O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10

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Here in part 10 you’ll find out why everything you’ve read about O.B.E vibrations in books is wrong and you’ll find out the 3 easiest ways to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

The Top 3 Signals To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE

If you’ve never done an O.B.E before, it’s extremely difficult to know if you’re making any progress until you’re actually already out of your body or in a lucid dream. What you need are easy to detect signals that you can use like road signs to tell you how close you are to succeeding. In this section we’ll cover the top 3 most common road signs. These are:

1 – The sleep paralysis wave
2 – Pre O.B.E rushing noises
3 – Vibrations

Sleep Paralysis Wave: Your Primary Signal

We already covered the sleep paralysis wave in Lucidology 101 part 2. Essentially when your body shuts itself down in sleep paralysis you’ll feel something like a heavy lead blanket feeling being laid on your body. This feeling is unmistakable and a sign that you’re very close to success and you can use the exit techniques we’ll cover in part 12 to turn the paralysis into an O.B.E.

Pre-O.B.E. Rushing Noises: The Second Most Frequent Signal

The second road sign to watch for are pre-O.B.E rushing noises. When you tune in between stations on a radio you get the sound of random static and
white noise. Once you’re back on a station again things come in clearly. It’s the same thing with O.B.E.s. You start out completely focused in your normal waking environment and as you drop into a subconscious focus you pass through a kind of no man’s land where you’re not really conscious and you’re not really subconscious.

Rushing Noises Can Sound Like A Tornado Or Freight Train

When you’re tuned to that no-man’s land frequency you hear rushing noises that sound like random static or a train rushing by.

Vibrations: The Most Famous Progress Signal

About the same time you hear rushing noises you may feel what are called O.B.E vibrations. Vibrations are probably the most famous phenomenon associated with O.B.E.s and they’re also the effect that has the most misconceptions. Almost everything to be found in books on O.B.E.s about vibrations is simply wrong and so this is a place where a lot of people get stuck. They reach the vibration stage and then get hung up because they use an ineffective method from bad advice they read in a book.

The 3 Critical Vibrations Misconceptions

The 3 misconceptions about vibrations are:

1.) What they are

2.) What they mean

3.) How to use them.

What Vibrations Are Not

Here’s what vibrations are not. Vibrations are not a subjective kind of thing where you it’s like you’re “feeling the vibes, man, far out!”. Vibrations are much more mundane than that.

What Are Vibrations Like?

If you make a VVVVV sound, the feeling of vibrations in your lips is very similar to the feeling of vibrations that often appear along with medium stages of paralysis. Sometimes the vibrations can been extremely strong and feel like electricity, other times they are entirely absent. It’s very rare for vibrations to be strong enough to be painful, usually they just feel like a harmless buzzing in your head and chest area.

Types Of O.B.E Vibrations

However sometimes they can go throughout your entire body. These can be incredibly loud and feel like you’re holding on to a chain saw. A lot of people report feeling them in the spine. In one case I woke up into an O.B.E in my bed and it sounded exactly like there was someone with a hedge trimmer outside my window. I realized it was because I had off the chart vibrations that were coming from what I later found to be the L1 lumbar vertebrae in my lower back. I used deep breathing to return myself from the O.B.E because I was running more energy than what seemed safe.

Most O.B.E Vibrations Are Harmless

That was a very unusual experience and most of the time you actually won’t have any vibrations at all and if you do it’s no more powerful than the feeling of a vibrating cell phone.

The basic thing to know is that once you’ve had vibrations, you will know it. There won’t be any question in your mind about it because it’s just a buzzing feeling and noise.

Misconception #2: What O.B.E Vibrations Mean

The second misconception is that most books will tell you that when you have vibrations you’re ready to exit into the O.B.E. This is completely the polar opposite of reality. Vibrations mean that you are NOT ready to exit and here’s why.

Double Energy From Two Signals

Physical and nonphysical awarenesses are both types of signals that you focus on. During the middle stage of an O.B.E exit you’re making the transition from one to the other and you experience both physical and nonphysical signals. These signals have energy. When you sum both of these signals together you pass through a phase where you’re running double the amount of energy you normally would.

Double Energy Can Result In Intermodulation Distortion

If this energy is more than your system can comfortably handle, you get distortion. The big fancy signal processing name for this is intermodulation distortion. The name is not so important as the fact that this energy hump does not go on forever, it comes and then goes and this is critical to understanding how to deal with vibrations.

Vibrations Mean You’re Not Ready To Exit: Wait For “The Quiet Zone”

Because the excess energy hump comes and goes, you get a ‘quiet zone’ once you’ve focused completely out of physical focus and in to nonphysical focus. So it looks like this: you start out in physical focus with no vibes. You relax into a near O.B.E and get light vibes. You relax almost to the point of separation and get majorly heavy vibes. This is where most people screw it up because of the bad advice in books. The trick is to simply continue to relax deeper and deeper past the vibrations until the vibes have smoothed out completely. Once you’re in the quiet zone after the vibes, that’s how you know you’ve completely shifted into the O.B.E.

Unbalanced Tires Analogy

The energy hump is like a truck I used to have with unbalanced tires. When it got up to 45 MPH it would start vibrating the entire truck. At 55 MPH it would smooth out again. The range of 45 to 55 MPH was a transition range that caused the tires to vibrate with each other. Pre O.B.E. rushing noises and vibrations are the same thing: you’re coming in and out of phase with two different physical and nonphysical signals.

What About Vibrationless O.B.E.s?

Keep in mind that the vibrations only happen when the total energy goes beyond what your nonphysical body is capable of conducting. The more O.B.E.s you do, the more energy you can run without problems and the less vibrations you’ll have. Eventually almost all your O.B.E.s will be vibration-free.

Vibrationless O.B.E.s

You’ll go from waking awareness, with no vibes, all the way to the O.B.E with no vibes which means you’ll have to rely on other signals that we’ll cover later to tell if you’re in the O.B.E. The up side to this is that vibrationless O.B.E.s are much brighter and clearer than O.B.E.s where you have to punch through massive vibrations.

Why Vibrationless O.B.E.s Are Brighter And Clearer

Why would that be? In a chainsaw, the noise is caused by friction. Vibrations are a form of noise, so vibrations are a form of friction. Friction is waste of energy. Chainsaw noise is a waste of physical energy and so vibrations are a waste of nonphysical energy.

When you’re in vibrations you’re wasting energy so it’s a state you want to relax through as quickly as possible.

Misconception #3: What To Do With Vibrations

The next misconception is what to do once you’re in vibrations. For instance, Robert Monroe wrote that you should try to ‘sweep’ the vibrations up and down your body before separating. Is this good advice or not?

Relaxation Is The Only Solution

The only way to reduce vibrations is to reduce the pressure that causes friction and that means relaxing.

If you reach vibrations and then try to do something, whether it’s running the vibrations up and down your body or anything else, then the one thing you’re NOT doing is relaxing. And relaxing is exactly the one thing that you need to do when you have vibrations because only way to release the friction is to relax. No other solution will work.

This is why vibrations are a major obstacle for more OBEers, because when they try to do something, anything, they are unable to simply relax into the quiet zone.

Definitely do NOT try to force your way out when you’re in the middle of vibrations. You’ll almost certainly just get pulled right back into your body since you haven’t yet matched up with a nonphysical focus.

The “How Close To An O.B.E? Meter”: Relax Through Vibrations

Even if you do manage to muscle your way out, you’ll have spent so much energy on the exit that the resulting O.B.E will probably be so dark and low energy that you’ll just stagger around and not be able to do anything fun anyway. It’s far better to relax through vibrations into the quiet zone and then slip out of body effortlessly.

The Sneaky Loop Hole: Photographic Trance

By the way, there is a sneaky loop hole that allows you to cheat so you can do O.B.E.s even when you’re in the middle of vibrations. We’ll cover this sneaky cheat in Lucidology 102 part 3. The trick is to enter something called a photographic trance which allow you to have O.B.E.s at much lighter levels of trance so you don’t have to be in full sleep paralysis to separate.

Exiting Even In The Middle Of Vibrations

This loophole also opens the door to a technique called ‘trance recycling’ . Trance recycling allows you to have a dozen or more O.B.E.s in a row and quickly rack up a massive number of O.B.E.s in a single session. To find out more about Lucidology 102, visit

Because many O.B.E.s are completely vibrationless, you need several other road signs to tell how close you are to success. In the next section we’ll cover the 5 crucial progress signals to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

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181 Responses to “O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10”

  1. Anonymous says:

    might be someone trying to tell you something the only way is to let your self be relaxed through them and follow it through, if you saw pink spiral you were probly exiting your body

  2. Anonymous says:

    HI…. I believe I have been unitentionally expeciancing this phenominon…. I guess some call it sleep paraysis with hallucinations and vibrations. It started a year ago and has not stopped since. its scary and the hallucinations are terrifing. It always happens when I just lay down,at this point many times I can sence it coming on. Noises get louder or magnified (which might be a ticking of a clock ect )Then I get this overwhelming heaviness and if my eyes are open its like they are forced closed, the severe vibrations start immediately, some times my toes feel like they point. I can hear evrything going on around me, I am fully aware of what is happening ( I’m usually paniced and fighting it)I have horrible hallucinations with it, like a hand coming up between the head board and the mattress and rubbing my face or something comming from the side of the mattress and trying to pull me under, or the first time it happend I had my eyes open at first and I saw a figure over top of me and then it felt like what ever it was forced my eyes shut and then the vibrations started. This happens to me frequently and I fight it and fight it… some times I can get my eyes open and just when i think im gunna pull out and the vibrations are letting up my eyes will shut again and i fall back in harder then hell and my head will vibrate so hard it pounds when i finally come out. I think i clench my jaw too, because my jaw hurts after some intence spells. I wont sleep in the dark anymore, I have to have the T.V. on for back ground noise because it seams to help me not have episodes as much and i can explain how it helps if anyone cares to know. I can now avoid some episodes because i have learned my triggers and i can feel it comming early some times so i will get up, but recently it seams it has found a way to prevail and is now sometimes happening after i have been in bed asleep for awhile.I am thinking it may sneek in durring periods of awakeness that you woulnt normally notice, like when you roll over. When this happens it is very intence and last a very long time. Anyway… any suggestions on helping me control this would be helpful. Thanks for listening..Alisha

  3. Jon says:

    ^^^^ the best way would be to read more articles about sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, when you hallucinate bad things it’s because you fight the force and expect something bad to happen when you can’t move, so just relax and practice some of the techniques in this thread

  4. Marlow says:

    Hi alisha

    It isn’t Wierd coz similar things happen to me and I figured the only way to avoid it was background noise so Yeh I sleep with the tv on aswell.

    But instead of trying to avoid it, why not try to control it and use it to benefit u. After doing immense research I found that these are the steps to astral projection which I heard can be really fun.

    Haven’t ever done it but ill start tonight or the next time it happens. The most important thing to do is just relax through the vibrations then leave ur body. Ignore all the scary stuff its just distractions.

    Hopefully Ull be successful

  5. Justin says:

    Is it unusual to experience vibrations before sleep paralysis?

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Justin,

    I always get vibrations before sleep. Sometimes before I lie down I get a slight light and fuzzy feeling in my head and know I’ll get them when I lie down and after 10 mins of lying down they come. I just relax through them and count my breathing then slip out of body once my conciousness is on the higher level . I have it naturally, started happening about 5 years ago. I have experienced so much OOB and now know that we go on once ths body is no longer here. I was so scared t first, and tht fear made my OBE’s very scarey during the sleep paralysis, but now I love them and have no fear so fear doesn’t come into my SP and I just roll out or lift slowly out. Anyone needs help I’m here to assist :)

  7. emma divers says:

    i have been getting the vibrations for about 3 months now but when they happen i try scream to get out of them and nothing comes out,i was unaware it could be obe but now im terrified to let myself go out of my body having read so much on internet tonight,im so confused about this and need a way of controlling it

  8. Christina says:

    Where is part 11??

  9. Lucinda says:

    I’m so thankful that there are other people having the same spells as I am … I can remember this happening since a very young age! I have always been scared of it??? I have read and read about OBE but I still don’t really understand it?? What am I meant to be doing with this?? Is it a gift?? It can’t be training cause I never asked for it – yet it’s super strong and I have them very often. Most of the time I would try really hard to speak or move a limb so I can get out of it – but I almost immediatly fall back in. I sometimes touch my face or hands to make sure I am awake and I feel smaller than I am – Unlike Alischa I don’t close my eyes nor do I see things but do have flashing ‘lights’ if that makes sense?? I have tried to explain the state of mind I go into with other people to see if they also have it but nobosy understands it. It’s like my body is heavy and pulling down yet I feel so light! It’s almost like a light wave of electricity flowing in my head — any advise on how to use ‘this’ …
    Thanks :)

  10. Bradley says:

    This is the firsttime I have heard of OBE. Over the last few weeks I hve had strge dreams. I have been back at school, had peope chase me I have chased them. I’ve been back at school writing tests. Last night I was dreamng of Ghosts that were hiding from me. I started shouting at them. My wife then woke me up as I was really shouting. the windows in our bedroom were vibrating, this has never happened before. Is this coincidence?

  11. Muhammad says:

    Hey In Islam we do it very Easily and many of that powers all In Islam does that mean any thing ?

  12. Aravinda says:

    Hi angie, Can u help me, I’m stuck in Vibration step

  13. Rosie says:

    Today I awoke to my boyfriend freaking out bc my whole body was vibrating. I have been having very vivid dreams but was extremely unaware that my body was vibrating so intensely it shook the entire bed. I am panicked and worried bc I had no idea. Any suggestions to help control it?

  14. Shaun says:

    I just had an intense experience. It scared the hell outta me.
    I was dozing off and I felt this paralyzing effect plus an “electrocution” of my entire body. Also felt the prescence of evil in the room. I’ve been experiencing this similiar “evil” in my sleep as a child.
    Since my divorce got bitter it’s been a bit more frequent.
    While these Sleep Paralysis occur (only just learned of that term tonight)…I’m pretty much helpless…and scared.
    Years ago before I knew anything of Sleep Paralysis and OBE’s I tried to fight this feeling. I thought if I was in control It wouldn’t bother me anymore.
    Most nights I’m afraid to goto sleep. Tried telling my doctor and a specialist what I was experiencing but was quickly dismissed.
    I’m still not sure about the OBE side of things…it was only tonight I learned what I was expeirencing was also happening to many other people.
    One episode I had, I saw myself sleeping on my bed, then felt an evil enter the room…I tried to wake up as when I do that…it dissapears. I couldn’t wake up and became more frietghend and I was actually “struck” by this evil so hard that I woke up…breathing hard, heart racing…scared. That night it happened twice…usually it’s months between episodes.
    I also have an open mind…I don’t dismiss things that may seem unconventional.
    I am willing to explore the OBE aspect of what I’ve been going through.
    If I can turn this negative into a positive…I’m all for that!!!

  15. David says:

    Hi I when I was young around about 7 to 11 I used see myself sleeping in my room from above and I used to have dreams of flying. From the age of 15 up to today I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis

    The sleep paralysis is always accompanied by a piercing buzzing noise similar to tinnitus as I have had tinnitus since the age of 25 so I know the difference. Also with the noise I get the feeling of being electrocuted and pressure all over my body but the pressure is nothing new as I have always been able to feel pressure around my body but not as intense and only in parts of my body not all over. Once I come out of sleep paralysis if I don’t move I feel energy all over my body.

    From the very first time I have been able to control the time period of the episodes so for the first few years it only lasted 30 seconds max until I decided to face it and learned to bring it on during the day just to get use to it for when it happened at night as its the scariest thing that I have experienced. A tip for you if it ever happens to you when you come out of it get out of bed and move about and don’t go back to sleep with your arms above your head or you will go back into sleep paralysis.

    When I am paralysed I can push the pressure out of my body but I have always been joined to my head. On few a occasions I while lying on my side I have seen my next to my head but when I come out of it I am in the same position but my hand will not be next to my head. What’s happening is that I’m mistaking my non-physical body to my physical body I figured this out when I started trying to do OBE’s as I read that sleep paralysis it ideal for obtaining OBE’s.

    One time I focused on my feet and pointed them to the top corner of my room the pressure followed and it felt like my legs from my hip to my toes was being pulled in that direction the strange thing was I could actually see my legs being pulled in that direction but I knew my legs hadn’t moved at all and that I could feel both my physical and non-physical body at the same time. I’ve now learnt how to do this all the time and on regular occasions I clap my non-physical hands I do this because when my hands touch each other I get a strange feeling something like pins and needles in my hands but sadly I have not been able to OBE.

  16. Aurora says:

    Thank you for this article. I had a spontaneous OBE tonight. Two hours prior to that I meditated for like an hour and then went to sleep for two hours and woke up in vibrations. I knew I was ready for an OBE. Last time it happened it was 1 year and a half ago and it was a great experience which started the same way. I forced myself out of the body, I “saw” myself in the bed “paralysed” and I instantly went to the place I wanted to go.
    This time it was different. I couldn’t have a fully OBE. I didn’t know that I should have relaxed. I thought that like the last time I had to pull myself out. I could travel to one place I couldn’t recognize and then I told myself to go to another place. I heard the buzzing and the extreme speed I was traveling with but I didn’t left my body completely, I felt I didn’t have enough energy left. Now I understand it’s because of the buzzing.
    My question is: Is there any way I can produce this myself and not wait for the day it will come spontaneously? Thank you.

  17. french says:

    I have extremely vivid dreams with full body paralysis. I’m awake but I can’t move…Make any sound…& I can’t stop my dream until I’m able to get my eyes to open. Sometimes I can feel…pain… Smell… Taste…when I’m finally able to wake up I continue to feel the exact pain I felt in my dream… 45mins being the longest. I will get up… Use bathroom… Smoke… & then go right back into the same horrible dream. I usually have several dreams a night & they are mostly bad. I experience a lot of dejavu & confusion between my dreams & reality. They seem so real I’m not always sure if my memories are real or a dream. I’ve also had something happen & then remember dreaming it previously… dreams that sometimes come true or a quick glimpse of something that helps me in future
    Twice as I was waking I experienced something that sounds like Obe. Loud vibration… Smearing bright glow of layered color…Both times I panicked…yet I tried to control it at the same time… The words “this is it….This is it” repeated in my head.
    I sleep but I rarely wake up feeling rested or refreshed. It’s like I’m exhausted because of my dreams.
    I’m 39 now… All this started around puburity. B4 that I wld sleep walk…when I was 3-4 yrs old they wld actually find me outside sleeping sometimes. It was rare for me to wake up in same spot I went to sleep
    THANK U!

  18. Gina says:

    Hi I have come to accept and enjoy them, my first time scared me straight to church. Scared the bad right out of me.
    No techniques for me, it happens naturally & brings much satisfaction. I know when it’s going to happen, it calls me somehow.
    Lifes a big lab experiment anyway we are here to explore ourselves and be present.
    Enjoyed reading about your experiences.
    Thanks & happy travels

  19. Harry says:

    I always OBE in sleep paralysis state. When i put my mind to having an OBE, the vibrating starts as I ‘pop’ out my body and float upwards.

    I sometimes get the vibrations during a long meditating session too… and in the past I’ve been able to have an OBE once the vibrating starts.

    I think this article is trying too much to be the diefinitive OBE guide… but the vibration stage CAN lead immediately to OBE, the author should not assume saying ‘vibrations are polar opposite’ stage before OBEs.

  20. B. G. says:

    Ok I stumbled here from a google search and I’ll need to do some reading because I’m super confused. I’ve had these crazy experiences for years and they scare the crap out of me. I hear the rushing sound and I can’t move or speak and it feels like there is electricity going through my entire body and every hair is on end. It scares me because I don’t feel like asleep, I can see my bedroom exactly as if my eyes were open and sometimes I feel like they are, until I wake up and realize they weren’t. I hate to sound insane but I’ve always felt like it some sort of dark energy trying to take over my body. That’s what it feels like. Once, it felt like the energy was raping me. It’s never painful, but the energy is powerful and it scares me. Last night was the first time in a long time this happened and I just want to know what is going on. I’m so confused.

  21. Leo says:

    When I was around six or seven I had sleep paralysis. It scared me because my eyes would be open and I was not able to scream for help or move. I usually had to force myself to roll out of bed in order to gain control. My mom and her brother said they used to experience the same thing. Now that I am older, I hear static that comes and goes as if I am going in and out of consciousness. I can see light while my eyes are closed. It is like having someone shine a flashlight over your eyelids from left to right repeatedly. I do not feel any vibrations because I wind up falling asleep. I am interested in learning how to have an OBE. I have had only one vivid lucid dream which occurred last year. I was in control and I knew when I was going to wake up. I would like to be able to do the same with an OBE. Any suggestions?

  22. dreamer says:

    I had a strange dream last night. Never heard of obe, at least not in the context of a dream.
    Anyway, my dream got me a little spooked. I typed ‘dream body vibrating and pulled’ in google. This page was the 1st result. The noise that you hear in this video sounded a lot like what i heard. But I also got pulled. It was a very constant and very fast, yet gentle almost pleasant pull. It was pulling me sideways. I thought the noise was coming from me sliding across my bed, so I got scared I would fall out of it. To my great surprise I hadn’t moved an inch when i woke up.
    My question is : Could this kind of pull have anything to do with an obe. I don’t especially want to have one, but it would be nice to have a better understanding of it.

  23. Azuriah Cannon says:

    I don’t know if this was an O.B.E, but a few months ago I was getting up from my bed and walking into the hallway, then i laid down on the ground, but i didn’t really physically get up. It seemed so real too.

  24. Tana says:

    I’m still stuck at the vibrational stage. I tried to relax as suggested but suddenly I feel asleep without knowing. So I tried again with the same result. The last time I try to force myself out but didn’t work. I can feel that I can move my arms fine (not the physical arms). But I feel like I’m stuck at all 7 body chakras but the blah part that’s doesnt have chakra like arms and legs was able to move fine.

  25. Tyler says:

    I’ve had very vivid dream my entire life but it wasn’t until college when I started to feel these vibrations. I only get it in my head and it just makes my head feel really heavy. They also only happen when I lay down for a nap, not for a night’s sleep. The first time I would stop them because it scared me. After a few times of this happening I gave in and let it take me. I’m not sure exactly what it was but all I know is it felt like I was whipped from my body and was able to fly around my college campus but it looked much darker than it should have been. Today I laid down for a nap and felt the vibrations again. This time I head noises but it was like being at a crowded food court with just a bunch of people talking. Along with it was a guy walking around my room and carrying stuff out of it. I’d force myself up and then immediately get drawn back in again, continuing where it left off. Whoever it was would stand and look at me as he took stuff. The final time I zoned in to him sitting right in front of me and talking to me. I can’t remember the words exactly but I had the feeling he was trying to stop me from zoning back out to talk to me or something. It was all very strange and new to me.

  26. sonia says:

    Hello all, the vibrations become a permanent part of you. I have activated chakras and pineal gland. I have had obe’s ever since bein chronically ill . Scary yes but now i just enjoy everything. You really have to adapt to it. Though the noise wakes me up. I hear it all too.

  27. Azuriah Cannon says:

    I posted about a month ago. But last night I had my first real lucid dream. It was frightening. First I was laying on a couch staring at the wall. The couch was at a temple I had been to the day before. I thought I shouldn’t do anything because I was scared. Then the scene changed. I was in a Creepy Jail house. It was abandoned. Then It changed again. I was in a very scary broken down old mansion. I was laying on a bed. I rolled off the bed and I kept on falling and falling. I then woke up with sleep paralysis. I was lying there for about 5 minutes or more. I was petrified, literally. I tried to say something. I couldn’t. I tried and tried. I actually managed to move my hand barely. I was finally able to make a noise. Then my mom heard me from her bedroom.

  28. Nick c says:

    So I suffer from a medical condition that makes me susceptible to head rushes and passing out. The most recent time was around 3 pm after a long day of wakeboarding. As I start to pass out I feel as if a lead blanket is dropped on me and as my vision blurs I deal with a strong, odd vibration that I feel to my bones. As I leave consciousness I know I’m out but it seemed real. All of a sudden in the pitch black I notice something coming towards me, it was darker then the pitch black I was in. I then started thrashing and yelling no. In my “dream” and physically. Ur thoughts?

  29. tommy says:

    Im not sure if it was just a dream, but it felt like I was awake and still really sleepy in my dream or OBE. It was like I was in between realms because the room was similar to mine with only a few slight changes, such as the door was positioned differently. I also had the left half of my vision blurred, while the the right was mostly clear. There was a girl who reminded me of my sister telling me to follow her and to hurry, which was why I was so panicked to speed up the OBE process; if that’s even what i experienced. she was going through the door, which led to nothing but blackness and I just had the instinct to run in the direction in front of me as fast as I can. At this point I think i was traveling really fast, because I was seeing stars past me exactly like light speed travel in star wars( and I haven’t seen Star Wars since I was in middle school, I’m 20) then when all this stopped, I was then inside what felt like a sphere which was pitch black and the only thing illuminating it was this outline of a golden circle which had another golden circle in it, almost like a pentagram symbol, minus the goat head. But it did have symbols morphing into different ones, they looked ancient, but there was a voice coming from it as well. Could this be OBE or LDE. I cant remember how i gained consciousness from this experience. I’ve had Plenty of LDE, but it’s very rare that I travel into a different realm/dimension.

  30. Tanya says:

    Sometimes when I’m half asleep or falling asleep I get this vibrating feeling so intense and strong all throughout my body to the point where I feel like I’m spinning or flying, what does this mean?

  31. Alex says:

    At certain times, only maybe 3 I remember for sure, I lay down and was truly relaxed, or I had awoken and was sincerely praying to my Creator (from a dream state to waking state continuously), or I was awake while my eyes were still closed in the middle of the night, but what I felt in each case was basically the same, which was that a force was present or felt over my face and upper chest, but mostly the top of my head and face. I felt like an open space was opening above me (I was laying on my back each time), and I felt that my willingness to let this continue was integral to whatever was going to happen next. I *knew* it would mean leaving my body, perhaps permanently. The force either caused, or was caused by, or just coordinate with a feeling of utter and unemotional calm, and a stillness of mind, but I could still say I was basically conscious. The information I needed (or felt I needed) to decide whether this process was “safe” and something I wanted to continue was not there in each case, as it seemed so arbitrary and unpredictable each time it happened. It happened once when about 19, once again when in mid 30s, and then recently in later 30s. I think it happened once more but I don’t remember for sure.

    There was a “shock” which I felt in each instance (these are the vibrations?), but it always settled into a calm and I felt a pull. It is this “pull” that I did not like and rejected each time.

  32. neil says:

    hi guys I have had sleep paralysis and loud noises about 3 times and thought I was dying as it was hard to break free and fully wake up but always did. After reading up about this I found it to be the signs of an OBE. I am currently at the stage of lying down and relaxing and doing my affirmations, after nearly falling asleep about 7 times I lay fully awake with my body stiff but not paralyzed but as if its what I think as fallen asleep. then I start to get like very nice tingly feeling running up and down my body, and cant seem to feel my body then it stops and I fall asleep. But the other night it went a little further, it felt like my feet were lifting up then it also felt like my body was becoming lighter my heart started beating I opened my eyes to see if anything was different but it went and I was awake…Think I broke my concentration. Its hard to do an OBE a self initiated one if your new to it but I will not give in as im learning and getting there slowly, will keep you posted if I do leave my body thanx

  33. connor says:

    This is all normal everyone, when the noise happens relax and if you see something speak to it. It may look scary or morph its face but they cant hurt you. It is just anxiety or fear mixed with sub conscious. After i speak to it i teleport to somewhere in the house i live and i can walk around and go Where i want to. You may see people you know or characters but go with the flow i saw my Brother Who looked like he was possesed stabbing me but i said stop being so stupid and Fuck off Haha and he did. I love obe’s i can get them everynight. Its a natural halucinogenic drug Which is eerie,random and fun in my eyes Haha

  34. Ray says:

    I never did an obe until I read about lucid dreaming. The first time I got to the vibration state,told myself to do an OBE, saw a ghost and woke up.

    I researched my experience and learned the vibrations are part of the OBE experience.

    Then last month without trying I “woke up” in a dream, got vibrations and I astral projected through my friends kitchen. I could hear other spirits talking including what sounded like an inhuman entity speaking English. I willed it away. It didn’t leave. I then invoked the name of Jesus Christ and it left.

    If you ever do an OBE you will know its not a dream. The vibrations, I feel, Arran amazing experience. It felt like a buzzing electric field around my whole body.

    Life is truly an enigma. Very mysterious.

  35. Yesi says:

    Hi guys. I’m completely new to this.

    As a matter of fact, it just happened to me a couple of minutes of go. For how long I was in that transition I’m not sure but it felt like forever.

    I obviously freaked out, tried to force my body to move through those vibrations. Every single time I did, I heard this loud rining/wave sound and felt pressure on my head.

    I would relax thinking that doing so would allow me to wake up but I wasn’t able to so the process repeated it self a couple of times.

    I ended up praying to God to get rid of whatever demon was in my room doing whatever it was doing. Soon after I woke up and I ran out of my room.

    What caused this to happen to me? Did I do something in particular? Will it happen again?

    I would appreciate much background information on this (:

  36. Denix says:

    I haven’t actually experienced a proper out of body experience yet. Every time i feel like I’m progressing an overwhelming fear takes over me and i force myself awake. I tend to have out of body signals post waking up from a dream. For example, last night i awoke from a nightmare where i believe i was in sleep paralysis, my whole body felt heavy and numb. I could feel my arms numb and tingly, along with a feeling of numbness in my face and forehead. I tried to recollect my nightmare but i was so relaxed and tired and so drifted back to sleep. At this stage i was completely aware that i was asleep and started to feel tingling sensations which quickly turned into a whole body vibration. I’m pretty sure my eyes where closed but i could see my room, i then tried to close my eyes and this bright green aura closed over my eyes and my vibrations got stronger and then for the first time i heard this humming noise, it was loud and distinct. At that point i could feel my body feeling lighter and lifting upwards but the humming noise really scared me and it felt like i forced myself to wake up. I don’t know why i can’t completely relax and let myself go.

  37. Catia says:

    Hello, I am happy to learn that I am not alone with these findings..I started having vibrations last year but never knew what they were..Sometimes I see people standing there and once I think I even left my body but I do not know why or how this happens. I am not trying to do any of it, at first I was terrified but now am learning to relax and just let the vibration happen but it also feels like something or someone heavy is on top of me is this normal? How do you stop the vibrations if your not aware why its happening and how do I leave my body and know where I am traveling to? How do you get back to your body?

    Please help..

  38. Ashley says:

    Ugh im so pissed. I’ve had one lucid dream, and a few where I got the tinglies throughout my body with no pictures going on in my head just concious and subcobcious. Well I was just taking a nap and was in a dream and for a second I knew I was dreaming and startedto know I was about to be in a lucid dream, I got this weird, I dont really want to say buzzing sound in my ear but sort of and I ended up waking myself up…I’ve been experiencing these dreams for the last year (they come when they want) and just want to make it to something incredible! I think that once I get on the verge of it being good, and knowing im passing into one i start trying to hard…..any advice?

  39. Julie says:

    I just had what I think was an O.B.E last night, and I’m not sure what to think of it, let alone consider experimenting with it. I fell asleep at around four o’clock in the morning, and dreamed that I was on my back staring up into a thin, rectangular building, almost like a clock tower. I noticed that one side of the structure was caved in, whereupon an alien voice suggested that I might visualize the side in an intact state. After a few tries, I was able to visualize an intact wall and the entire structure started spinning, accompanied by the feeling that my entire body was being electrocuted. In an instant, I was back in my room, unable to move or call out to my boyfriend for help. I tried desperately to move, and while part of me was moving toward a sitting position on the bed, I felt that part of me was still laying down, asleep. Once the “ethereal” part of me sat fully upright, I found myself fully awake with the electric feeling likewise gone. This past day I have been researching similar phenomena, and am not entirely sure whether this was almost an O.B.E or just a vivid dream- any constructive opinion would be greatly appreciated.

  40. Fatuma says:

    For me, sleep paralysis occurs when my sleep pattern has changed dramatically or when I wake up from deep sleep to go to the bathroom. I know it’s coming when my jaw starts to vibrate out of control. I feel my eyes are closed but yet I’m able to see all around me. My bed starts to sink as I feel something on top of me. I’m not able to move or speak. And I would sometimes see images. Mostly black smoke on my bed or crawling up my ceiling. It used to be scary but now it’s just annoying because I’m constantly fighting it by forcing myself to open my eyes when I’m really tempted to sleep. I want to one day not fight it and see where it takes me but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to wake up again if I leave my body!

  41. Sims says:

    I would like to experience an obe,but it takes me forever,I’ve had episodes where I’m sleeping,I’m aware that I’m asleep but then it gets really difficult. For me to wake,like I try so hard to wake up,I can’t make a sound,move or anything…sometimes its also like I dream what is gonna happen to me then I can’t tell whether its de javu or whether its real or whatever,I also sleep talk a lot,I just want to try this obe thing but how long does it really take to get an obe?

  42. After watching Inception and learning about Sleep Paralysis I have become very interested and fascinated about how to control your dreams and having O.B.E.s.I have even took notes and read quite a bit on this website. I’d like to ask anyone who reads this their honest opinions on what happened?
    One night without meaning to or focusing on it I had a amazing dream. It was like I was a director watching a movie on full screen. A man was being chased by something bad, I cant really recall what, but this attractive male whom I’ve never met personally was scared for his life so he has and was running from it. He goes down a winding dirt path. The dream was so vivd i could see things in clear detail and then all of a sudden the camera slowly pointed up to the sky and then to the sun. The sun sort of beamed a little brighter like flashed at me. It was beautiful. At this point I found my voice I said out loud in my dream,”I’m dreaming wow I can’t believe this! I can change this into anything I want. Then I decided I wanted to see how this “movie” ends what will happen to this guy, then I’ll try to change it. As the camera followed the man he looked at me and asked me “How I did that…?” This took me by surprise and it took me a second of shock to actually realize he was talking to me, by this point I was so ecstatic cause I know I had a break through in what I’ve wanted to achieve. I said, “Are you talking to me? Who are you and I don’t know how it happened.” He was still running trying to get away but would glance at me so intently with such curiosity.
    Well then the thing chasing him finally catches up and BAM I wake up feeling so excited and over joyed. I mean I must have did something right to accomplish something as surreal as that dream. The man I believe in my dream was my subconscious, at least I’d like to think so.
    So Could you give me some insight on how that happened and tips/advice on how to have lucid dreams, O.B.E.s, and sleep paralysis. I am a quick learner and don’t believe I have found anything so fascinating, besides Psychology, to occupy my time.

  43. Shaq says:

    I’ve been having this happen to me for about a year and a half now. I’m 21. It’s like I’m sleeping and I wake up in my dream and my body starts vibrating extremely hard. Last night I fell asleep playing basketball and I woke up at about 4 am. I don’t know if I was in a dream or if it was reality. I checked my phone to see if my gf texted and I just layed in mu bed just relaxing because I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Then my body started vibrating really bad. It felt like my body was squeezing itself in and I couldn’t move or talk. I started to panic and I was looking around my room to see if I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. That’s all I remember. I want to master this and roam in the dream world. Only thing is that I’m a child of God and I worship him as I am Christian. Idk if this goes against my relegion (leaving my body) and idk if an evil spirir could slip into my body if its is vacant. Lol

  44. Shaq says:

    ^Watching basketball****

  45. Seth says:

    I had a strong vibrating sensation in my chest about a year and a half ago. This was the first I ever heard of anything like this happening. I haven’t felt right since. My health has been strange and my energy has vanished. I have also stopped remembering my dreams, which have been vivid and epic for years and years. I generally feel older and more depressed, like I’ve lost something. I can’t stop wondering what happened.

    I had a similar instance once again just a few months ago. This time a large crackle in my chest, exploding just after hearing a voice “warn” me about misdirecting my prayers??? Not sure. Never been religious. Really confused and distraught over this. Especially the first instance which has robbed me of something. Can anyone help?????

  46. Joleen says:

    Hi guys. I want to get some feedback on my experience. For years I’ve had these vibration sensations in my sleep, but always shook them off because they scared me! Well I just started gaining interest in meditation/lucid dreaming so I decided to just let it happen. I am still trying to figure out what it is that I am experiencing though. Lucid or OBE?? I guess lucid because I’ve not actually hovered over my body knowing I was out of it. Although I have seen myself sleep in my dream and knew it was me there. And I remember thinking how odd it was.

    Anyway, last night I go to sleep and the vibrations came back.

    I told myself “get up”. I felt myself rise but it’s this extreme heaviness as I try to do it…. I am always sluggish! I know I’m up but everything in the room is really really dim. It’s like I am looking through a door peephole so I can see just a little bit of the room. What is this??? It happened one other time this year when I was meditating and I don’t always see the entire ROOM, but I am aware that I’m there and so I try and make cool things happen like flying etc….Anyway last night when all of this happened I told myself go upstairs and scare Melissa! She’s my room mate. I climbed the stairs and glanced at myself in a mirror and thought wow that is not me, my hair is not that color and what the hell am I wearing.. Anyway I went into her room and scared her. She jumped up and took off down the stairs and out the door. This of course only happened in the “dream” because she wasn’t even there. The whole time I was aware and kept willing myself to go after her and then travel to other places which I did.

    There was so much more to it and I have the recurring thing where if I get to a location and want to do something else but I have to go back to this same “room” and go through this whole process to get out and explore again.

    Anyway I hope to share more, I am so facsinated by this and enjoy reading everybody else experiences!

  47. Ally says:

    It’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one to exp this. My experience is a tad different though.

    For about a year I have been getting vibrations. It started randomly and has not gone away. I feel strong vibrations near my heart. It’s like my whole heart area is the source of the vibrations. Then I can feel it through my arms an my toes. It’s very overwhelming. It started off every once in a while but now it can happen anywhere and in public places. I have experienced this in middle of a class if I fall asleep and in order to get out of it I always move my neck first because I’m on sleep paralysis. I have mastered getter out of it because it frightens me. I hear people talking and weird random noises. I have looked into astral projection but every time this vibration happens I chicken out. It’s like, I can close my eyes for one second and fall into it. And the scary part is, when I finally get out of it and sit up its like I’m in a trance. Everything is magnified and I can’t comprehend where I am or what is happening. It’s like a wave of confusion passes through me for a good 20 seconds. It’s very overwhelming. Imagine, everything being magnified and not being able to figure out where you are or what’s going on. This article did mention something along these lines of your body can’t handle the vibration. I have no doubt in my mind no matter how scary it is that it is a gift. I know this because the center of my vibration is coming from my heart. I know what it is but I just get so scared to go through with it and actually try to project. Does anyone have any tips on how to not fear projecting? I know I will be able to do it if I try but it frightens me

  48. Dave says:

    Sorry but what you wrote about the vibrations is simply incorrect. One has to be careful when airing such sweeping statements. These vibrations are a phenomenon with significance way beyond OBE. They are referred in Vipassana and by Ecjhart Tolle and others. They are the representation of consciousness and once you are aware of them directly than you can dis-identify with your body and exit. You can read more details about it at

  49. austinite says:

    I’m experiencing the same type of electric shocks and intense ringing. Someone is experimenting with us more than likely. Some type of government entity or secret organization. These shocks and buzzing noises don’t spring out from your brain. It’s clear. There is some type of chip or device that has been implanted. The other day, I felt a capsule like feeling flowing through my arteries. I’m sure doctors will say something like: it’s a blood clot. But it isn’t!

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