Lucid Dream Software

The most effective lucid dream software is a very simple device called a lucid dream timer.

This lucid dream software is simply a Flash program you load on your web browser which beeps at you every few minutes according to the intervals you tell it.

How do this help you to lucid dream?

The free Lucidology Flash OBE Timer allows you to wake up and fall asleep over and over again. With each beep you wake up and then fall asleep again without moving at all in any way.

When you do this about 4 or 5 times in the space of an hour you’ll start to hover on the awake/asleep threshold. This causes your body to fall asleep and your mind to stay awake.

That means you can slip into a subconscious focus without ever using any visualizations! And if you DO want to use visualizations you can make the system even more powerful. The tricks in Lucidology 102 allow you to have OBEs and lucid dreams even without using lucid dream software such as the lucid dream timer.

Using Lucidology 102 you can access your subconscious in very light levels of sleep paralysis and relaxation.

So check out the free Lucidology flash timer lucid dream software and see the The Timer Method: The Complete Method For Having Lots Of O.B.E.s & Lucid Dreams By Tricking Your Body Into Falling Asleep – Lucidology 101 Part 7 for details on how to use it.

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2 Responses to “Lucid Dream Software”

  1. Florence says:

    So do you just simply play the timer and thats it?

  2. anonymous says:

    a timer on its own is not sufficient.

    you need a feedback mechanism that can detect the onset of REM sleep and then play a subtle cue signal of some sort.

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