hi, i did ramp method with timer , the 2nd time or 3rd time the timer beeps i cannot get asleep any more.


    i mean, i can but one hour later and can’t use the timer because the timer beeps but i keep awake hearing the beeps. once i’m asleep the timer intervals has ended

    cannot sleep cos i feel no weariness

    i fell really Rested.

    i can’t use the “Stop, Drop & Roll” method because i don’t feel tired any more, i feel full of energy even if i have not rested a bunch of hours and even if does a little time that I have remained slept full tired

  28. phillip says:

    phillip says:
    March 28, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Trick You Can Use Tonight To Have Your 1st Obe

    So here’s the actual method to use to have conscious sleep paralysis for the first time or even an O.B.E.

    1.) Go to bed at 9 PM

    2.) Get up at 4:30 AM

    3.) Stay up for 45 minutes until 5:15 AM and avoid lights

    4.) Go back to bed and do “Stop Drop And Roll” to start to fall asleep

    5.) At the end of S.D.R set your timer to use a ramp timer session. Fall asleep and let the timer wake you up and put you in an O.B.E.

    that’s the trick!!! yeah!!

    phillip says:
    March 29, 2011 at 10:39 am

    i did it, have heard the beep a couple of times, not moved at all, NO PARALYSIS, 2nd or 3rd time i heard the beep… I JUST HAVE FELL ASLEEP TO THE ANOTHER DAY, COULD NOT HEARD THE REST OF BEEPING

  29. tiffany says:

    I think I finally had some kind of obe. it was about 650 am so I was tired.I was warring shorts and I was going to open the window by the bathtub when my phone rang. as I looked at the floor to make sure I wouldn’t fall I saw a white shape of a leg identical to mine. it went from my knee to a ft away from my foot at an angle. it was gone within 3 seconds. what do you think?

  30. tiffany says:

    Ik I was awake lol because I was getting ready 4 the day…just wana make that clear…and I think I’m able to see auras. not the colors but like a white foggie haze…lol I sware I’m not on any drugs! so yeah

  31. tiffany says:

    And I think I got closer to an obe last night. I felt somthing being layed on my feet like a blanket but then the feeling went to my arms and that was it. I here about people have sleep Paralysis But it didn’t feel like sombody sitting on my chest and nothing was rong with my breathing. didn’t see any lights or hear any noiseswell Thanxs again any advise is useful

  32. Michelle says:

    I think I’m going to try that trick but Idk what “stop drop and roll” is, can somebody explain it? Ty

  33. Keeley says:

    I don’t know anything about this stuff so some insight would be nice.
    when I am still I can hear a constant buzzing sound.I use this sound to focus on when I am having a hard time sleeping. I heard it as a child most recently had a HUGE exp with it while I was relaxing in the grass looking into the sky one day it was so strong and powerful I climaxed and fealt like I was being pulled into the sky. It was a feeling of one ness with everything all around me. Peace and serenity followed me through out the day.

  34. joey says:

    i awoke from a lucid dream to heavy vibrations throughout my whole body, almost un bearable i shook them off while i was recollecting what information i had recieved from my lucid dream. weirdest thing i can describe. but they are completely normal. like the site says, its just when your stuck in between stages of the sub concious and the concious. ( half asleep half awake).

  35. joey says:

    i just remebered. i was fully concious in my lucid dream. so concious i, while in my dream world closed my eyes to try to imagine a pretty girl id love to bang,i but no success. i fought so hard not to wake up but it was inevitable. i woke up with heavy vibrations, but didn’t think anything of them till the next morning. these are all memories. theirs more to what i remeber, memories seem to come with time, the more i write the more i seem to remeber. the brain is a powerfull thing

  36. MT says:

    I just wanted to share a few past experiences I have had. I never told other people about these occurrences because it’s just too weird. But a recent event a few weeks ago has had me thinking a lot about these past experiences I had and I am trying to understand what the latest experience means. I did a Google search and I found this website. So here is what I have experienced…. Since I was in my early teens I may have experienced what other call OBE. But my latest experience was quite weird, as a matter of fact, it was stranger than fiction.

    I am now in my late 30′s. When I was around 15, after getting home from school, I took a nap and within a few seconds of lying down on my bed, I felt the sensation of my legs lifting up, then back down. Then my upper back and head felt like it rose up and then back down and this would repeat several times. This would continue to repeat until I would open my eyes. Eventually after this occurred at least a dozen times, I had what I though was an OBE. When that happened, I floated backwards out of my bedroom window. As I was looking back into my bedroom, I suddenly felt very sharp pain throughout my entire body. I realized a second later that I had just floated backwards (so I didn’t see it but rather felt it) through a pepper tree outside my bedroom window. To this day I still remember the sharp pain I felt when this occurred.

    There have been a few random occurrences over the years since then, but nothing as dramatic until a few weeks ago. What recently happened was I got into bed, random thoughts running through my mind like usual and suddenly, I felt a haziness begin to occur as I was aware that I was drifting asleep. Only this time what happened next was really bizarre! I began to hear a “voosh” “voosh” “voosh” sound that was loud and consistent. I felt something like electricity running throughout my entire body in a circular pattern if that makes any sense. Then, there was a figure that was next to me – about normal height, two arms, two legs, but the figures face was not normal at all. It had a rounded type head but the face was cone shaped that came to a point in the center like a volcano. The ‘figure” turned me to the side while I lay on the bed unable to move and pointed the center of its face right up to my left ear. I know this sounds crazy. Believe me I know. I was thinking the entire time that this is some kind of alien and I am going to be probed! I imagined that because I was so vulnerable, since I could not move and it had control over me that it might do something “inappropriate.” I was very relieved that though it was definitely examining me, it did not want to probe me. It never did anything at all to threaten me what-so-ever aside from just being there and looking closely in my ear for some reason?! Strange as it sounds, I gained the ability to turn my body toward the figure and I hugged it. I don’t normally show affection or hug strange cone-shaped face people, but I was so relieved and felt that this must be some Angelic entity rather than something devious, so I did what I did. When I hugged it, it lifted its hands up in the air as to say “hey what the heck?” and then slowly kind of hugged me back gently. The sound and electric feeling began to slowly subside and then I opened my eyes in the exact same spot on my bed that I was in during the experience with cone face and all was normal again.

    I have come to the conclusion that these experiences had to be dreams. But when I normally dream, the dreams are nothing like these experiences I mentioned above. Something else occurred during these dreams. I don’t know what it is but I hope someone else may be able to shed some light on it.

  37. Brent12346 says:

    So today in my house i was walking in the hallway and all of a sudden i was slowing down and felt vibrations across my body. When it was happening, everything in front of me was going dark. I kept walking and it stoped. What happened?

  38. Tim says:

    I’ve been followed, and pestered by something emitting very intense, bad emotions. This “thing” had ripped me out of my body several times, usually through my feet (while lying on my back).

    I’ve been pulled out through my head, chest, back, and feet. And the vibrations always begin from the location of being pulled out of. I freak out whenever I feel them now cause it’s an attack in the making.

    I once was pulled out through my feet at an instant speed that would rival the autobahn. I looked at my feet (the direction I was travelling), left, right, up and down, but all was completely black. No light whatsover. I called out in my mind “in the name of Jesus Christ leave me alone” Well that was all I needed apparently cause I went reeling back into my body at the same speed I left.

    I tried it again a minute later cause I had a new trick, but for 1 minute or so I travelled at mach chicken into the black. Took the same amount of time to get back in.

    If I were to be a guessing man, this is an ongoing attemtp at possesion. No idea, nobody has a clue. Maybe I’m all whacked out in the head, but I’m not on meds or take recreational drugs. Been happening on and off for 22 years. Specifically since I was 18 and brought them on (I suspect).

    I have several positive OBE’s prior to this persistent attack, even saw a nice bright light as I floated towards it and decided “not yet”. All negative since then. I also tried to contact a buddy one night through OBE, but that’s when this all started. Can’t figure out how to close this.

    Also interesting to note it never happens when I’m in bed with my wife. If anyone has a decent idea, please let me know.

  39. becky says:

    id heard of astral projection and had been trying it with no success then last night i woke to find my whole body vibrating this lasted about 5 seconds i then turned over to the other side i was on my left side at the time then i remember just lying there thinking was i close to astral projecting i then realised i was still on my left side in the exact position i fell asleep in do you think i moved my astral self.

  40. tiffany says:

    Becky-i think u did. because when i thought i saw my astral leg my astral leg stayed where my real leg was but my real leg was the one that moved till it disapierd..i met a girl who i told about alll my expieriances and she told me she had verry simaler stuff happen..she described the same things i did. i visited a place before i went there..i dreamed of a place on the cost a yr ago..and we went to the cost this yr and the beach we went to looked exactly the same. the rocks and little was creapy

  41. tiffany says:

    Because my dream had a bad event that happend but nothing bad happed when i visited that place. and 3yrs ago i was upwatching tv in a rocking chair. it was 7am on a saturday. i stud up and streached and every thing litteraly blacked out..when i was “passed out” or what ever i dreamed i was in a white room..and there was a person in a suit with a mask and body suit didnt scare me much..but the gave me 3 shots through like a pump/iv thing. the liquied were diff blue and clear..and when i

  42. tiffany says:

    Woke up i was holding on to the intertainment center..its a big one with shelves and i like caut my self before i fell. i was litteraly holding on. if i let go i would have falled backwards.ive had that feeling of what i felt before i blacked out (numb/tinglie feeling through out my body) after that but never “passed out” do i sound hella crazy or what?!?! i sware im not on shit. tell me what you think PLEASE!!

  43. tiffany says:

    Ive told my family about all the things ive expierianced but dont believe me about any of it. the 1 person ik who does believe me 100% is that girl who i talked to..i feel soo dumb but ik i realy did see and feel all of that stuff!Please believe me! i want and need to obe more than uk. i cut. and ive had bad expieriances where ill almost pass out. get dissie. im not scared of the spirit world. i NEED another way to escape. i dont want to kill my self!!! i have a few friends who are suporting me to stop.

  44. tiffany says:

    And i think i can.i just thought if i can master having an obe and ca have 1 every time i try then i can escape and go somewhere and feel happier then whats going on. if that makes would give me a + outlet insted of self harm. so please dont try to change my mind. i am turning 16 this month. its realy young to be into this stuff but i truly am..any help would be AMAZING!!

  45. Phil M. PSL says:

    Im 32 years old. I’ve had sleep paralysis & got to the vibration stage these past 2 weeks, 3 times exactly. I’ve had flashbacks from my childhood during my hypnogogic/hypnopompic stages of sleep that involve sexual & child abuse and forced drug usage as a child thru a family member. I’ve also had a flashback of an OBE when I had my tonsils removed. A handful of times as a child I experienced the vibrations being totally awake. Most happened in the shower of the room where the abuse took place. 3 of the many times I actually fainted. I’d get up instantly crying and my parents running to me. Other times I’d be totally awake and it would overcome me, I’d actually enjoy the feeling of the electricity and loss of quick consciousness. I felt totally disconnected but was able to snap out of it voluntarily, I knew if I stayed too long I’d end up fainting again.

    ALways in the bathroom… once in the kitchen ????

    Past two months I have been lightly practicing Yoga, it has been great for my back. I had been experiencing the vibrations again.. coincidentally when I am on the toilet at work. I snap out of them.

    Last week I was having a very realistic dream I actually remember. A voice in my head said you have two minutes and it showed me an image of a digital watch with the time 6:43. Sure enough my alarm went off at its usual time of 6:45 am. I went back to bed and said that was cool, my internal alarm clock has a voice. We all have had the time we forgot to set the alarm but woke up at our usual time anyway ! I slipped into the state again, but in sleep paralysis, I noticed my eyes were open staring at the ceiling. While my dream from earlier continued and this “inner voice” sorta sat down and watched the dream with me and explained every detail of it. It was a very depressing dream and it linked alot of things to the child abuse and flashbacks that I have been only able to remember fragments of came all back to me clear… but with no depression, no bad feelings, no self blame, no anger. I asked my inner voice ( I knew it was a part of me so I didnt ask who is this) “what is this” Am I dieing ? ” it replied “No, but I will be with you when you do for comfort.” It told me if I continue with my stress and bad diet I will die of a heart attack. The sun started to come up and I turned my eye to see a ray and instantly snapped out of the paralysis. The voice said “relax your legs the rest will follow.” It explained “MY BODY” had to be totally asleep in this state, but if I wanted I can keep looking at the sun to snap out of it and continue to relax my legs over and over for practice. I did this a few times. I now have control of my sleep paralysis. Relaxing is the key and not being afraid of it. I went back into it and woke myself out of it in time for work. I was in this suspended state of peace. I have felt like a new person ever since. I am so not depressed. My two other episodes in the past two weeks sadly did not have my inner voice in them. But even while I am awake I kinda feel static electricity in me. Like when you put on a t-shirt makes static in your hair.

  46. Dan Greene says:

    Right before I go into a lucid dream here is what I experience. It is very similar to whats reported here, but I thought I’d give my own take on it.
    1) The sounds around me begin “pulsating”. Its like all the noise in the room will get louder and quieter in “pulses”. Sometimes the pulses are quite strong. After I relax I feel like I “fall” into a different state of mind.
    2) After I enter this second stage its like my mind opens up and my thoughts become much more rapid and vivid. I feel like my whole body is vibrating as though I am flying at thousands of miles per hour. Sometimes these vibrations are extremely painful like I my flesh is being ripped off.
    3) If I manage to get through the tumbling and falling and being dragged through a forest, (lol no kidding) then I am able to visualize my thoughts. If I want to fly over the ocean, then its only a thought away. Anything I think becomes a vision. Its quite nice.

    I don’t know what makes the experience so painful for me, but it is normally well worth it. I have been doing this for years and I don’t know much about the energy concept of OBEs but I must have ALOT of energy or something. The vibrations are so intense sometimes I can easily say it is the most invigorating feeling I have ever experienced.

  47. Last night I spent the night at a friends house who I had not been in contact with for quite some time. (Mind you; this friend of mine is my twin flame. Therefore her existence in my life has an innumerable measure of importance to me.)
    —So we laid to rest our weary bodies and enter our sleep cycle. After about an hour and a half after I had relaxed, I found myself in a semi-weak sleep paralysis plagued with an immense discomfort. The cause being a extremely powerful electricity surge that was ramming against my skull and what seemed to be my brain. I started breathing in and exhaling out slowly as if I was in meditation, I had noticed the feeling of fear, and vulnerability It didnt feel right…I was too afraid to continue. My breath has quickened and my heart rate had risen as well. I immediately pulled myself out of the experience. I had noted also that there wasn’t any “white noise” prior. It felt as if i had become conscious of my dreams mid-process to completely going out.

    Can anyone give me some insight into the intensity of the “Vibrations” that i am feeling…. Vibrations are pleasurable… This feeling was just wrong. I felt like my energy frequency was the equivalent to a broken record…. —Help!!?

  48. j says:

    Okay, so this is the first time I’ve told this story other than to my wife. I was around 20 at the time and serving in the U.S. Navy. I worked long and labor intensive hours with little sleep for 5-6 month durations 7 days a week. I’ve had this particular experience once AND only ONCE since. There have been sleep paralysis moments here and there with dark shadows surrounding me before i start making screaming noises for my wife to wake me up(because i know im in paralysis and i know my body is physically there with my wife beside me)but nothing like the experience i had while out to sea. Well, get back to that in a minute though…. Anyways, the main experience im speaking of happened to me during a 6 month sea trial (training, flight-ops, etc…) while stationed on the John C. Stennis.(Aircraft carrier) i was asleep in my berthing when all the sudden i was floating in some sort of a dry Valley, with mountains all around me. It was extremely sunny and i knew i was floating because i could see my shadow projected on to the the dry, cracked desert surface below me. I was only about 20-30 feet off the ground and felt this UNMISTAKABLE vibration radiating throughout my WHOLE BODY. I don’t know if anyone experimented with drugs when they were younger here, but i can only liken it to doing whippets and having the vibration with that weird sound that accompanies it. Sorry, best i could do :)…Anyways, the weird thing that really tripped me out was that i woke up to a sound, and i was immediately thrown back into my body in my rack(bed). The sound was one of my bunk mates opening up his coffin rack(where all our belongings were, underneath our mattress in a coffin like structure)Anyways, he was rummaging through his rack and saw that i peeked out of my rack through my curtains because of the noise he was making, but the thing is i didn’t feel like i was in my body. it was like i was watching a movie. He looked at me and said sorry for all the noise, and i just closed my eyes again AND I WAS INSTANTLY BACK IN THE VALLEY FLOATING WITH THE VIBRATION STRONGER THAN EVER. It was instantaneous, jumping back and forth through these…..i guess walls of reality???? I then realized that i could direct how i levitated, i.e, started moving in the forward direction, at which point my body leveled out and i was floating across the desert like superman would.

    Later, when i ran into my bunk mate i asked him if he really did go in his rack or if i was dreaming it, and he said that he DID go to his rack, was making noise and saw me peek my head out of my rack. He said that i didn’t say anything but i looked really weird, something to do with my eyes, like they were really glassy and tired looking. I have to say that this was the MOST weirdest thing i have experienced to date.

    I chalked it up to sleep exhaustion but the more i think about it now that im older, i feel like it was something more because since then i have never been the same. I am now FULLY AWAKE and can now start remembering things from when i was a child. I mean things that i completely forgot, like how i KNEW that the way the world worked didn’t seem right to me. I couldn’t explain what was wrong but that i knew that we were here for a greater purpose. The older i get the more things happen to me, i.e, REALLY good intuition, foreseeing small but noticeable events prior to them happening, you now, things like that.

    As far as the sleep paralysis goes, yea, sometimes i wake up but i cant move my body but i can see the room I’m in, and dark shadowed people come by my bedside, sometime 1 sometimes up to 3. I cant move my body at all and i start to freak and the only thing i can do is mumble-scream, if that’s even a word. :/

    My wife shakes me awake and says I’m dreaming, but it isn’t a dream, or at least doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes, right before i go to bed or even when i just fall asleep, i hear whispers in my ear, sometimes its a women voice, other times its like i hear someone say a word of some sort and i wake up to no one there. Sometimes i hear static noise . Anyways, just thought id put this out there, maybe someone else has experienced something of the sort?????

  49. tiffany age 15 says:

    It has been a yr. still no obe :( any advise would be a lot of help, email if u have to or could?

  50. leah says:

    So ive experienced this since i was about 7 as far as i can remember, maybe once then. And as a teen a couple times. But now as an adult i find myself with sleep paralysis EVERY DAMN NIGHT. Its so horrifying. Last night, i woke by loud noises, and fell back asleep, heard a woman moan, and fell back asleep until ultimately, i heard a woman scream for help at the top of her lungs through my open window like at 11pm. Now i know at that time i DID not dream that, i know the difference. So awhile ago at 7pm central i wake from all these noises in my house from everyone else i live with which im used to.. but i fell asleep okay. At about 7:45pm i found myself again in sleep paralysis i try moving my body and i could not my grandmother always tought me when it happens to start moving at my toes and slowly move upward, but im now realizing even when im able to move from the waste down, i still am unable to move my head and arms and all that. My eyes blink continuiously, and once i finally fought it off i felt my arms close into my chest and i was literally screaming inside and saw orange and hot pink colors as i screamed. Then woke up normally? No fear only to what i had just experienced, but no fear emotionally. Just mental exhaustion. Last month they started up again. And 3 times in one night is when it first hit me. And i felt something choking me. I know most people are literally fascinated by all this, but id love my life to go back to normal? So how can i control these episodes??? Im super desperate. My body is exhausted.

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