O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10

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Here in part 10 you’ll find out why everything you’ve read about O.B.E vibrations in books is wrong and you’ll find out the 3 easiest ways to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

The Top 3 Signals To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE

If you’ve never done an O.B.E before, it’s extremely difficult to know if you’re making any progress until you’re actually already out of your body or in a lucid dream. What you need are easy to detect signals that you can use like road signs to tell you how close you are to succeeding. In this section we’ll cover the top 3 most common road signs. These are:

1 – The sleep paralysis wave
2 – Pre O.B.E rushing noises
3 – Vibrations

Sleep Paralysis Wave: Your Primary Signal

We already covered the sleep paralysis wave in Lucidology 101 part 2. Essentially when your body shuts itself down in sleep paralysis you’ll feel something like a heavy lead blanket feeling being laid on your body. This feeling is unmistakable and a sign that you’re very close to success and you can use the exit techniques we’ll cover in part 12 to turn the paralysis into an O.B.E.

Pre-O.B.E. Rushing Noises: The Second Most Frequent Signal

The second road sign to watch for are pre-O.B.E rushing noises. When you tune in between stations on a radio you get the sound of random static and
white noise. Once you’re back on a station again things come in clearly. It’s the same thing with O.B.E.s. You start out completely focused in your normal waking environment and as you drop into a subconscious focus you pass through a kind of no man’s land where you’re not really conscious and you’re not really subconscious.

Rushing Noises Can Sound Like A Tornado Or Freight Train

When you’re tuned to that no-man’s land frequency you hear rushing noises that sound like random static or a train rushing by.

Vibrations: The Most Famous Progress Signal

About the same time you hear rushing noises you may feel what are called O.B.E vibrations. Vibrations are probably the most famous phenomenon associated with O.B.E.s and they’re also the effect that has the most misconceptions. Almost everything to be found in books on O.B.E.s about vibrations is simply wrong and so this is a place where a lot of people get stuck. They reach the vibration stage and then get hung up because they use an ineffective method from bad advice they read in a book.

The 3 Critical Vibrations Misconceptions

The 3 misconceptions about vibrations are:

1.) What they are

2.) What they mean

3.) How to use them.

What Vibrations Are Not

Here’s what vibrations are not. Vibrations are not a subjective kind of thing where you it’s like you’re “feeling the vibes, man, far out!”. Vibrations are much more mundane than that.

What Are Vibrations Like?

If you make a VVVVV sound, the feeling of vibrations in your lips is very similar to the feeling of vibrations that often appear along with medium stages of paralysis. Sometimes the vibrations can been extremely strong and feel like electricity, other times they are entirely absent. It’s very rare for vibrations to be strong enough to be painful, usually they just feel like a harmless buzzing in your head and chest area.

Types Of O.B.E Vibrations

However sometimes they can go throughout your entire body. These can be incredibly loud and feel like you’re holding on to a chain saw. A lot of people report feeling them in the spine. In one case I woke up into an O.B.E in my bed and it sounded exactly like there was someone with a hedge trimmer outside my window. I realized it was because I had off the chart vibrations that were coming from what I later found to be the L1 lumbar vertebrae in my lower back. I used deep breathing to return myself from the O.B.E because I was running more energy than what seemed safe.

Most O.B.E Vibrations Are Harmless

That was a very unusual experience and most of the time you actually won’t have any vibrations at all and if you do it’s no more powerful than the feeling of a vibrating cell phone.

The basic thing to know is that once you’ve had vibrations, you will know it. There won’t be any question in your mind about it because it’s just a buzzing feeling and noise.

Misconception #2: What O.B.E Vibrations Mean

The second misconception is that most books will tell you that when you have vibrations you’re ready to exit into the O.B.E. This is completely the polar opposite of reality. Vibrations mean that you are NOT ready to exit and here’s why.

Double Energy From Two Signals

Physical and nonphysical awarenesses are both types of signals that you focus on. During the middle stage of an O.B.E exit you’re making the transition from one to the other and you experience both physical and nonphysical signals. These signals have energy. When you sum both of these signals together you pass through a phase where you’re running double the amount of energy you normally would.

Double Energy Can Result In Intermodulation Distortion

If this energy is more than your system can comfortably handle, you get distortion. The big fancy signal processing name for this is intermodulation distortion. The name is not so important as the fact that this energy hump does not go on forever, it comes and then goes and this is critical to understanding how to deal with vibrations.

Vibrations Mean You’re Not Ready To Exit: Wait For “The Quiet Zone”

Because the excess energy hump comes and goes, you get a ‘quiet zone’ once you’ve focused completely out of physical focus and in to nonphysical focus. So it looks like this: you start out in physical focus with no vibes. You relax into a near O.B.E and get light vibes. You relax almost to the point of separation and get majorly heavy vibes. This is where most people screw it up because of the bad advice in books. The trick is to simply continue to relax deeper and deeper past the vibrations until the vibes have smoothed out completely. Once you’re in the quiet zone after the vibes, that’s how you know you’ve completely shifted into the O.B.E.

Unbalanced Tires Analogy

The energy hump is like a truck I used to have with unbalanced tires. When it got up to 45 MPH it would start vibrating the entire truck. At 55 MPH it would smooth out again. The range of 45 to 55 MPH was a transition range that caused the tires to vibrate with each other. Pre O.B.E. rushing noises and vibrations are the same thing: you’re coming in and out of phase with two different physical and nonphysical signals.

What About Vibrationless O.B.E.s?

Keep in mind that the vibrations only happen when the total energy goes beyond what your nonphysical body is capable of conducting. The more O.B.E.s you do, the more energy you can run without problems and the less vibrations you’ll have. Eventually almost all your O.B.E.s will be vibration-free.

Vibrationless O.B.E.s

You’ll go from waking awareness, with no vibes, all the way to the O.B.E with no vibes which means you’ll have to rely on other signals that we’ll cover later to tell if you’re in the O.B.E. The up side to this is that vibrationless O.B.E.s are much brighter and clearer than O.B.E.s where you have to punch through massive vibrations.

Why Vibrationless O.B.E.s Are Brighter And Clearer

Why would that be? In a chainsaw, the noise is caused by friction. Vibrations are a form of noise, so vibrations are a form of friction. Friction is waste of energy. Chainsaw noise is a waste of physical energy and so vibrations are a waste of nonphysical energy.

When you’re in vibrations you’re wasting energy so it’s a state you want to relax through as quickly as possible.

Misconception #3: What To Do With Vibrations

The next misconception is what to do once you’re in vibrations. For instance, Robert Monroe wrote that you should try to ‘sweep’ the vibrations up and down your body before separating. Is this good advice or not?

Relaxation Is The Only Solution

The only way to reduce vibrations is to reduce the pressure that causes friction and that means relaxing.

If you reach vibrations and then try to do something, whether it’s running the vibrations up and down your body or anything else, then the one thing you’re NOT doing is relaxing. And relaxing is exactly the one thing that you need to do when you have vibrations because only way to release the friction is to relax. No other solution will work.

This is why vibrations are a major obstacle for more OBEers, because when they try to do something, anything, they are unable to simply relax into the quiet zone.

Definitely do NOT try to force your way out when you’re in the middle of vibrations. You’ll almost certainly just get pulled right back into your body since you haven’t yet matched up with a nonphysical focus.

The “How Close To An O.B.E? Meter”: Relax Through Vibrations

Even if you do manage to muscle your way out, you’ll have spent so much energy on the exit that the resulting O.B.E will probably be so dark and low energy that you’ll just stagger around and not be able to do anything fun anyway. It’s far better to relax through vibrations into the quiet zone and then slip out of body effortlessly.

The Sneaky Loop Hole: Photographic Trance

By the way, there is a sneaky loop hole that allows you to cheat so you can do O.B.E.s even when you’re in the middle of vibrations. We’ll cover this sneaky cheat in Lucidology 102 part 3. The trick is to enter something called a photographic trance which allow you to have O.B.E.s at much lighter levels of trance so you don’t have to be in full sleep paralysis to separate.

Exiting Even In The Middle Of Vibrations

This loophole also opens the door to a technique called ‘trance recycling’ . Trance recycling allows you to have a dozen or more O.B.E.s in a row and quickly rack up a massive number of O.B.E.s in a single session. To find out more about Lucidology 102, visit

Because many O.B.E.s are completely vibrationless, you need several other road signs to tell how close you are to success. In the next section we’ll cover the 5 crucial progress signals to tell how close you are to an O.B.E.

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181 Responses to “O.B.E. Vibrations – 3 Ways How To Tell How Close You Are To An OBE Or Lucid Dream – Lucidology 101 Part 10”

  1. Russ says:

    My ex was trying to show me how to astral travel i remember feeling my heartrate increase.along with a fuzzy haze feeling but at the same time i remember seeing a light greenish haze in my mind i tried to slow my heart rate down then remember becoming fully consious after,how close was i to actually astral traveling? And is seeing a haze like that a good sign or bad one? Also she wiccan and was telling me incense can help, me being a leo she burned Dragon’s Blood incense.

  2. Aaron says:

    I tried this in yoga in my school (Which means i didnt have all time in the world..but i let myself feel like i did) And i remember i kept seeing this blue pearl (blue color) when i focused on my third eye. I was trying to have an OBE, and thought the blue pearl would be exit way. Right so i felt the vibrations (sometimes i feel them when im concious…and i like..touch my leg to see if i can feel them with my hand…and theres NOTHING) anyway..i felt them..and then the room started getting brighter (just the lower corners of my vision..even with my eyes closed) and then the vibrations stopped and i couldnt even hear my heart beat..i felt like i was actually doing it. But the thing is..i didnt see anything..and i kept thinking “What does it feel like to see without my eyes…how do i know when i’ve done i try to sleep/lose consiounsess alittle..or should i focus on the dark??” And then the time was up and so i just let go :)

  3. Evan says:

    Last night I had an unusual experience during sleep. When (maybe) I am in deep sleep I slightly woke up and found myself floating from 2/3 feet up from my bed and an intense amount of vibration in my head or brain. It lasted almost for 8/10 seconds before I again fell asleep. I only could slightly open my eyes during that happening and saw everything is ok in my room but it was feeling floating and heavy vibration in my head.

  4. Zeuu says:

    I can do OBE more than usual now.. This Lucidology is lying about 3 mins out the body.. I went out for 22mins .. And could be more.. I travel to my neighbor to have sex than travel to government base to spy and now I know how is this world and who is the bitch. Sex in OBE is 10 times better trust me hahaha and u can do it with whoever.

  5. Zeuu says:

    Anyone who wants legit advise do give me your contact or email I can tell you legit for free… Stop buying books ~ they are just bullshit…

  6. Anonymous says:
    I’d like to learn more. I feel the vibrations too, and sometimes after hours of meditation when I fall asleep it’s like Im flying through a light blue veil, and I can feel myself losing altitude or suddenly gaining it.

  7. dawson says:

    I don’t know why but in the last couple of nights I would be on my phone and I would close my eyes and almost fall asleep but then I wake up because of this weird vibrating feeling in my body and I like jolt awake because of it

  8. Jules says:

    Okay I have had this my entire life OBE, sleep paralysis. I hear the sounds, the vibrations, the electric buzzing, and sometime I float, sometime Im violently pulled by my arm. Then I fly sometimes just over the trees and there is a sense if I “believe” I can then soar and do, but as I begin to doubt I drop lower. Sometimes there is a pressure on my chest, a presence standing near the bed, I am terrified of the “presence” it has whispered phrases to me over the years, played music so loud I could have screamed. I have floated to the ceiling of my bedroom, through walls and flown fast through my city. It never occurs to me to “control” it. My fear is off-the-chart during these experiences. The worst of it is the pulling of my arm, it feels like a real hand grabbing my wrist pulling so hard to lift me up — just terrifying! I really thought I was the only one!

  9. amber says:

    dude, i was using the rope technique and so i started feeling the vibrations and it scared me so i woke up .-. i did not want tooooo ;-;

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have pumping effect in ears and vibrations all the time now they are becoming stronger no meditation at all not close to sleep – random sometimes in the shop… I’m here because I’ve google and would like help? It’s here right now for hours now

  11. Rhonda says:

    I get vibrations in my head and face when I wake up from sleep…I am very spiritual so I think it is related to OBES but not sure.

  12. GalaxyOfWaffles says:

    Sleeping on your back causes this.
    If you want OBE sleep on your back with your head facing upward and use low pillows.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hand vibrate nned to solution

  14. marcel says:

    this was a lot of help thanks.

  15. Anon says:

    I haven’t attempted to try an OBE in a while and I just did right now. I know I have a special gift with dreams. I find it pretty easy to go have an OBE. But never go full out because I get scared. But just now I layed straight, arms on my sides and just kept breathing calmly almost like I’m meditating. I just close my eyes and breathe. After a while my jaw tightened up and I would do heavy twitches and I knew it was a sign my body was falling asleep. After a little bit longer I rolled to my side and still feeling the same I was beginning to feel kinda floaty.. And I could feel this vibration through my body it’s was an intense vibration.. Then I heard this noise idk how to explain I heard it for 5 seconds than my mind kinda was like wtf? And I tried to focus going back to that and I did and it was super loud and my body was vibrating I felt like I was about to seperate but I was fighting for about 10 seconds to wake up because I was too scared. So yeah idk just sharing

  16. Brenda Osborne says:

    I’ve been threw so many vibrational stages.. sometimes it’s as if my body doesn’t want to give up so every time I was able to move again, I’d lay down and slowly ease my way back into one. Last time it happened I tried to relax to see if it would all go away… the only thing that did was make my brain feel as if my ears had ringing in them and it was trying to take over my brain. I always freak out because I didn’t know what was going on. People always told me it was a demon sitting on my That part didn’t freak me out. I just didn’t know what to do or what was gonna happen. A while ago I had a friend stay over, while I was in the paralysis stage; My back was towards him and he was facing my back… once I was able to move again, I sat upward and as I was getting up it were as if the air from my room rushes out my window. It freaked him out. He said he felt some dude standing over him… I’m not so sure if that part is true… but… does anyone know why that happened and why I have so many chances to have an O.B.E. and sometimes fall right back into one? If so please just e-mail me @

  17. Kim Kimma says:

    I have experienced Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis since I was a kid. The sleep paralysis always freaked me out, until recently I learned that it’s a gateway for OBE’s. Last night (actually very early this morning) I had my first experience of leaving my body and being able to see myself (instead of being scared during my sleep paralysis, I told myself I felt safe and protected and wanted to leave my body). It literally felt like a spiraled out of my body.. I was trying to.. The heaviness of my body was gone and I felt light as a feather.. When I was floating above myself it was so magical and amazing, but I quickly spiraled back into my body, which was followed by an intense migraine-like pain in my brain. That pain subsided after a few moments and then my head just felt really hot like I had a fever or something. I desperately tried again to leave my body, I got close but to no avail. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to not be afraid of sleep paralysis anymore or the fact that I had my first OBE being able to float above myself. There is so much more to this universe than what meets the eye. Namasté y’all

  18. jenna says:

    OMG I just had the same experience as jules I was sleeping heard light a worped sound in the background my spine and body violently vibrating felt like I was in and out of counciousness a little Gile whispering in my ear that her parents stay in the living first I thought it was my 6 yr old son but soon realized it wasn’t at the same time I had to much fear I was afraid to move and felt some movement next to me..

  19. Sabrina, 16 says:

    Yesterday I was in my therapist’s office and we started to get into some upsetting things. All of a sudden, my body started to heavily vibrate back and forth. Fully conscious, eyes open, mid-thought, mid-day. I haven’t ever tried to have an obe, but they just keep starting at night and I can usually shake it off, but this was very strong.I felt so dizzy I had to tell her I was vibrating, lol. I’m a natural psychic, and my powers are increasing whether I like it or not. Why would this happen when I was upset, and it was mid-day?! I’m pretty confused. It scared me quite a bit-it was so sudden and strong.

  20. Cow flake says:

    I can’t get to the vibration stage like it never comes and I lay there for EVER

  21. Vera Pilecki says:

    I’m so happy I found this link! I felt the vibrations, felt like current electricity throughout my entire body. I was having unreal vivid dreams that night… I was everywhere, I was lost on a cruise ship in Hawaii.. I was walking in a very scary neighborhood, I was attacked by two men, then was free again, the sky was talking to me in this most haunting voice, saying I can seeeee you…. a wild black horse was galloping along the shoreline in this bizarre storm, waves crashing as his hoofs were kicking up the sand, very violently… omg….. then the vibrations started, I opened my eyes and still felt the vibration as I looked across the room at my wall….. I didnt know wtf was going on!!

  22. hayley says:

    Years ago all of this started happening to me. I would start off with sleep paralysis where I would think to myself “I’m dreaming, I need to wake up! I need to wake up!” And I would ‘wake up’ but in another dream. Nearly everytime I ‘woke up’ I was laying in the same position in my bed as I actually was in real life. It felt as though I had to pull myself out through all of these layers of my mind. Then after a few times of this happening on seperate occasions, the vibrations and loud noises started. Where I would force to wake myself up again cause it scared the crap out of me! And it always felt like it took ages to actually wake myself up. Then one night I felt something or someone else there with me. And it pushed me up against my door (in my dream) and ever since I have tried my hardest to not have these dreams! I never knew what they were and thought perhaps my room was haunted? Haha not that I really believed in any of that but I had no idea otherwise. I’ve never really been one to meditate or anything either. My mum is kind of spiritual, and I suppose I am to some degree? But not really… I always thought it was a bit hocus pocus-ey but since stumbling across this, I don’t know what to believe! Haha does anyone have any advice on how to not be freaked the f**k out when it happens? Because it really doesn’t feel like a nice presence is around me when it happens but everything I’ve read suggests they are? Any advice would be much appreciated as I’m new to all of this!

  23. stacy says:

    i have always had weird dreams, even as a child. i also know when i am lucid dreaming, but later on in life i started having vibrations, the vibrations r so bad it hurts for about 2 days. also when i have the vibrations(sounds like jets comin in) please dont make fun of me, i have orgasms. which i tried to fight off. i use to have a mirror on my head board, i would try to stop the vibrations and look into the mirror(by the way a x ray showed my back bone has enlarged)i”ve seen things in the mirror, ive growled n screamed n came out of the vibrations.what does this mean and why?if i leave my body , who is watching it? and what if i cant get back in.i really dont understand this it sounds crazy,at first the vibrations feel good, then its scary, then it hurts for days.why cant i just sleep.and by the way nobody wants to hear my/your premonitions.I just dont understand what i should do?i would be afraid of being connected to wires n having people watch me sleep.but the vibrations r getting louder n more forceful.what should i do to calm my soul, ? i still dont feel safe, and what if i cant find myself to get back?

  24. Invadev says:

    every night when I start lying down it starts vibrating my body internally, like my arms my back but i dont have this buzzing feeling and noise. what is the technique to acquire The Quiet Zone?

  25. Invadev says:

    When I dont know anything about vibration or meditation, kundalini, i experienced this lucid dream and i could control my dreams as i felt like i was hero. i could go back once i awake. it was a good experience. i was having this sleep paralysis because i was afraid i just prayed and it’s gone many times and i heard someone is calling me that was long time ago.

  26. donya says:

    I’ve had obe since 16 now I’m 36. I vibrate in bed sometimes and I learned that means I’ll meet with someone who whispers, hugs, and sexually arouses me. He whispered to me …from behind the walls to in your dreams I will come to you and kissed my lips quickly. Two nights ago it told me to open my eyes and shun light in my eyes. I said no..and I said stop. I was scared. I don’t want to see who has been approaching me in obe. He hears my thoughts and speaks to me on a telepathic level.

  27. B says:

    I have had one OBE that I know of. It was extermly scary. I was asleep one minute then awake and paralized. In the process of trying to wake up I felt myself leave my body which heightened my terror. I floated down the hall trying to get to my parents room for help. When I got there I felt like I was sucked back into my body and I woke up. It was unlike lucid dreams I have them regularly now it felt very different. Ever Since then I have lucid dreamt regularly. It has taken Me quite awhile to get used to it. It’s not till recent that I have been able to not get worked up about them. IM finally able to just relax and stay calm thro the parlizing part. But as much as people say they like it I still dont. I would much rather just have a standard old dream.

  28. High Vibration Girl says:

    Lately I have been having more and more vivid dreams. These dreams are so detailed and I have been able to remember every single detail when I wake up so I have been writing them down as soon as I wake up. This is unusual for me, usually I don’t remember any of my dreams. I have had sleep paralysis in the past, like 3 or more years ago but it terrified me so much I never explored deeper and started having sleep issues. Eventually the paralysis and vibrations went away and I went for a period of about 2 years with no sleep disturbances and not many dreams. Last month I was suffering from terrible migraines and neck and back pain that lasted all day everyday for weeks and only went away when I went to sleep… Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in bed that month. The past two weeks however, my migraines have disappeared and I have been waking around 4:30-6:30am every morning despite what time I went to bed. Each time I wake from very vivid dreams. They pointed out many things in my life that I have recently become aware of and even new perspectives I have never thought of before… Those messages always came in the form of close friends in my dream saying something that seemed important but I couldn’t really make sense of until I woke up. I also have noticed these vibrating sensations that seem to start in my chest. It’s seems familiar and I remember this used to happen to me years ago when I had the sleep paralysis occurrences. I remember I used to think I was having a heart attack or my heart was about to stop or something and I would jolt awake, or I would have the vibrating sensation so much and then all the sudden feel no vibrations and I thought my heart stopped and I would jolt awake and check my pulse, which always was slow and steady. I took a nap today and this happened to me again but I don’t have the same terror I used to get, now that I have researched this a little but the odd feeling and anxiety about it still managed to wake me up. Does anyone have suggestions on how to move on from this stage without waking myself up? I feel like all of this is happening for a reason and I don’t want to be too scared to experience something that seems to be calling me and that some people really work hard to experience. I want to give myself the chance to have an obe. I don’t know if I’ve had one or not but my dreams have been nothing but enlightening the past two weeks and I would like to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Not sure what’s going on but would like to learn more. I’m physically healthy 27 year old but all of these recent changes seem like something is happening. If anyone has suggestions please message me

  29. Judy says:

    O.k lets go there..llwhom are the purple orbs working on my body…why such loud buzzing…and why such extreme vibrations..and why do I feel drained when I finally sleep and wake up?
    Plz feel free to email me…many questions….

  30. Radmin says:

    Hi Dear Donya, are you persian? If so can we have contact?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I had an OBE last night. Woke up around 4 am after only sleeping for about 4 hours to use the bathroom came back and could not fall asleep for the life of me. My girlfriend was right next to me and All of a sudden I started hearing an ocean like sound. Then all of a sudden I was standing out of my bed and every step I took I felt a sharp and really strong vibration through my whole entire body. My body felt so calm in between vibrations so I took about 5 steps and I remember all of this very clearly. So I turn around a literally see myself and my girlfriend sleeping. I was so startled by this I jumped out of bed back out of this OBE stage woke up my girlfriend and asked her if she noticed the sounds or myself literally out of my body and she said no. I wasn’t a true believer in this kind of stuff until last night and now that I think about it I feel a little more spiritually connected to myself than ever before.

  32. Ella says:

    Ok so this weird thing has been happening to me right in between the phase where I fall asleep and I’m awake, and it really freaks me out. The first time is happened i felt my hand being lifted off of my chest and then I quickly woke up and was completely freaked out it was completely involuntary too. Another Time that this happened to me it was my foot I felt my foot being moved or shifted/lifted and that one really scared me. Lastly it happens to my hand again and these Are all like right before I fall asleep, and it wakes me up every time. These incidents have all happened within a month to a month and a half. Also I am 14

  33. Lissette says:

    Many years ago I had one experience. It felt like waves that started at my feet and when it reached my head I was out. It was not scary in fact it was wonderful. I have never had it happen to me again. I did not feel paralyzed just loved.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Last night my 2 year old son and I was asleep in my being.I remember turning off my T.V around 12 pm. I don’t recall what time i fell asleep, i just remember dreaming i was in a clothing store and my son was playing and i left him in the store as i was leaving i start slowing down and a lady came out of the store i saw she had my phone so i followed her back in the store. She asked me why did i leave my son? I didn’t respond. My son is Still playing where i left him all of sudden I fainted. Im still in my dream at this time i start blacking out as im blacking out the lady says its okay im going to help you. Then I realize im in a mind state of awareness and all i can see is black and i feel an intense vibration to point i can hear it. My eyes are still closed i dont know how long this goes on for, after i thought i moved my body side ways with my back on the head border of my bed then my neck lifting with my Jaw wide open with my head tilted back. At that moment i was not ready i said No im my mind then i woke up in the same position i fell asleep in. Nothing was around me. About 3 days ago i was trying to get an OBE but seems like i couldn’t focus. Please give me some advice. Of how to get over the terror of going into the spiritual world. I am very spiritual btw.

  35. Ned Q.F says:

    I’ve been out of ma body twice and at first i jst ignored the vibrations i wanted to see where it’d tyk me.I saw a white trail of light which i entered to and jst as i did i floated above ma body and went like 10 feet above it….its amzing i could get through walls….i like it so much

  36. Nicnak says:

    I ready many of these comments on this page and it’s interesting hearing other people’s experiences. For myself, I new something was happening but was afraid of it. It usually happens to me during an afternoon nap. Doesn’t matter what my sleeping position is as long as I’m comfortable. It starts with my whole body feeling very dense, relaxed and heavy..then a feeling of a vibration over comes my whole body, no sound just feeling. Then I’ll feel my self wanting to lift away from my body, sometimes just my arms feel as if they are being lifted/pulled upward. Recently while in a vibrational trance state, I allowed my self to be taken by this feeling and saw an owl flapping its wings in front of me. I took this as a sign that if I want to leave my body…fly! So I did. I was in some room I have never been in before, felt like someone’s bedroom, it was modern, I saw two windows but didn’t go to them I just kept flying in this room and herd a voice say “you shouldn’t have come here”. I wasn’t scared but began to lose control as my home phone rang and brought me back to my body!

  37. tom says:

    i usually almost always start getting the vibrations right away. it starts out low n builds up to intense. then it comes back in waves for a bit then stops. when it stops, is this the quite zone where you easily slip out? then it might start up again . so is the quiet zone the lull between the vibrations ?

  38. Susanna says:

    I was born this way. I vibrate without even wanting it. I donoy understand why it happends to me. Everything that is on this sight from the electrical signal buzzing at first, the various vibrations to even opening my spititual eyes while im
    Sleeping but im very aware of my surroundings, i have constantly. I want to know why i go through this without even looking to do so.

  39. sarah says:

    Ever since I can remember I have had “weird” stuff happen before falling fully asleep.I have always felt vibrations, heavy chest, very very shallow breathing almost to the point where I have to tell myself to keep breathing for fear of stopping altogether. My father is very spiritual. so I was raised up with the notion that all this was wrong and demonic and because of that I am always really really scared when this happens. I have felt my bed shake, I have felt very strong vibrations, whole body tingles, the presence of something else beside me, all of which I do not understand and have become fear full of. My aunt is polar oppisite of my father and believes in past lives, spiritual guides, psychics, ect and says I need to embrace these things I have been experiencing for the past 30 years. I have just begun my research into these phenomena and am very unsure, enlightened, and a bit uneasy as to what I am experiencing. Any information, tips, knowledge would be very helpful. email please at

  40. Sara says:

    I don’t know what’s going on. I came here because I was searching for what happened to me.I was dreaming and in my dream I was researching someone. When suddenly a demon like face appeared. When I seen it I heard this loud buzzing in my smiling and felt my brain vibrate. My body became paralyzed. I tried to awaken myself but it was hard. When I awoke. I felt I had a nightmare. But the moment I closed my eyes I seen the face and was sent back into a vibrating freenzy much worse than the first episode. When I finally pulled myself from it I felt terrified. Looking for answers I found this page. Am I crazy?

  41. Race says:

    So I’ve been having sleep paralysis for about four years. At first it really scared me and freaked me out, but with some research I realized it was nothing that could possibly harm me. I learned over the years how to snap out of my paralysis subconsciously some how. I had a sleep paralysis episode the other day so I decided to do some research and I saw how it was connected to “lucid dreaming”. I did some serious research and found that people with sleep paralysis could lucid dream so I decided to try and figure it out. I read to instead of fighting the paralysis instead go with the paralysis and invisison yourself with a person you love or want to be with then imagine yourself somewhere. So lately I decided I would try that. Tonight I thought about it and sure enough I woke up on sleep paralysis, instead of fighting it I relaxed and then BOOM that’s when the vibrations hit me. I didn’t realize you should keep the vibrations going until the quiet zone so I was trying veryy hard to go into my lucid dream and imagine myself with somebody, I started seeing a green haze and it almost started to turn into some kind of tower shape but it was just a green haze in my vision, at this point I knew what was going on but the vibrations were getting so intense I decided I need to get out of this state so I subconsciously woke myself and body up because I know how to do this. So basically I just didn’t make it until the quiet faze I was getting visuals of green but I thought at some point I would go into my lucid dream it just didn’t happen. So I brought my self to wake up. So I found this discussion and it really helped me realize that I was almost to a lucid dream. It’s kinda scary to me because I heard stories of seeing evil things but also stories of it being absolutely amazing. I feel like I need to take advantage of my sleep paralysis because not everyone gets it. I just have a very strong mind because I almost figured out how to lucid dream within a weeks time. I just didn’t make it to the quiet faze. I feel like there is something to this more than just a dream. It’s absolutely crazy to me, and I’m only 17 years old. I’m not completely sure what to do once I get to the quiet faze because I have never been there I know I was trying to force myself out of the vibrations and I need to just relax instead. I will probably do this again just to try it once because I want to try lucid dreaming. I’ve never seen demonic things and I don’t ever want to that’s the only thing scaring me. I know I can lucid dream now because of the extreme vibrations and I consciously did this to myself. Just give me some advice on what you would do if you were me and what to do once you’re in the quiet Faze. I thought I would share my story also. I consider myself to be very smart and I believe in Jesus so I feel protected through this. Feel free to email me about your advice or anything about it. What would you do if you were me? – Thanks Race.

  42. ANN says:

    HI NICK!

  43. ANN says:












  44. Neo says:

    Anyone who’s willing to give me advice on how to perform astral projection please email me at

  45. Anonymous says:

    Yay I’m so happy to finally know what those vibrations are! You see when I was a little girl I felt like I needed to stop eating meat so I did, but growing up and what not people got in my head and I started slowly to eat meat again… Fast forward in my twenties now two years ago I decided to not eat meat again (vegan) so this time I started to get out of my body easily and could tell it wasn’t a dream as I lucid dream almost all the time, so I think that now that I’ve been eating meat again I’ve been getting “stuck” or something and this is when i started to feel this strong vibrations which were annoying because I didn’t know what was happening, now I know what to do… Btw Judy

  46. Anonymous says:

    Judy I saw those orbs too! but the ones I saw were black and were not moving, the inside seemed to be coming out of the balls or orbs, like little buildings coming out of those three balls.

  47. $$$$$$$$$$ says:

    you’re going to be soooo fucked in the afterlife.



  48. Michelle Lopez says:

    I find I get to the vibrational state when I am exhausted but not sleeping well. Then the concious resistance is down, the body starts vibrating and there have been times that I have popped out through my chest.
    There are other times that I don’t exit my body while vibrating but get into a weird lucid dream state.

  49. Ash says:

    This stuff is pretty freaky, happens to me sometimes once or twice a month before bed. I never really knew what it was I kinda always thought it was just some weird shit your body does before you sleep and I was just kinda aware of it.

  50. Sheen says:


    I have had sleep Paralysis all my life and about two years ago the noises and the vibrations started on their own, at first I would jump off the bed thinking there’s an earthquake coming but slowly I realised that it is just something my body has started doing, I accepted that I am tired and it’s probably in my mind but recently I went through one of the worst episodes of the vibrations and noises.
    I have never had an OBE and have no idea on how to achieve it.
    I would really appreciate a response and some help..

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