Lucid Dream Vibrations

Lucid dream vibrations are useful for telling how close you are to success. As you relax closer and closer to a nonphysical focus and away from a physical focus it’s very likely you’ll encounter what are called “lucid dream vibrations” and lucid dream rushing noises.

What Do Lucid Dream Vibrations Feel Like?

The vibrations literally feel like a buzzing sensation, similar to a vibrating cell phone or the feeling of buzzing in your lips when you make a “Vvvvvvvvvv” sound. The usually appear in your head and chest area but can occur throughout your body.

What Do Lucid Dream Rushing Noises Sound Like?

The rushing noises that often come with vibrations sound like a train in the room or a tornado.

Most books on OBEs say that you should induce vibrations to have OBEs. This is anything but true and one of the main reasons people fail with lucid dreams.

Vibrations are simply a side effect of nonphysical friction. The more you practice OBEs the easier you’ll be able to shift into a nonphysical focus without running into nonphysical friction. Your OBE exits will become smoother and smoother until eventually you’ll pass directly from a conscious focus to a waking subconscious focus without any vibrations or rushing noises at all.

This has two effects:

1.) Good: You won’t waste any energy to friction in the vibration stage

2.) Bad: You’ll have fewer “road signs” to tell how close you are to an OBE.

The good part is lucid dream exits that are nice and smooth are also nice and bright and clear because you spend all your nonphysical energy on powering your projection rather than powering wasteful vibrations.

The bad part is that you may actually shift into an OBE and not know it because you didn’t have any obvious cluses about what was going on. To fix that problem, see the Lucidology 101 video on reality checks so you don’t overshoot your target.

How To Use Lucid Dream Vibrations To Have OBEs

The trick to using lucid dream vibrations to have OBEs is to wait for the “Quiet Zone” after vibrations have passed. That is the signal to watch for to know you’re in an OBE. Once you’ve relaxed past them and things calm down and become eerily still, you can use a exit method to turn your deep state of relaxation or even sleep paralysis into an OBE.

Check out the video on Lucidology 101 part 12 on how to turn sleep paralysis into lucid dream

The Next Step

For a much more detailed description of how to lucid dream vibrations to have OBEs and lucid dreams, check out the Lucidology 101 Part 10 video, podcast and illustrated PDF transcript on lucid dream vibrations.

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55 Responses to “Lucid Dream Vibrations”

  1. Jim says:

    I often have lucid dreams that are followed by intense vibration just before I wake up. I decided to search the web for what that might mean and I found this page. From the above content, it sounds like I could learn how to go from the vibrational state to an OBE. I am interested in learning more.

  2. Xx-iNs0mNIA-xX says:

    @ jim, same here last night i had the most intense lucid dream ever. but i don’t want to go into details.

  3. tessa says:

    I just woke up from what i guess was my first lucid dream. Or first that i remember. Im sort of freaking out. In my dream i was having some sort of nightmare that i dont remember. Then it was just me in my bed, but it wasn’t really my bed. I had my cell phone in hand. It went off and woke me up but I wasn’t really awake, it waspart of the dream. It kept vibrating and I couldn’t answer it. It just stayed black but continued to vibrate. Then I started to vibrate and i heard sirens or something. I was vibrating and extremely tired but I couldn’t wake up. My phone was vibrating and ringing and sirens were going off and I was asleep with my eyes closed but sitting up fighting the sleep.I kept rolling side to side and started wondering if I was having a seizure. Something came over me and I finally snapped out of it and here I am. I am freaking out. This wasn’t pleasurable like I’ve read others lucid dreams to be.

  4. luis says:

    how do you safely without killing yourself do you get out of ld and obes to wake up

  5. Tatsu says:


    this is gonna sound weird, but I wiggle my big toe to get out of it, or focus on moving a specific limb

  6. Chris says:

    In response to Tessa: The dream you had seems to be quite unholy. My brother and aunt have told me of incidents in dreams/reality where they woke, but couldn’t move or speak. Being completely afraid and having no way to call out, they literally thought the word “Jesus” and felt the handicap lifted. I’m not too well versed in the Bible, and I’m kinda new to Christianity, but whatever you’re doing to warrant attacks like this from…WHATEVER is out there, it’s either really good or really bad. And stay away from “OBE”. Nothing good can come from it. I guess my suggestion would be to keep a dream and journal and get them interpreted, or look up interpretations yourself. And pray that it never happens again.

  7. Michael says:

    I just had that same feeling after i realized that I was dreaming, but strange and scary pictures popped in my dream after that. I had no control and wanted to wake up.

  8. liz says:

    RE: tessa

  9. sleep expert says:

    This is not lucid dreaming you describe. It is a thing called Sleep Paralysis. Nothing bad is happening to you. You are only waking up before your muscles un-paralyze themselves. When you sleep you become paralyzed so you don’t live out your dreams. Sleep paralysis can be scary until you know what it is. Once you know, it can be rather funny! Don’t be afraid of it. The reason for the scary images it because you’re mind is half in dream state and half awake so when fear triggers your mind, it automatically will display scary hallucinations. Really, have no fear.

  10. sleep expert says:

    I rushed through that-let me fix my grammar
    This is not lucid dreaming you describe. It is a thing called Sleep Paralysis. Nothing bad is happening to you. You are only waking up before your muscles un-paralyze themselves. When you sleep your muscles become paralyzed so you don’t live out your dreams. Sleep paralysis can be scary until you know what it is. Once you know, it can be rather funny! Don’t be afraid of it. The reason for the scary images it because your mind is half in dream state and half awake so when fear triggers your mind, it automatically will display scary hallucinations. Really, have no fear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My vibrational stage feels like my ‘spirit’ is being shaken very intensely. Then I slip into an OBE…..has anyone seen a gold hand beckoning them from a black space?, it felt like the hand was about to pull my astral body from my physical body. I think fear that I had stopped the full OBE onset from occurring.

  12. Felicia says:

    I knew I could not be the only one. I was describing what was happening to me and everyone thought I was crazy! It really does have your head vibrating and it does feel like my soul is trying to get sucked out of your body and there is a vvvvvvvvvv sucking sound. It started a few years ago and at first it was annoying. Be than I started to worry. I do be in this black space. I thought it was the devil so I began to say Jesus in sleep mode know this is going on then the shakes became more rapid like I was going to burst! I just know this can’t be good!

  13. liz says:

    In my dreams i was so awake and aware. It is so much different than just rembering a dream. I would feel my soul being whisk away unexpected and quickly. suck into a dark space for a sec. whith a shifing feeling. I blive my mind was just in a awake sate from dream to dream. I could tell you detial of each one up 3 befor i ended up waking my selfe up. wakeing was hared to i could at any time but i would get that vibrating felling, very scary. it was so bad one time it hurt my head as i poped wake i would be saking for a hour after. i dont know what it was all about but i have got it to stop. i stoped all caffeine and green tea pills. it has stop since. i’m so happy to not even remember a dream.

  14. Kate says:

    Yes it can be scary, but I’ve had this for years on and off and it hasn’t seemed to do any harm. It will be to do with the physiological things that happen in the body and brain as we sleep. I remember reading once that the paralysis is completely normal, it is a physical safety mechanism. It’s only if you happen to be conscious as it occurs that you notice it at all. That, and the buzzing (actually feels like my head is being shaved sometimes!) is quite safe, in my view.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It a relief to know I was not the only one feeling these sensations. I too was telling family about how I felt the paralyzed state with a rushing sound overtaking..only to feel as though my soul was leaving or something was entering me. I was laughed at, no one believing me.I dealt with that sensation for years petrified of it and would fight it off every-time, sometimes several times a night when it came. I was always fearing it was some scary entity bothering me. One day I decided to just let go….i hated the fear of it and decided to let the sensations take over and face what would come of it. The feeling that followed was a very pleasant calm feeling and all my senses were heightened. And that was when i could dream anything I wanted, having full control. I just never know that it had a name, Lucid Dreaming.

  16. jay gee says:

    I had a series of lucid dreams last night, and to be honest was bloody scared. I was extremely tired, having been up for about 20 hours, and had that feeling of being too tired to sleep. As I started to fall asleep, I heard my mothers voice say my name from my left, as if she were speaking directly into my ear. I woke and replied – no one was there. I closed my eyes and tried sleeping again, and a young girls voice said my name. The saying of my name was real. I’ve been reading about schizophrenia lately, and am a little concerned that these aural hallucinations are a sign of that. After the little girls voice, my heart rate was very high and I was uncomfortable as I tried to get to sleep. I was lying face down with my face into the pillow, eyes closed, trying to sleep, and yet I could see my pillow and edge of the bed while fully awake, as if my eyelids were translucent. I started to see images, at first sparkles of light as normal when you have your eyes closed, and then they started to form shapes, then faces – then the faces turned very scary looking and looked at me directly. Then the sound of my ceiling fan turned very loud, and i perceived a black wall in front of me, knowing that if I pushed through that wall, my mind would separate from my body and I would be in a dreamworld/state of eternal conciousness/lucid dreaming/whatever. The roaring sound grew, became deafening, and I made the conscious choice to push through the barrier, and kind of willed myself to “move” through it, and all was still, with myself looking into a mirror at myself. I moved away from the mirror, but my reflection didnt move – it stayed in the mirror, looking at me, and at that point I knew that I was separate and I cried out, and woke. My heart was beating very fast. I tried getting to sleep again, and couldnt feel my arms or legs, and the fan noise started again. I thought “well, if im going to go crazy, so be it” and pushed through the wall of blackness again, and found myself in a hallway as if in a huge castle. I knew that I was in a dream. I could do anything I thought of. I thought to hear from all the people who had been wronged in life, and voices stated their names and what had happened to them from the left and right, like walking through a crowd of people shouting at you. I thought of where people were held in prisons, and my worldview moved like a map, as if I was hovering over all of these different locations all at once. I woke again, and felt my body. I knew I was “back”, but couldnt move. I tried to fall asleep again, and the fan rushing noise began all over, and I again pushed through the black wall into the dream. I tried doing a reality check and imagined a wristwatch with digital numbers on it, thinking that if i couldnt understand them, that i was in a dream. the funny thing is, that i could understand numbers and letters, yet i could be anywhere, do anything. I imagined a womans body, and one came together out of particles in front of me. I freaked out, and woke up. This happened over and over ten or eleven times. I tried flying, and flew. It was too much to process, and everytime I lost concentration on whatever it was I was doing, I would find myself back in bed, paralysed, with the rushing sound, and a deep fear that I was in the middle of going insane, and how that would affect my family, because they wouldnt understand that i wasnt insane, just disconnected and perceiving the world differently. I finally woke up properly and went outside to get some water and visit the bathroom. I went to bed and slept normally, waking up a couple of hours ago and deciding to do a search on rushing sounds, which is how I found this site. Oh, there was music there as well – songs that I have never heard, but well written, well performed songs (I work as a DJ, so have heard most of whats out there, and know a good song when I hear one). I can only describe the experience as accessing the mainframe of humanity, where I could do anything, ask anything, know anything, so long as I concentrated. The only similar experience I have had (though without control) was when I tried DMT. it was that profound. Looks like I was right all these years about sleep not being a waste of time after all :)

  17. Shawn Wilson says:

    I’ve had similar experience. It happens to me randomly. Most of the time I just become aware that I am dreaming but sometimes I get the uncomfortable feeling of noise and being shifted around. Last night was the worst it has ever been. Kinda prompted me to look into this a little more. I don’t think it is a good thing. The feeling is very uncomfortable for me….

  18. Justin N says:

    I had a very similar experience last night, and was surprised that this thing isn’t that abnormal. I was asleep, but completely aware of my surroundings. My mind was vibrating at a low frequency at first, but then I was able to control it. I was able to turn up the intensity of the vibration at will. I focused it to see how intense I could make it. It was so intense I was trying to knock a picture off my wall with it. It felt like telekinesis or something. I was not awake, but maintained complete control over this sensation, producing low to intense vibration throughout the night. At the pinnacle of my experience I had such control over it that expected to wake up to something like earthquake aftermath. But I never panicked, or completely woke up because of it. Again I had complete control of it, I could adjust it to what ever intensity I desired. I just don’t see how I could control a function of my brain as I slept. That’s how my story differs from the rest that I’ve read. Any theories on this? Is it even possible? And what the hell was I controlling?

  19. Justin N says:

    Oh and it was only the frontal lobe area of my head that was vibrating, my body was completely unaffected.

  20. Ben N says:

    I had a dream this morning about 2 woman, ghostly-like. and i was in bed, and all of a sudden i started to vibrate uncontrollably followed by a loud noise of some sort. The room was dark, I had no control and i couldnt wake up. And just no matter how much i shouted and screamed nothing would come out. I couldnt move. then all of a sudden someone came through the door(In my dream) to see if i was ok. When i was relaxed and they calmed me i woke up. This is such a unique dream to me, never had one like it…

  21. Lisa Lisa says:

    It Buzzes. I fly. I know it- and then I crash into my reality of wakefulness. I read. I study. The passed ones visit me in my home or their environment of choice. They talk to me I chat with them. Sometimes they are sweaty and sometimes they are younger and beautiful and sometimes they are anxious and still have their purse (if you will) on their shoulder as if to still be rushing about in the real world. There is music and parties and sometimes they seem irritated by my presence or questioning. They leave me in a state. I am not fearful; I am in wonder of this world that is outside of me.

  22. Micho says:

    A couple of hours ago I had sleep paralysis and I was very scared I felt like demons or something bad was out to get me but I prayed to Jesus and suddenly I felt I had wings in my back and i had some kind of protective barrier around me the evil spirits or wherever it was couldn’t touch me it was so real I have had sleep paralysis and obe for over 5 years and I still get scared every time it happens in rare cases It feels so good and I feel so free as if a heavy weight have been lifted of my back but most of the time I panic and try to wake up with my head shaking like trying to leave my body but I can’t . To be honest this thing has messed up my life I’m scared to go to sleep and I’m always tired .

  23. Sam says:

    I’ve had a total of 3 or 4 lucid dreams in my mid twenties. I’m now 30. It was during a time I was drinking a lot and doing coke.

    My first Lucid Dream: I woke up in my dream. I t was very loud. Lots of vibration and the speed of movement is a bit slow. I woke up in my dream, standing in a public restroom. I looked at both my hands at amazed. Then as I looked up, I saw myself looking in the mirror. Then Myself in my dream, turned and looked at me. It was as if, My other self, was thinking, “what the fuck are you doing here” and then I woke up.

    My heart began to pump really hard, raging anxiety attack. Thought I was going to die.

    Lucid dreaming is due to unbalances in the brain. It’s not a good sign if you’re having lucid dreams.

  24. George says:

    For all of you who fear:
    It helps me to remember what Dalai Lama says. “There is nothing to fear in this universe, except people’s ignorance.” (mustnt be accurate) Really, fear is delusion, it slows you down.

  25. cody says:

    I think we had the same thing
    Just last night I had intense dreams,some sketchy,some mysterious,anyway I had times in the dreams where it seemed like everything was black and I was squinting my eyes shut as hard as possible,everything seemed to be getting even more vivid as this was happening,butttt on the flip side my head hurt sooooo bad at this time,I was lucid during this whole time,but just different levels of lucidity.the head hurting and loud sound bothered me,I enjoyed the whole experience despite the head hurting though,if I may ask…does this have anything to do with meditation and/or the fact that consume yerba matè (a great tea like drink)?
    I just started meditating every morning this week(deep meditation) ex.)chakra cleansing

    Anyways that’s my experience and question.

  26. Crow says:

    Recently, two times I have had what your calling Lucid Dream vibrations. They were so intense my whole body was vibrating, and I could neither talk, move, nor breath. I was totally unable to pull myself out for quite awhile. It has never gone further than the vibrations though, but that may be because I freaked out too soon, or wasn’t concentrating enough on the vibrations. The first time it happened I was pretty frazzled. The vibrations happened throughout my whole body, and I couldn’t move. I was hearing what I assumed was static,and I could hear someone trying to talk to me.I couldn’t hear passed the noise, got scared and tried my hardest to pull myself out. This last time I was almost excited when it happened again. I had a loved one pass away almost exactly a year ago, and after the first experience, I was thinking that it was him, trying to pull me in to some unknown dimension to try to show me something important. In my last vibrational dream, when it began, I started trying to talk to him in my head, and told him to show me what he needed to, but I didn’t focus enough and the vibration went away. Then later in that same dream my dream I was walking up the stairs in a house and came to a door, and the vibration started again. From that point I focused on the latched door, and tried to open it by just looking at it. It opened and closed back and forth in the directs I wanted it to, while I was saying “look at what he’s letting my do!” (other people were there). Then the vibrations stopped again, and I went on to have a somewhat normal nightmare, as if I had let in some sort of negative spirits or beings into the house when I was opening the door. Needless to say, it was very strange. And when I woke up I was hearing footsteps in the house, while I was the only one at home.
    I am just wondering if anyone thinks it is possible that my loved one is trying to tell me something, or if I am just slipping into that state on my own subconscious accord. Thanks

  27. marc1 says:

    Same thing happened to me. i was dreaming of a dark space with a white human like body, i hugged him then my body start shaking. I opened my eyes and i felt like my body was lifting and my soul was getting out of it. I dont know what happened and its weird it happened to me after i go back to sleep.

  28. randy says:

    I had an extremely lucid dream last night, I had to search because I dont know if i actually had an OBE. I had extreme vibrations, they lasted a long time or at least it felt like that. After a while everything stopped and i felt like i oozed into an awaken state, my vision was slow and my eye sight had to catch up to my head motion. I got up to pee and my whole body felt sensitive to the touch, I felt aroused to a single touch on my body. Before this, during the vibrations a female woman spoke to me and was explaing something i cannot remmeber now but at the end i remember her saying “welcome human of the higher intelligence”

  29. santana says:

    I had my first lucid dream June last year when I started using sleeping pills.I stopped taking sleeping pills a month after but the lucid dreams were still there and still are to date. The vibrations are extreme and always feel like my head is going to explode. it also gets so painful especially when the dream is about me getting hurt. I once dreamt I was being tortured and I could feel the knives slicing through me,my teeth getting knocked out. I felt all the pain. It was horrible. I nod my head twice to get out of it. Sometimes after nodding twice, I would wake up, turn to the other side of the bed,resume my sleep only to find myself in the same lucid dream at the exact same place where I left it before waking up and I have to keep nodding almost six times before I wake up then I have to stay up for an hour, this always happens at every night and I have to stay up till 4 a.m then go back to sleep. I have tried everything to stop it but nothing has worked.

  30. Rae says:

    So I get these vibrations in my left side all the time in my dreams like I just woke up and I’ve had them on that dream, it was almost painful and I wanted to go to the er in my dreams. I was already dreaming btw these happened at the very end of my dream. I’m an avid lucid dreamer and I’ve been practicing astral projection and I’ve done it once. that’s about it tho but for over a year now I’ve been getting this dream pain in my side and there’s nothing wrong with my physical body either…

  31. Mandus says:

    I have had a lot of vivid dreams, the first time I had one with the buzzing feeling I didn’t know it was just a dream. I also couldn’t really move all that well, I also saw 3 things at the end of my bed. They looked like humanoid creatures & I felt an undying hate & wanted to fight them. After that night I had it happen 2 more times. Each time a different creature was in my room, couldn’t talk, move well, and I always had that buzzing feeling I didn’t even notice I fell asleep till I feel the buzzing. & it happened 2 more time & they were different, I new I was dreaming & I felt like there was something strangling me so I made my self wake up. The next I had the ability to use clairvoyance, I was able to see things and I saw a face of something smiling I also felt like I was hovering so I woke my self up again. I know I can push my self to move and fight, and to wake willingly, I also know its a vivid dream that replicates everything thats going on around me but I dont know why I keep having these dreams with creatures all around me or what its caused by or what it means or if it even if it has a meaning.

  32. Levi says:

    I experienced lucid dreaming with a vibration.
    It’s like half awake (your eyes are open but still dreaming) and my body is vibrating and feeling tired to wake up and cannot move. I keep trying to move then finally I moved and scream! No one notice because I am on my Gf’s house.
    Then I search if it’s good or bad. Then I realized I want to do it again. I wonder what will happen if I didn’t struggle. Hahaha. Will I see someone or Ghost?

  33. Bri says:

    I just had a dream last night (more like 2 hours ago) where my dog is barking and I look at her to see a golden light opening right up in front of her. I was like, ‘oh here it comes.’ Then I had such a powerful vibration surrounding me with a ‘wa wa wa wa’ sound accompanying it. I felt so lightweight and supported by the vibration. But it wasn’t a cell phone vibration intensity but extremely powerful. Then my arm started lifting up and I pointed my fingers in this ‘Nazi’ salute toward the closet. As I focus on the closet I see an old wrinkly had twisting and turning in a way that looks like she’s squeezing a half lemon. And it feels like she’s tightening the string between us and it’s the force that pulling my arm up and over. I say ‘ancestors’ and next to the hand is a small window with old people with white hair gathering together to look at me. Almost like they’re waiting or curious. I started to get lifted and I panicked and said ‘healing light! Healing light! Healing light!’ Over and over to convince myself it was OK, then this orange energy started swirling in front of me (it looked like orange dye in water). Then I woke up and I was in a position where both my arms were hugging the blanket.

  34. Ann says:

    Ad I was sleeping my body starts to vibrate I try to speak for help I can’t my voice is gone sometimes I can’t open my eyes even if I try to, so is it how lucid dream vibrations feel like?

  35. Ann says:

    As I was sleeping…

  36. KK says:

    I just had an OMG! Moment reading Crow’s comments. I’ve recently started medication that is affecting my sleep ( I dream constantly). Last night I felt intense vibrations through my body coupled with static noises in my ear (think radio dropping in and out) ….I felt someone was trying to communicate with me. I had an intense tingling/ pull sensation in my back ( I was on my side) . I was telling myself to go with it and not be scared but I lost it and it dropped out and I woke. This event was preceded by nightmares that really should have scared me to death but only disturbed me instead.

  37. KK says:

    I forgot to mention I heard someone say “she hears the bell” before it started, but I don’t remember hearing a bell

  38. Bronson says:

    Hello, I found this because I have sleep paralysis that leads to Lucid and OBE but I have a problem. My vibrations don’t feel like a phone. They feel like they are tearing me to pieces and it hurts and is scary and it takes so much energy that when I do leave my body I can’t see much of anything, just shadows in a dark room and it’s really negatively affecting me. I wake up scared and tired. Please help me!

  39. Bonniee says:

    I think my dream is a lucid dream it was a nightmare tbh. I was laying in bed and I grab my phone and I start using when suddenly the screen turns white and then types I’m Cyber I’m stalking you:) and then turns into a weird white with black squares and there is some pics on that then I stood up with the phone and started screaming and my whole body was vibrating my ears kinda hurted I was screaming really loud but nobody went to my room then as soon as the vibrate stopped I open the door of my room and there is really big loud hispanic music and they were kinda hurting my ears I runned to my mom and told her crying and she didn’t even care and said I was being dramatic then I pulled her to my room and it was quiet again n I showed her my phone and it was still white and with squares but I was wishing she saw the IM STALKING YOU part then suddenly there is a lot of pictures of this guy that was my first kiss on 6th grade those pictures were like a selfie with all his group I think there was the same pictures in three pics then a pic of my old dramatic friend Paola with his cousin and his face I do remember till now then I woke up scared and didn’t see my mom react to those photos on my *phone*. I started crying after this dream and it was exactly when my sister got off work so she saw me crying.

  40. Randy says:

    I just had my very first lucid dream vibration. Googled on it and got this hit on the first page. Cool. Looks like this is a common thing. Lately I’ve been getting into Edgar Cayce videos. He was called the sleeping profit. He did lots of OBEs and used it to tap into a higher level of consciousness to get answers to medical problems and tell people about there past lives.
    Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out how to meditate and Cayce describes it as getting to the point where you’re vibrations are in since. So I’ve been making my self feel the vibrations when I try to meditate. Last night it happened to me instead of me trying to make it happen so I just went with it. I didn’t get an OBE but it was interesting. Looking forward to another to see if I can do this and be closer to God. Side note: I think its interesting that all of us here are like minded in that we all have a hard time spelling things. LOL.

  41. Tomoko says:

    There is a snake man that is in the room with you when you have these vibrating obe’s. He wears a black suit. Usually you are paralyzed and something is happening through your spine.

  42. Unlucky angel says:

    My first experience was last night…still not sure what it was. I had three separate occasions in the same night. The first two I felt myself separating if that makes any sense. I kept saying no I’m not ready then there was almost a suctioning feeling which made me wake up. I’d fall back asleep an hour later same thing happened. The third time I saw my cousins encouraging them to do better. The whole thing was extremely scary. I quite honestly thought I might die….

  43. Anon12 says:

    This is my second experience with lucid vibrations.

    I was walking around a medium sized room with a small kitchen room to the northeast, right from the corner of the room and a door with no handle left of the corner. The room was very bright and easy to see in, but the kitchen was dark, no light on. I walked into the kitchen once and my vision went very dark, I flicked the light switch on and my vision went a dark red, I walked out a little scared, walked around the room a bit more, the room had a 3 seater couch in the middle of it. I was carrying a nerf gun thing but it had 5 soft rockets on the top of it, really weird design. I walked back to the kitchen, curious. Holding my nerf gun up I walked in and shot it at the window the was slightly open, the soft rockets hit the window and got sucked out of the gap at the bottom. My vision went dark and sort of drunk. When you have too many drinks, that sort of vision. I stumbled to the door with no handle and tried to push it open. It was stuck in place so i put my shoulder and all of my body weight into a big push, as soon as it opened I was back in my bed, in my room, but half knew I was still dreaming… I had sleep paralysis, my body was tense, I tried to move my hands, my whole body started vibrating, slowly. The vibrating started to grow stronger, way stronger the more I resisted. I grabbed the blanket and tried pulling it down so I could see. My heart was pounding, it was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest and my whole body was vibrating like crazy. I was sweating and started to hear rain coming from the shed (I live in an outroom disconnected from the main house, but attached to the shed), against the outside of my bedroom wall. The sound of rain was getting so loud but only coming from one spot on the wall. Things went quiet and the vibrations stopped but I still had sleep paralysis. I tried to break my arm free, I pushed so hard and then finally popped it free and opened my eyes but things were black. So I closed my eyes and woke up in my bed again. This time i knew it was reality. I checked my chest and my heart had a normal heart beat. My clothes weren’t sweaty and it was not raining outside… the whole experience was awesome but a little scary. I’m so keen to try it again though

    I feel like I could have had, if I didn’t freak out, both a lucid dream and an obe but because I’m a novice the experience freaked me out a little too much so I wasn’t able to harness it.

  44. Anon12 says:

    When I grabbed the blanket it was with my right hand, my wrist had the smallest amount of movement in it but my fingers seemed to function normally.

  45. Anon12 says:

    That dream’s duration was under 15 minutes as well.

  46. Anon1324 says:

    This experience is spirit’s trying to contact you, from guardian angels to demons

  47. RB says:

    Hey I just had my second vibration thing. I’m not sure what it is but the first time I told my body to let go and the second time is asked “what does this mean” after dreaming about an intervention. The first time my face vibrated then my body and I started to float and press into a squishy thing above me or bellow me I’m not sure but it was definitely my face and chest being squished. Then my legs were being pulled so I got a bit panicked and woke up. The second time was a lot shorter, after I asked “what does this mean” a wise lady like opera or whooppie Goldberg spoke to me but I don’t know what she said them a small tv screen flashed images I new but didn’t know what they were. Then I woke up. I never felt stuck just a little confused.

  48. Unknown says:

    I hear the ringing all the time through days and nights.
    Started after meditation.
    My first dream I can remember was after meditation and I heard people calling my name.

    I then woke up and took a bath to relax bit the whole time I was hearing noises outaide literally like the clicking off the Movie “Signs” and it was no animal I have ever heard and I was in the city.
    My dog would growl and I knew it was something watching and trying to control me.

    I later could communicate with my dog telepathically for small commands I taught her and a few I didn’t. This whole time that feeling and vibration and coldness was trying to put ill will intentions into my mind about things and I just Said. “NO!, NOT HAPPENING, NO”

    Ever since then I have had a few real lucid dreams. Just recently, I was looking up and my ex girlfriend was a demon hoovering over me and struck me with a blow that knocked me to the ground and unconscience to wake back up on my bed. Felt like I finally was getting past somebodys control and then bam she knocked my ass out one strike and it wasn’t a physical punch it was like a force. Crazy thing is, my mom then sent me a text saying she couldn’t help with sending me a few bucks to make it to my next pay check. She said, I know there is spiritual wars going on and your fighting that…and then the rest of her text I swear is somebody else speaking through her.

    This happened today.

    I always try to fight evil and learn how to in this life or any dream or wherever because I figure it’s either going to kill me or make me wiser and stronger. So I went right back to sleep saying please let me get back to the lucid dream and knock her out and maybe, I would beat the actual dream called life.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Well wat happened to me is I was in a dream and there was like this weird demon talking about how the world was gonna end and then it took me to this house and there was this room covered in a curtain and I walked inside and it was that demon and all of a sudden I heard this loud as yelling saying meet fatmiere or something but when I tried to look at the demon my whole body vibrated to where I woke up and had like a good 5 seconds of whole body vibration then woke up

  50. Mekruetha says:

    Okay well some time today I was taken a nap, and slipped into a dream it was fear based, which is odd I was aware of the fear and breathed slowly in and out telling myself don’t be afraid, then a little bit my body went numb and I began to vibrate intensely and hear intense ringing in my ears, I kept vibrating and hearing the ringing, it was painful for my ears, I thought my ear drums where gonna pop.
    It went from low to high I was more worried about having a heart attack. I woke up and I have been wondering what just happened.

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