Stuart Wilde Says Most People Do Not Have A Soul
I tend to agree with most of what Stuart Wilde has written. However I’ve got to disagree with him on a recent video he posted. People have wondered how a soul comes into existance has for a very long time and so have I. I’ve had a new OBEs where I saw what appeared to be where souls are birthed...
How To Remember Dreams
There are two ways to easily remember dreams. 1.) Wake-Induced Lucid Dreams or WILDs 2.) Body position The second trick, using your body position is very simple. You just think back and recall what position you were laying in when you had the dream. You then slowly roll back in to that position and you’ll...
Why Sleep Paralysis Is Ideal For Lucid Dreams
How To Break Sleep Paralysis
In order to break
Sleep Paralysis
How To Use Muscle Twitching To Tell Your Body To Fall Asleep
Surprisingly you can use muscle twitching to fall asleep while keeping your mind awake. I discovered this a while back while relaxing into an OBE. I made it into partial sleep paralysis and wasn’t deep enough to turn it into an OBE. (Although I’ve since found techniques that I could have...
8 Steps To First-Hand Proof Of Nonphysicality In Lucid Dreams & Out Of Body Experiences
The simplest and most reliable way to have lucid dreams and OBEs is to use something called ‘hypnotic fractionation’ to put your body to sleep while keeping your mind awake. Hypnotic Fractionation Hypnotic fractionation means that when you enter trance, leave trance and the enter into it...
Wake Induced Lucid Dreams
Wake induced lucid dreams or WILDs are where you go directly from being in your usual waking awareness, directly into a subconscious lucid dream focus without ever losing consciousness to sleep. The main advantage of a wake induced lucid dream over a lucid dream in which you first fall asleep is that...
Lucid Dream Timer
Using a lucid dream timer to wake up and fall asleep over and over in the early morning (around 4:30 AM) was one of the single most important secrets I found for having lots and lots of OBEs. This is a method that works based on Dr Albert Taylor’s wake back to bed method. Dr Taylor is a former...
Lucid Dream Podcast
Check out the Lucidology Lucid Dream Podcast! You can download lucid dream mp3s to your ipod and use the tricks to start having lots of lucid dreams and OBEs right away. Enjoy!
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